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Dear friends in Yahshua our Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ: Grace and peace to you in the Love of God and in His imputed righteousness in His beloved Son:

About 1.5 years ago through a prophetic word to me, God promised: “ In the next 365 days everything is going to change! ” The last 3 months has been a time of complete renewal of my mind. God in His grace has allowed me to taste and experience many things in the Spirit, which has helped to clarify and give spiritual insight and understanding to those things which was written by the prophets and apostles, so that I could timely and effectively prepare all mankind for the coming of the bridegroom.

A great door has opened for me to witness of all that God had done in our lives. I was invited to speak on Channel 7 – Christian Media Radio Channel for three weeks at 10:00-11:00 AM EST @ 33 FM on Monday 26 May 2014. Please join us for an exciting interview with Rian Cloete and Channel 7. For more info follow the link: CHANNEL 7

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In this newsletter I have emboldened the main points and even especially highlighted the most important point in red, which the Holy Spirit wants to bring to our attention.

In this Newsletter I only highlight the main conclusions and did not go into great explanations of how and why. For your convenience, when you follow the link after the summery of each month’s journal, you find how I have I painstakingly gone into great detail and highlighted the main points by embolding that which is key, using red embolding to especially highlight the truth of the points being made.

If you do not have time to read everything in this Newsletter, I suggest you first read the red and then the black emboldened words to make a short summery of what has been revealed by the Holy Spirit.





“Take a scroll of parchment for a book and write on it all the words

I have spoken to you against Israel and Judah and all the nations

from the day I spoke to you... until this day.”

(Jer 36:2  Ampl)

January 2014 - Until the Spirit is poured out from on High

When I inquired regards the year 2014: I saw a golden cup and then the Word of the Lord came to me, saying: “This is the year that you will drink the cup.” The Holy Spirit, through different visions and the Word of the Lord to me confirmed the this year will indeed be the year in which I will be honoured for the sake of His name and that I will drink the cup that I had longed for so many years, partaking in the same suffering my Lord and Saviour had to endure.

The Holy Spirit, wanting to prepare all people before the great and terrible day arrives, showed me a winepress, urging me that time when Yahshua will tread the grapes of wrath in His winepress, punishing all who refused to accept His mercy, was drawing near, and that the next seal will soon be opened.  

By the end of the month, the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God, came to remind me that we will not be able to fulfil that which He had promised, “... Until the Spirit is poured upon us from on high...,” “... righteousness abide...” and the effect of righteousness is absolute peace...” Thus we have to wait until these conditions are met in our lives.

Not knowing, in the near future, God would confirm all He had showed me through another man’s life, I received a very significant dream, which pointed to a man who loves expensive shirts: Todd White. God was about to completely change everything in my life, changing the very perspective and motive of my life.

The next night the Holy Spirit, prophetically pointed me to a spiritual experience, which I was going to have and how I nearly entered into the same conditions, a thunnel of righteousness forming, just He we had done in November 2012, when the conditions were met, the sound of a violent tempest blast struck the building and shook it.

In conclusion the Lord also confirmed: “These are the days of Elijah, declaring the Word of the LORD; and these are the days of your servant Moses, Righteousness being restored, and through these are days of great trails, of famine and darkness and sword; Still we are the voice in the desert crying: Prepare ye the way of the LORD.”


February 2014 - The Forceful will take hold of the Kingdom of God

Through a strange dream of pit-bull terrier the Holy Spirit confirmed that God will never give up His call and that which He had predestined for us, His will following hard after us. God also reminded me that we should be forceful and continue with an unyielding tenacity and adherent zeal through the power of His love for me that work in me, to enter the kingdom of God and to fulfil that which He had called me to.

Through a dream, which the Lord, in His great love for me, gave me, He showed me how weak, tired and without motivation I had become. My zeal had been waning and I realized that I had in human strength started to burn out, because of choosing a different path to reach the goal set before me and because of many real challenges, which had put immense challenges upon our finances and even upon our marriage. God came to encourage me not to trust in the arm of my strength, but trust in Him.

