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Dear friends in Yahshua our Messiah,

We are very excited to release this month’s Newsletter. I had been sick and was prevented from being able to work in the last month. Please pray for our whole house hold’s healing and health so that we could complete the work to which Yahshua had called us.

We also include the newspaper article that was in the Rekord Newspaper in Pretoria.

Led by the Holy Spirit, through a desire to make a witness ready that can easily be studied and listened to, Yahshua had granted me to start making Audio Visual Presentation CDs of all that Yahshua had revealed to two witnesses in the last 10 years. Included with these CDs will be the book: “The Witness”, which is the full compilation of all that we had received from Yahshua.

All this material will be made available for free and will have no copyright on it, for how could we sell that which was freely given us? In obedience to the God of Heaven and earth, the King of the universe, we have made an orderly account of all the events and the sequence of how they have occurred in the last 10 years. We have also included, where possible, the exact dates on which these prophetic revelations came to us, so that you may know the certainty of the events and how none of these things could have been made up by a man.

The Holy Spirit warned me in a dream that people will try to steal the prophetic word that Yahshua had revealed to us, prophesying like parrots after us, saying that they had received the same word from the Lord Yahshua.  YHWH warned through His prophet Jeremiah, saying: 30  Therefore behold, I am against the false prophets, says the Lord, I am even now descending upon them with punishment, these prophets who steal My words from one another , imitating the phrases of the true prophets. 31  Behold, I am against the prophets, says the Lord, who use their own deceitful tongues and say: “Thus says the Lord.” (Jer 23:30-31 Ampl)

To them, to those who steal His words from the true prophets, YHWH promised, through His prophet Zechariah: 3 This is the curse that goes out over the face of the whole earth; for everyone who steals shall be cut off from henceforth according to it, the curse written on this subject on the scroll, and everyone who swears falsely shall be cut off from henceforth according to it. [Isa. 24:6; Mal. 3:8, 9.] 4  I will bring the curse forth, says the Lord of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief and into the house of him who swears falsely by My name; and it shall abide in the midst of his house and shall consume it, both its timber and its stones. (Zech 5:3-4 Ampl)

Thank you for your continued support. The Lord Yahshua had also been speaking to through visions, saying that if my own people will not listen, then He sends me to others who will listen. He is sending me to the black townships of Pretoria, South Africa.

We are praying about starting to teach a weekly seminar in Centurion, explaining all that are about to come to pass. We are sad to say that we have not even received even one invitation to come and teach or share about the wonderful miracles, upon miracles that Yahshua is doing at this time revealing the future to us, proving the words of Yahshua: “ Solemnly I say to you, no prophet is acceptable and welcome in his own town or country.” (Luke 4:24 Ampl)


The Little Book


Part 5

The Fourth Thunder

(The Raised up Scorpion Tail)

Through prophetic signs in the heavens, which was revealed to two witnesses, the God of heaven and earth, YHWH, reveals how prophecy is being fulfilled in the news at this moment. The Moslem brotherhood has recently started to overthrow the countries of Egypt and Libya. Under the leadership of France, NATO attacked Libya, under the guise of protecting the rebel forces.

The Fifth thunder, reveals how prophecy is being fulfiled, proving on three levels, looking at history, that the rise of the Anti-Christ is at hand. Only Yahshua knows what is happening behind the scenes, in the secert meetings of secert societies like Bilderberg, strategically causing wars to remove those who are in the way of achieving their goal of world dominion.

Through signs in the heaven, Yahshua Himself, reveals what the image of the beast is and how the world will be divided into 10 regions; how the west legs must first be removed, in order for Satan to bring all men into subjection of the power of the ‘Beast’, causing all who will not bow down or submit to the beast system of this world to be killed in an excrusiating way, just like when a person is stung by a scorpion. According to prophecy, 3 of the first horns must first be brought to subjection or be removed, before the Anti-Christ can take his seat and postion of authority over the remaining 7 kings.

Through the revelelation of the fourth thunder Yahshua wants to awaken the 5 foolish virgins, proving, just like lightening that strikes, that the coming of Yahshua is at hand. The apostle Paul prophesied that the coming of Yahshua can not take place unless the man of lawlessness, the Anti-Christ is not revealed first. Yahshua, through His chosen instruments, at the right time, reveals who the Anti-christ will be and how he will soon rise to his position of dictatorship, just like Napoleon and Hitler did in their own generations. It is time for all mankind to prepare themselves to meet their God and Creator, but who will be able to stand on that day, when He comes to separate the chaff from the wheat?


