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The 3 Days – The Way out

Received on July, 14 Dec 2009 by "the witness" 

13 For no temptation, no trial regarded as enticing to sin,

no matter how it comes or where it leads,

has overtaken you and laid hold on you that is not common to man,

that is, no temptation or trial has come to you that is beyond human resistance

and that is not adjusted and adapted and belonging to human experience, and such as man can bear.


But God is faithful to His Word and to His compassionate nature,

and He can be trusted not to let you be tempted and tried and assayed

beyond your ability and strength of resistance and power to endure,

but with the temptation He will always also provide the way out,

the means of escape to a landing place,

that you may be capable and strong and powerful to bear up under it patiently.

(1Cor 10:13 Ampl)

Father, I come before You this morning to praise you Father for your Great Love, Lord! I praise you Lord and I long for you once again in this morning, Father, to honor and glorify your Name for all that You have done Lord; for all that You have shown your servant and have led him to this day and hour, even as the world cup, the world soccer FIFA cup, O’ Lord, as the day of that cup is approaching, with 26 weeks left, even so the day of Your Glory is approaching Father.

I just want to come before You; as I close My eye before you Lord, I pray that you would fill my with your Glory Lord. Fill me with Your understanding. Lord that you will fill my body, soul and my spirit with your holiness. I pray that you will also remove religion far from me that I may be able to explain these things in words that are understandable, not to the wise and the learnt, but truly to the foolish Lord, that all my understand and know. I praise you Father, even for the dream that You gave me, or even the vision of the night that I had that I may hear these words and see them written in front of me: “I will do nothing unless I do not reveal My secrets to My servants the prophets!”

So I come before You and I ask that you remove all fear O’ Lord. Father that we may glorify your Name and be filled with your Glory; righteous and wonderful glorious God and King! For You are holy Lord and there is none like you! Thank you Father that you bring rest. Thank you Father that you give rest to our souls, Lord. I praise your Name Father.

Lord I pray that you will cut us loose every soul tie and from everything that bound us to this earth, that we may come to you, Yahshua! You are the Anointed One! I praise you Lord for You anointing, like pure golden oil. Thank you Lord that you pour it forth over the beard of your servants, the prophets Lord! Glorious and mighty and holy are You!

Father in this set apart time, this 3 days, that you may prepare your servant that he may fulfill all that You desire him to accomplish, in these three days; that you may strengthen him to glorify your Name; that he may glorify Yours; and that these 3 days may be remembered through all the generations Lord.

For these 3 days were the days that Yahshua was in the grave. These three days were the very sign of the seasons that marked the Messiah’s day, and once more will mark His day, that glorious day of His coming! I pray Lord that you would give us understanding of those things that were hidden for many generations Lord. We have loved you Father; we have loved you Yahshua. Even though we have never seen you, yet we have seen you in the Spirit. Just like you said: “The World will not see Me, but you will see Me, so we have seen you and we have tasted Your glory and Your beauty. How I pray that your glory and beauty will be manifested through our lives Lord; that we may touch the sick and they may be healed; that your love and compassion may be revealed to them. Our love and compassion is full of limits. It is twisted and perverse, but You are the One to whom we look. The One to whom we bow our knee. And we say that there is no other God, for the creator of this universe is perfect; and you came to you creation, to that which You have made, which You spoke into existence by Your All mighty power, giving understanding which is far beyond the scrutiny of one age, maybe two ages. Lord You said: “One the third day you will raise them from the dead. How we have longed, and many have longed and waited for this day or the resurrection, when their bodies will be resurrected and they would be changed Lord. How even Paul encouraged men to encourage one another with these words, not to fear death, but to know that the resurrection is the answer to death.

Lord, you have brought us to the day of resurrection. Lord you have brought us to the day of the prophecies of all the prophets. When you said: “On that day, the great prince over all your people, who stands watch over your people, who interceded for them day and night, he shall come. And in that day, He shall be revealed; on the third day and the dead shall rise. And even as the Psalmist wrote: “You will not let my body see decay, but you will raise it up on the last day. Lord this is our desire, that you would raise us up on the last day. I pray that this will not be a mere desire, but that our beings will be filled, ready, full of oil, not lamps trampled underfoot, men that are filled with coldness, because of the increase of wickedness and the love of most have grown cold Lord. I pray that you will blow in O’ Lord, like a fire upon coals, and rekindle the fire in the hearts of your people O’ Lord, that they may not be lukewarm, found in want. But that they may be hot, full of zeal and expectation Lord, for you, ready for your coming, always alert and waiting, even as the Egyptians O’ Lord, were destroyed, and the Israelites had to have their belts tied around their waists, ready to travel, ready to leave that city in a haste, for there is not much time left. Even as you took Lot by the hand, by those two angels, that may lead them out of the city, for you could not destroy the city until they left. So O’ Lord, in your wrath O’ God, we pray that the command given to the four angels and the four corners of the earth, holding back the winds, would stay them Lord, for as long as possible, so that as many as possible, who believe the word, of your servant, that you have sent him so that they may believe, accept and fill their lamps with oil.