The true sons of God is about to be given birth to. Satan’s tactics might be subtle, but they are real and want to discourage us from continuing until Christ is formed in us. The enemy the devil, knowing that his time is short, wants to stop the sons of God from being born, trying to devour, by all possible means that which God is birthing in those, who for many years have been chasing after the Lord Yahshua. The same was also true in my life and the battle to prevent me from achieving the goal of becoming like Christ, the Anointed One has also become very strenuous, Satan trying to wipe me out.


March 2014 Journal - The Harvest is Ripe

During the month of March God came and confirmed that that which I had spiritually and prophetically been waiting for, for many, many years, was going to start going into fulfilment. Through a powerful dream, two weeks before, the Holy Spirit came to confirm that He was going to give me a rough garment like that of the prophets of the Old Testament, the Spirit of Elijah come running, full strength, towards me. In a vision I was shown, up close, of a single candle, burning, God prophetically came to show me what it would take to fulfil the set-apart and predestined purpose for my life, living and operating in the Spirit and power of Elijah!

Prophetically, through a dream, the Holy Spirit came to warn that Yahshua has been in heaven for 2 days or 2000 years and the enemy, knowing his time is short, making use of a religious Jezebelic spirit through isolation, control, discouragement, financially weakening and trying to cut off all support from those God had called, suffocating that which God was about to give birth to, in and through us, myself being a sign of the time that the woman was now going into birth pains. Satan’s plan is to destroy the sons of God, who are now maturing into their sonship and into their inheritance from the Father. What is birthed in us? Becoming like Yahshua, being made righteous in His acceptance and in the love of the Father, through the demonstrated death of Yahshua on the cross.

Although the very purpose of the institutional church and the 5 fold gift should have nurtured and invested in bringing people to true spiritual maturity, which is nothing less than the full statue of being like Christ, they have actually been controlling, malicious and persecuted those who truly wanted to live and become that which Yahshua had called all who wants to follow Him, with adherent zeal. Having become pretenders, only professing to be godly, but denying the true power hidden in the cross – The righteousness by faith in Christ from first to last, revealing the love of the Father!

The time has come for many to be turned back to their righteousness in Christ and the implication of it. Through another dream the Holy prophetically came to tell me that many, like shooting stars are now being born, and shot across the sky, especially in the United States.

Because many of those things, which I had prophetically been waiting for did not come to pass I became afraid that I had a blindspot and did not want to lead people astray. Through three different, independent witnesses, God confirmed that the time has come! Being led to a prophetic lady, the Holy Spirit confirmed that I had been deeply hurt and had became discouraged, but it was not time yet, but now the time had indeed come, the lady saying: “2014 is your year!” and “It is not very far, but very close, in the very near future!”

Called to intercede, I was granted an experience so that I could understand the way Yahshua sees and minsters to us from the third heavens, for He had passed through the heavens. The Spirit showed me how not to be tossed back and forth by emotions, but to be led by faith, through the Spirit, living in the Spirit and not controlled by emotions.

Being divinely led by the Spirit to a Reynard Bonnke - Fire Conference - the Great Harvester of our time, God allowed me an experience of the mantle of righteousness, which came and lighted upon me and remained upon me.  Just as I dreamt, at this conference there were two anointed messengers of God, one of them living and walking daily in the love and the power of the Spirit, operating in accurate words of knowledge and prophecy - Todd White. Through this man’s life and the demonstration of the love and power of God, Yahshua came to show me what His goal for my life was also.

Once, having being equipped to walk and life in the Love of God for me and the Righteousness, which was revealed form heaven, because of that love of God, the Lord Yahshua, through a vision showed me that I was standing at the edge of the Greatest Harvest the earth has ever seen.