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Prophetic Revelation Newsletter


The Stopping of the sacrifices

And he shall enter into a strong and firm covenant with the many for one week [seven years].

And in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and offering to cease

[for the remaining three and one-half years];

and upon the wing or pinnacle of abominations shall come one who makes desolate,

until the full determined end is poured out on the desolator.

(Dan 9:27 Ampl)

Bronze Altar image

The Bronze altar of sacrifices used in the First and second Temple

During the months of April – May, the God of all flesh, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the same God of Moses, opened my understanding and gave me the most powerful confirmation that the 7 year covenant, as was prophesied by the prophet Daniel, had already commenced in 2010, as He had revealed to us.

This witness will connect the words of the prophets and the apostle John and that which Yahshua, through signs in the heavens had shown to two witnesses, confirming that what He had revealed to us, beyond a shadow of a doubt is true. This witness proves that President Obama is the prince of the covenant, fulfilling all that was prophesied about him by the prophet Daniel. This witness will also brings an awesome revelation of how YHWH had shown the prophets of old, visions explaining the distant future, 2500 years later. Explaining things that they could never have understood in their own time. Through this witness Yahshua also proves that He has spoken to two witnesses and that He has sent us to prepare a generation for His coming. Through that which Yahshua had revealed to us, in this witness, we can understand the times and the seasons of the Lord Yahshua and that the coming of Yahshua is at hand.


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Breaking News


27 Son of man, behold, they of the house of Israel say,

The vision that he sees is for many days to come,

and he prophesies of the times that are far off.

28  Therefore say to them, Thus says the Lord God:

There shall none of My words be deferred any more,

but the word which I have spoken shall be performed, says the Lord God.

(Ezek 12:27-28 Ampl)

Blood moon – 15 June 2011

Through a sign in the heavens, which was seen by two witnesses, of a scorpion with a raised tail, stretching, from just after the beginning of the 7 year covenant, which was made with many nations of the world, to nearing the 7 year prophetic period, Yahshua revealed the fourth thunder and how through secret societies, making use of world trading organisations, the Anti-Christ will come to power. Through this sign, Yahshua reveal how Satan will enter a ruler or king and through a mighty army, of Red horses, NATO, become a dictator and tyrannical ruler equal and worse than Napoleon Bonaparte or Hitler was, forcing all mankind to bow down and worship him.

Without knowing it, on the day that we revealed the fourth thunder, revealing how the Anti-Christ will arise to his position of rulership for one single hour, a sign of a blood moon appeared under the tail of the sign of scorpion in the heavens.

On the 26th of January 2011, the word of the Lord came to me in vision : In my vision I saw a tornado standing on a dry land. Then the Lord spoke in my spirit and said that the next series of consequences that will follow the recent floods will be winds that will come upon the earth. These winds will dry up the lands and cause the ground to become unable to yield its crops – famines will start to ensue. I sensed this will start in the winter months to come upon the earth. I knew that these tornados will be caused by the approaching star.


Deadliest Tornadoes in 2011

Since the beginning of the this year, a peak amount of tornados has struck the US, reaching a peak starting from April – May 2011. Tornadoes ripped through the areas of Smithville, Mississippi; Hackleburg, Alabama; Philadelphia, Mississippi; Joplin, Missouri; Piedmont, Oklahoma causing $28.4 million (actual through February) and an estimate of $20 billion (Estimate as of June 10) of damaged in these states, starting to fulfil that which Yahshua had revealed to me.


US South Drought Causes Massive Crop Losses

A devastating drought intensified across Texas over the last week, with high winds and heat causing "massive crop losses," and weather experts said Thursday that little relief was in sight. The latest report from a consortium of national climate experts, dubbed the Drought Monitor, said drought worsened along the Texas border with Oklahoma, and in western, central and southern Texas.


This month we will be releasing the next thunder and what Yahshua – Jesus Christ, had revealed to us through signs in the heavens, dream and visions and other witnesses whom He had sent to us to confirm His word.