Father how glorious is You Name! Many have been angry at you, and in their anger they have disqualified themselves. I pray Father, that men will no longer see in anger Lord, but that they will see You!

“What do you see?” Lord, I see one standing on a great ridge, one like a goat or a ram, his head covered with a mask, like that of a Persian god, his face and his head being gold, Lord my God! This also, O’ Lord, you have determined before time begun. I see this ram slipping, trying to prevent himself from falling over this great cliff of reef that has separated him from the other. I pray Father that you would open the hearts and minds of men that these truths may enter into their hearts that they may hear ad not be blinded anymore. How the prophecies, have already, far being fulfilled. And all that was written and sealed, by the great key of David, yet O’ Lord unseal these things to your servant that he may unseal them to your people that they may live and believe that you have sent your servant, even as you have sent Yahshua, the Messiah; that your servant may glorify You, as Yahshua glorified you, Father. Holy Father, righteous in al that you say and do, glorified is You Name! Hallelujah! Praise you Name Father! Glorify Your Name!

Lord I come to take off, anything that was between me and You, O’ Lord? Any covering that has covered my head that I could not hear Your Voice. Any authority that has separated and did not lead us closer to You. I praise you for every authority that was over me, until the time, when the authority, which You have placed over me has come; until the time determined by You, Father. Lord, I praise you, O’ Lord that many have come to this hour, because of the time determined for them. Lord, glorify You Name! I worship You! Purify your servants, Lord, even a nation of prophets, who are right now being prepared; who have hearts that are humble; Lord, who do not exalt themselves above another; who are not betrayed or offended by their brother’s words, nor O’ God, do they fill their hearts with malicious thoughts of jealousy and wickedness, because their brother has more than them.

But rather O’ Lord, I pray that a way would be prepared, and way of holiness. Not because we are holy, because you are preparing a way, by a mighty steam, opening up the heavens Lord, so that the great and the mighty tempest blast could come down. Father so that we could see – Face-to-face, so that we could once more link with the glories, which you have determined before time begun for all those who have labored in eager expectation; entering into the works of others. Lord yet in great humility achieving the goal like many who are building a large ark. Lord You used Noah to build an ark. But now Father, you are preparing a chariot and a Horse, a vehicle for your people.

“Yes, what do you see” I see the weather, I see clouds rising in a very significant formation, even attacking the eye when it is seen, like clouds of a storm, building up in the sky. So O’ Lord, I pray, that all that is built up in the heavens. All that has been built up over many hundreds of years may culminate O’ Lord, in a breakthrough that will advance, more and more people Father, into the stream of Your glory. I pray that your servant may be granted to help break open, this great door of Your righteousness. That you may remove O’ God, from your servant all things that are false, but that I may serve you, not in religion, but in truth. For you say that all who refuse to love the truth, and so be saved, they will be sent a powerful delusion. So in a split second O’ God, a window will be opened. A time, O’ Lord, which was also known to the prophet Elijah; a window, Father that took him out with a chariot and a mighty whirlwind, not only empowering Your people in this time, like you did in the beginning, even opening up the heavens Lord, and helping them to become your eternal people. We worship you Father. Thank you Lord for many discoveries, which was made through the ages, by great and powerful scientists, even so of them in humble circumstances, and yet O’ Lord, by them the face of this world was changed. But because of the increase of wickedness, wickedness has changed those things that was meant for good and changed them for evil. They have misused and perverted all that was made good and came from Your hand Lord. Holy, holy, holy are You! Hallelujah!

Yes Lord! Open the eyes of my hearts that I could see the truth Lord? I worship You! I pray Father for right doors to open. I pray Father for those whom you have shown me Lord. I pray for their hearts. I pray for a conference play, where we could hold this and host this conference Lord! I pray for Your Spirit to advertise; that you would bring about all that you desired to do. I pray Lord, that You would prepare the hearts of men and women for what is about to come to pass? Glorious Lord! I still pray for Microsoft Photo shop Lord, in Yahshua Name! That I may be able to use this and touch people, in Yahshua Name! I worship You! Hallelujah Lord!

I pray for my uncle’s business. I pray that he would hear and see the truth the Lord. Father, that you would protect His business, also financially, in Yahshua Name? Thank you Father, that you are preparing him for all that you desire to do, also through his life. I pray that he may awake and see the truth Lord!

I pray Father, even as I am going to Kempton park, that you would protect me on the way there? I pray Lord that you would fill me with Your Spirit and wisdom, with love and humility Lord? Father that I may learn Father and also impart. I pray that you may break off the judgment against me, in Yahshua Name; also the judgment against those, who truly want to serve you? I break the judgment in the Spirit! I pray that your wall of Fire will burn away all judgment Lord, in Yahshua Name, for you are Holy and You are righteous Lord!

All Praise and Glory to Yahshua our Messiah

From the directors: “The Witness”


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