April 2014 - The Friend of the Bridegroom is at hand

Part 1 - Jacobs Trouble at hand

With the start of the first of a tetrad of four blood moons on the Feasts of YHWH, not wanting to get man’s opinion or interpretation, I waited in expectation on our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, for His answer, not wanting man’s interpretation or biblical study. God, who is faithful, answered in an awesome way, divinely revealing through His word that this sign is the prelude to what the prophet Jeremiah called: Jacob’s trouble.

The Second Thunder, the sign of the pulled up handbrake (stopping) and a searching minesweeper, was a prophetic sign, which appeared to two witnesses, through which, the God of heaven and earth, showed that the United Nations nuclear summit 2010 and Obama's nuclear summit, which ended with 47 nationspledging to stop the manufacture of nuclear weapons and search and secure nuclear stockpiles, under the renewed Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), called the NEW START, between United States and Russia, was indeed what the prophet Daniel prophesied, saying: 11 And from the time that the continual burnt offering is taken away or [stopped] and the abomination that makes desolate is set up, there shall be 1,290 days. [Dan. 11:31.] (Dan 12:11 Ampl) The Illuminati, through secret societies, setting up plans to destroy both the east and the west in a nuclear war - The Armageddon War.

YHWH, in His great wisdom and foreknowledge has left for Himself a great witness in the Prophetic Year cycles, interlinking with one another at the exact prophetically appointed fulfilment of the words of the prophets, which included the stopping of sacrifices in the first temple (583BC), before the second captivity, the siege and surrounding of Jerusalem (632AD) and the building or setting up of the Dome of the Rock (688AD), 1290 prophetic years later, the announcement by Artexerxes and the return to Israel and Jerusalem after 70 years in Babylonian captivity (457BC), and the Anointing of the Messiah (29AD) – Yahshua 69 weeks later,  His crucifixion (3 April 33AD), the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD and the return to Israel 1260 prophetic years later, when the announcement was made by the UN (29 Nov 1947) and Israel becoming a state in one day on the 14 May 1948 and the return of the city of Jerusalem on the 5 June 1967, with all these cycles pointing to the final building and destruction of the temple, the overthrow of the city of Jerusalem, the coming of the Messiah and the setting up of a nuclear treaty, which would cause the destruction of a 1/3 of mankind, exactly 1290 days later.

The prophet Joel prophesied about a great army, which would come and invade Jerusalem, but in the same breath he also prophesied about a great outpouring of the Spirit when the latter rain falls upon the earth. Now, just like the gospel went from Jerusalem, to Samaria, to the ends of the earth, so now in the last hour before Yahshua comes, will the message of the gospel of the kingdom, come from the ends of the earth, to Samaria and be brought to Jerusalem, just as He had showed two witnesses on the 12 May 2001, through a miraculous sign in the heavens, coming out of South Africa, going to UK, Europe, North Africa and Israel. Through the prophet Zechariah YHWH – God, revealed how through His two Anointed ones, the two witnesses, which are two prophets, He will supply a continues supply of oil to the church, restoring all things, turning the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the hearts of the sons to the fathers, before the great and terrible day of the Lord commences, the earth being devastated by a terrible cataclysmic disaster. Before these come to pass God will send Elijah to announce: “ The rain is coming!”, running out before the chariot.


Part 2 – The Two Olive Branches & The Two Lampstands

Though great and awesome signs, which reveals the truth of God’s Word to His prophet Moses and also reveals that mercy and love triumphs over judgement, revealing the two Cherubim on the mercy seat as two witnesses, who watch over the mercy of God, guarding the entrance to the garden of Eden and to the Tree of Life - Faith and Love!

God reveals why the ark of the covenant had the two poles mounted to the golden ark, so that all the law (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah) can hang on loving the LORD God and loving your neighbour as yourself.

Through these great signs, God revealed that the tree of Life was in the middle of the garden and that the Tree of good and evil was also in the middle of the garden, and how these two trees also represented the two branches, who are also the two olive trees and the two lampstands, referring to the two witnesses and how it ties in with the coming of Yahshua to take away those wise virgins who prepare themselves for His coming.