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Free Prophetic DVD Release


Declare it among the nations and publish it

and set up a signal to spread the news - publish and conceal it not;

(Jer 50:2 Ampl)

0001 - 1. Prepare the Way - Layout & Part 1-5 DVD cover final Follow us on YouTubeWe want to praise YHWH in Yahshua, who is also setting up His plans to Glorify His own Name, according to His times and seasons. I have often wondered, when and how these prophesies, which Yahshua, Himself, has granted two witnesses, would go out into the world, not knowing how He would accomplish this task. All that we had expected has not yet come to pass. I often wondered how Yahshua would spread this witness and message of preparation worldwide?

On the 5th of October 2011, the Lord granted me a dream, through which He confirmed that He is removing the roof or the limitations of the ministry. Satan has tried to isolate us so that this message would not reach the world. But YHWH is in control and is about to “...make a way in the sea and a path through the mighty waters...” (Isa 43:16), opening a great and effective door for this witness to be sent out in all the world, as a testimony, before He comes. None of these things were done out of our own initiative and for our glory, but to glorify Yahshua the true Anointed One.

I started to think that I had missed Yahshua and did not understand His times and seasons, because that which Yahshua had promised us has not taken effect yet, even though all the other prophesies have started fulfilling step-by-step.  Yet, not realizing that He has been working step-by-step to bring about a very powerful witness, that cannot be refuted and that will go out into all the world, before the end comes, just as He had promised me in the beginning and reconfirmed through a covenant on the 4th of October 2007.

0001 - 1. Prepare the Way - Layout & Part 1-5 DVD FrontYahshua had laid it on my heart to prepare a visual witness that could easily and quickly be sent out into the whole world. The wisdom of God and the way of YHWH is higher than that of men. We look at things in a logical, fleshly way, but His ways are not the way we expect.

Those who are offended at the way YHWH choose to do things, have already been blinded, because of their selfish ambition and the idolatry of their hearts. I have been tempted to try many things to spread this witness, but were stopped at every end.

By the initiative of Yahshua and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, He led me to create a tool that would make the prophecies accessible to all people, in order share how YHWH had brought about this awesome witness.

YHWH, in a very practical way had helped and led me to prepare a series of DVD’s, which, without copyright and price, could be copied and spread by people and made available to all mankind. Through a great sign, which appeared to me on the 29 th of November 2011, Yahshua, in His love and mercy, came to show me how this witness would be made available in DVD format. These DVD’s are now available and ready.

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Signs in the Heavens


Sing to God, sing praises to his name;

extol him who rides on the clouds by his name, YAH;

and be glad in his presence.

(Psa 68:4 CJB)

Since the first day Yahshua had appeared to two witnesses, He spoke to them through great and awesome signs in the heavens. YHWH had granted us to prophecy, all He had shown us, through mighty signs and wonders in the sky. On the 9 th of July 2008, Yahshua granted the first sign, so that you may know that He has called us and wants to prepare His people for all that are now coming on the earth.

On the 11 th of April 2011, as I looked up, while driving, I saw a clear and distinct sign that appeared infront of me. Immediately I took a photo of this sign, while driving. I saw coming out of the heavens, a sign of asteroids falling towards the earth. Between the asteroids was a sign of a trumpet.

Yahshua, by the power of the Holy Spirit is indicating that the first trumpet is upon us, as was prophesied: “The first angel blew his trumpet, and there was a storm of hail and fire mingled with blood cast upon the earth. And a third part of the earth was burned up and a third of the trees was burned up and all the green grass was burned up . [Exod. 9:23-25.]( Rev 8:7 Ampl)

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In conclusion, I praise Yahshua, who is faithful and who first tests and disciplines those whom He chooses to be His sons and daughters. After we also have been tested and approved by God and not by men, He releases fulfil His call for our lives.

He has to release us to release a free set of prophetic presentation DVDs and confirmed it also by providing a free venue where we could bring out and release these prophetic DVDs. We doing a few final touch-ups and then we will soon let you know when and where this meeting will be held. If it is Yahshua’s will we advertise on Radio and other media for this event. We will keep you up to date.

To all those who have prayed for us: “May Yahshua, who knows the hearts of men, reward you on that great day, which will soon be revealed from heaven. Thank to all have consistently supported this ministry and work which Yahshua has begun and will bring to completion.

With love and patience, from His servants and witnesses


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A great sign that appeared to confirm God’s plan, when you forward this letter – “Pay it forward” - John 3:16

Grace and blessing to all who take to heart the words of these prophecies, for their time of fulfilment is at hand

All glory belongs to Yahshua alone

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