YHWH - The LORD of hosts, is the King of Glory, the Commander of the Armies of YHWH, like a great pavilion are surrounded by all His mighty angels who do His bidding. Through a great sign, God came to reveal who is the One who appeared to Moses through a burning bush, called the Angel of the LORD, who appeared to Joshua, the Captain of the hosts – Yahshua. It was He who appeared to the apostle John, saying: I am the First and the Last, And the Ever-living One. I died, but see, I am alive forevermore; and I possess the keys of death and Hades. (Rev 1:17-18 Ampl)

The Pavilion of the LORD is also the Rich Treasury of the Glory of God, in which are hidden all the wisdom and might of God. Through this sign Yahshua explains and gives insight into the awesome depth of that which the apostle Paul prayed. saying: 16 May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man [heart and soul] by the [Holy] Spirit [Himself indwelling your innermost being and personality]. 17 May Christ through your faith [actually] dwell (settle down, abide, make His permanent home) in your hearts! May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love, 18 That you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with all the saints [God's devoted people, the experience of that love] what is the breadth and length and height and depth [of it]; 19 [That you may really come] to know [practically, through experience for yourselves] the love of Christ, which far surpasses mere knowledge [without experience]; that you may be filled [through all your being] unto all the fullness of God [may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, and become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]! (Eph 3:14-19 Ampl) The greatly undervalued importance of being rooted in the Love of God is revealed and how God desires for His fullness to dwell in and remain in us, how the power of Christ then will flow out of those who are rooted in that awesome love!

In order for me to fulfil and to walk in the fullness of what was prophesied, Michael must arise in me. The Angel of the Covenant must suddenly come to His temple, so that the messenger could prepare the way before the Lord Yahshua. Being granted a great experience, being caught up into the Spirit I was granted insight into many things and into the understanding of the Word of God, which is the Sword that the Spirit yields!

When the Word becomes a living, active power, which lives and operates in and through us, just as the Spirit of the Father operated in Yahshua, at a point, determined by the Father, and not by human effort, but because of His Love, through righteousness, which works in us, it will cause us to pass through and enter in and remain in the Spirit. In a wink of an eye, suddenly, we will be changed and live constantly in the Spirit of Life. Then the Messenger or the Angel of the Covenant will suddenly come to His temple. Our bodies are a temple in which the Holy Spirit lives. Once we have passed through and entered behind the veil and remain anchored there, we will constantly live from the Most Holy Place, living from and through the Spirit of the One who created Heaven and earth – Yahshua.

Making use of the Sword of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit of Love, wants to bring a clear understanding in us when we have passed from the soul and being driven by emotions and controlled by the mind of the flesh, which is the many headed dragon of reasoning to living in the Spirit, by faith, through the Word of God,

In conclusion, God grants the revelation behind the word to the prophet Isaiah and how this explains the word of the apostle Paul: 6 For [if we are] in Christ Jesus,...” ”,...but only faith activated and energized and expressed and working through love.” (Gal 5:6 Ampl) H aving through the prophet Isaiah promised and now confirmed to two witnesses, the Holy Spirit of YHWH said: 17 Who brings forth chariot and horse, army and mighty warrior.” Through all these signs in the heavens, God reveals, how what He had promised will be made available and made possible once the chariot and the horse is in place, creating a powerful battle axe, which He will cut down every work of the enemy, making him a foot stool, trampling him under our feet, all things becoming possible for him who believes.


Part 3 – Bridegroom is at Hand

On the 8 April 2014, 7 days before the first blood moon in the tetrad, God in His great mercy, revealed and confirmed that the tetrad of four blood moons points to the beginning of the fulfilment of many different prophecies: Through a series of signs in the heavens: ‘An angel blowing a trumpet toward the half moon,’ ‘a threshing sledge coming in’ and ‘the right hand of God summonsing the bride, saying: “ Come up here! ”,’ ‘a wishbone,’ and ‘a pit-bull terrier having a 7 upon His back,’ God revealed that time has come, so that which He had promised me, saying: “ When the power is available the time will start ticking! ” and “Ask whatever you wish and it will be given to you!” will now be fulfilled. Like a pit-bull terrier, having sharp teeth I have chased hard after the will and timing of God plan for me, in order to fulfil, what was prophesied: “Behold, I will make you to be a new, sharp, threshing instrument which has teeth; you shall thresh the mountains and beat them small, and shall make the hills like chaff. 16 You shall winnow them, and the wind shall carry them away, and the tempest or whirlwind shall scatter them. And you shall rejoice in the Lord, you shall glory in the Holy One of Israel. (Isa 41:15-16 Ampl)

After the Bridegroom has prepared a place for His bride, the Friend of the Bridegroom is sent ahead to prepare the bride at the appointed time, coming with the blowing of trumpets and shouting: “ Behold, the bridegroom! ” The Friend of the Bridegroom is he who is the voice, who at the appointed time cry: “Prepare the way before the LORD!” Each Feast of YHWH is a beautiful picture of the wedding ceremony according to Hebrew tradition. The fourth cup or the cup of Elijah is prophetic shadow and witness of the awaited consummation date. The day of the first blood moon in the tetrad was on the Feast of Passover (15 April 2014), the day when Jewish people expect Elijah to announce the coming of Messiah. On the Feast of trumpets, which points to consummation of the Bridegroom and the Bride, two witnesses is send ahead, in the Spirit and the power of Elijah, to prepare the way before the coming of the Yahshua. These two witnesses, coming in the Spirit and power of Moses and Elijah are a friend of the Bridegroom, fulfilling what was prophesied: “ Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.” Through the Latin word for threshing sledge: ‘trubulum,’ God revealed that the time of the tribulation, a prelude to the great and terrible day is also commencing from the time of first blood moon. Yahshua, not wanting His beloved bride to be caught like a thief in the night, now sends His friend, Elijah the prophet, ahead of Him, before He comes to take away His spotless bride, who have fully accepted her righteousness, raising a standard against the enemy who came in like a flood, which was her bride’s price. Through these signs, God call all to forcefully enter the kingdom of God, with adherent zeal, making sure they are wise and have extra oil in their lamps, so that when the bridegroom comes, they will be able to go in with Him.


Part 4 – Warning to the Lukewarm in Laodicea

The last Church Age – The lukewarm Laodicean Age is at its end. Through a dream God showed me how most people who go to church, especially those living in the western world, having great luxury and comfort are very relaxed and laid back on the outside, yet in the inside they are insecure, easily offended, living in idolatry and for the pleasures in life, thinking are rich and that it is their right to have these privileges. When live just does not work out the way they expected, they easily become unstable and emotionally driven. Many think they have arrived and do not need to change anything anymore, becoming more like Christ, but do not realize they are pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

When we sin against God we cannot forgive ourselves or force God to forgive us. We must humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness. Once forgiveness was freely granted, we must not continue to remain in guilt and condemnation, that would break the trust that was freely and in unconditional love granted to the offender. We can only accept God’s forgiveness, making us right, restoring the relationship and the fellowship with the Father. The Righteousness that Yahshua purchased for us was freely and graciously given, in love! It is not we loving God, but God who first loved and demonstrated His love for us, by dying on the cross. We must change our perspective and view of God so that we would not see God as harsh and expecting from us what cannot be done, but rather as He is, Loving, gentle, kind and gracious God and Father.


Part 5 – Until the Morning Star Rises in your Heart

Through a vision, the Spirit of God came to show me how the denominational church structures are about to collapse when the Dome of the Rock, built on the outer court of the Temple will be destroyed, when the gentiles will trample Jerusalem.

The Lord Yahshua suddenly opened my understanding and I understood the spiritual meaning of that which the apostle Peter wrote, saying: “... until the day breaks through [the gloom] and the Morning Star rises (comes into being) in your hearts.” (2Pet 1:19 Ampl) Suddenly I understood how, once the Morning Star, Christ arise in our hearts, when the Angel of the Lord suddenly comes, when Michael arises, we have achieved Christ likeness, becoming like our Lord and Messiah had called us to live, commanding us, to live and abide in His Word, living and abiding in His Love, just as He had lived and abide in the Love of the Father. The lives of many just and mighty men of the past, Moses, Elijah, Nephi, Lehi, John G. Lake, Kathryn Kuhlman, Smith Wigglesworth and the prophet William Branham, to whom a Ball of Fire, the Sun of Righteousness, appeared many times, proves it was possible, as the results of their lives and ministries demonstrated and in whose lives the sealing power of God was demonstrated, as Yahshua promised Peter, saying: 7 Behold, I give unto you power, that whatsoever ye shall seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven; and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven; and thus shall ye have power among this people.” This was also the very goal Paul had and the things he taught to the church of the Philippians, calling them to the upward calling in Christ. This therefore was the reward God had prophetically promised me and all those how will obey, saying: “ I will give you the Morning Star! ”, granting me what every I wish from the Great I AM!

Having made me a watchman for all mankind, God showed me He had made me a watchman on the walls of Jerusalem and a sign of the times of that which was prophesied, regards the rebuilding of the third temple, the discovery and restoration of the ark of the covenant, the coming of the two witnesses and the times and seasons of God. Through a sign in the heavens of a war ship, coming out of the east, God came to warn me to warn all mankind that the build up for the armies of the east was beginning to form, with Ukraine being tool to accomplish the setting up of the abomination of desolation. In great urgency, the Holy Spirit led my to the words of the watchman and prophet Ezekiel, prophesying: 6 An end has come! The end has come! [The end--after sleeping so long] awakes against you. See, it has come! 7 Your turn (your doom) has come upon you, O inhabitant of the land [Israel and Jerusalem]; the time has come, the day is near!” The Holy Spirit with great urgency wanted to show me that the abominations that are happing behind closed doors, Israel and her advisors, making a covenant with death, is an abomination in God’s sight and will cause the destruction of Jerusalem.

In conclusion, God, the Everlasting Father, wanting to confirm His great love and the truth of that Love for us, appeared to me through a great sign of a large pink wing having long pinions, the fruits and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, under which, those who accept His Love for them, and His righteousness, can hide and find shelter.



Prophetic DVD Series


Declare it among the nations and publish it

and set up a signal to spread the news - publish and conceal it not;

(Jer 50:2 Ampl)

Follow us on YouTubeYHWH is about to start a Revolution of the earth, with the forceful accepting God’s Love for them and entering the kingdom of God by force. Through a tenacious pit-bull having sharp teeth, God showed me that His Revolution was about to start going into full swing. The Revolution was the Revolution of the understanding of His Love for us, making us righteous in His sight. Through a prophetic revelation series of DVDs, the Spirit led me to reveal that which God had promised me when He first appeared to me, saying: “ I will give you the key, which is LOVE!”

Preparing the Way before YHWH - YHWH's Revolution

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We want to request, that you please forward these newsletters to friends and family so that they too may be able to be informed and prepared for the coming of Yahshua and so that this witness will bring many to righteousness in Yahshua.

Thank you for all your prayers and for those who have contributed in anyway, making it possible for us to do this work, preparing a generation for the coming of Yahshua. Let us watch and pray continually, keeping on the highest alert, so that the drop of a hat we will be able to follow the will and desire of Our Lord Yahshua.

Grace and peace to those whom Yahshua has set apart for such a time as this, so that they could be revealed as the true sons of God. All Glory and Praise belong to Him alone, through whom all these things was made possible, through His death, burial and resurrection from the dead.

From His servants and witnesses

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Grace and blessing to all who take to heart the words of these prophecies, for their time of fulfilment is at hand

All glory belongs to Yahshua alone

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