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The Breaker is Coming…

Posted on July, 2008 by "the witness"

The Breaker [the Messiah] will go up before them.
They will break through,
Pass in through the gate and go out through it,
and their King will pass on before them,
the Lord at their head.
[Exod. 23:20, 21; 33:14; Isa. 63:8, 9; Hos. 3:5; Amos 9:11.]
(Mic 2:13 Ampl)

“Come and learn from Me. Spend time in My presence and learn from Me, those things, which I want to teach you, while you are in the anointing; while you are in My presence, soaking. I will teach you. I will teach you things, which were hidden since the beginning of creation. I will give you understanding and I will open your eyes. You will have understanding of those things, which were written in the Torah. I will teach you what it means: “I will bend the heavens and come down!”

“Loose yourself of all things that hold you fast to this earth. For a time has come to break loose and to come into the heavens and to see what I have for you! Do not make yourself a slave of those weak and miserable principles again. Those principles that will choke you and will choke My Spirit out of you, but live in My Spirit and walk according to My Spirit that you may live.”

“Do not put your eyes on man. Do not go after the hit of the hour. Do not go after the man, who is the hour of power, but focus your eyes on Me and listen to what I teach you in My Spirit.”

“Release, that O Lord, which you want to release. Release, O God of Heaven, that which you want to release from the heavens, O Lord. Release the fullness of the Spirit of Elijah, O Lord, upon your servants, that they may glorify Your Name.”

“My son: The Battle is more spiritual than you think. The battle is more real in the spiritual realm, and more powerful in the spiritual than you think. It is far more effectual, being in the Spirit than being in the flesh. Loose the winds that have kept My people captive. Break their power! I will give authority to him who serve Me. He who rules in the spiritual realm, rules the sons of men. Therefore, rule and reign over them, as I have said! I have come that they may have life. I have come and I have taken My seat and My place to rule over the sons of men. I also give authority to who ever I am pleased to give it, so that they may rule and reign with Me.”

“To whom has the arm of the Lord been reveal and who has believed our report?”

“Come up here! Loose yourself from everything that holds you to this earth. Come up here, that I may show you what is about to take place after this. Loose yourself from all those bonds that kept you captive in this earth that I may open your spiritual eyes and show you those things which are about to come.”

“I am the Father of your spirits. He who rules with Me will be My son and I will be his father, therefore come, and rule and reign with Me!”

“How long do I have to keep on working the ground? How long do I have to keep on ploughing the same ground, over and over again? How many times do I have to tell you those things, which I have told you before? Now take the key and open the doors. The doors that you open will be opened and the doors that you close will be closed.”

“Leap for joy. Rejoice when men persecute you, when they say all kinds of evil against you, when they revile you, when they judge you for the things which they do not understand. Yes, but do not let those things distract you from coming up to Me. From being in My presence and from enjoying that, which I want to give you, and show you. I will open the door before you. I will make a way in the sea where there was no way. Will I speak and it will not come to pass? Will I command and My Word will not be heard?”

“I will do a quick work. I will tell you what I will do. I will do what I have done with Ruth, when Naomi told Ruth to go to Boaz and to lie at his feet. The next morning Boaz got up and he quickly went and became the kinsman redeemer. I will confirm My covenant with you and I will do a quick work! I will shorten the time and I will glorify My Name through you.”

“Yes, I will marry you! I will call you Hephzibah and I will call you Beulah, for My delight is in you! My eyes shine with glittering sparkles of joy and excitement, because I have waited a long for this time. But now My time has come, to come and fetch My bride. Now My time has come! O, I will clad Myself with zeal as a cloak. I will shod My feet with shoes and I will come down quickly, to come and redeem My bride. I will come and take her by her hand and show her the beauty of My land, for I am a King and I will show her My kingdom; and all that belongs to Me will belong to her! I will say: “Come in quickly and take your inheritance, the inheritance of your Father! Those who have waited in eager expectation for Me, I will not let them be ashamed! Those who have put their trust in Me, I will not allow them to be treated with contempt. For I, YHWH their God, have held their right-hand. They are My beloved. I am theirs and they are Mine!”

“O, my son! Why are you down cast within you? Why does your zeal leave you? O, have I not told you, that I have longed for these days to come! Yes truly, you have a baptism to complete, and how I have longed that this baptism was complete! Yes, I will complete it in you, and I will fulfil it through you. O, many have longed for these days and said: “Let the day of the Lord come!” But the day of the Lord to them might not be day of feasting and rejoicing, but a day of weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

“I will tell you what you will do! Quickly, release the prophesies! Quickly prophecy those things, which I have told you to prophecy!”

“I am full of the power and the Spirit of the Lord.” “Give yourself no rest! Give your soul no rest. Cry out for Zion. Cry out for Jerusalem, until her righteousness shines out like a blazing torch. Until her imputed righteousness is like a royal diadem and a beauty in your hand.”

“Many prophets will prophecy many things, and many false prophets will come forward. But remember, those whose words do not come to pass, they are false prophets. But he who trusts in Me and He who walks with Me according to My guidance and leading, just like Elijah did, when even 400 Baal prophets prophesied and said it will come to pass. But they lied. I have induced them and sent them a deceiving and lying spirit, so that they would be deceived.”

“Does a man put an unshrunk cloth, a new garment, on an old piece of cloth? Will not the one tear the other? A man puts a new cloth on a new garment, otherwise both will be lost.” “I am full of the zeal and the strength and the glory of YHWH. Make my mouth like a trumpet so that I may glorify you LORD God in heaven. You are the King of kings and YHWH of Lords.” “It will be in these days like it was in the days of the Son of Man: I said: “I was among you! I spoke in your synagogues. I have told you. Yet you would not believe Me. Yet you would not believe Me even if I told you.””

“Therefore, with you it will be as it was with those cities, when I said: “Chorazin, woe to you, for if the signs and the wonders and the miracles, which were done in you, were done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have long ago, repented in sackcloth and ashes. Therefore, I went through the cities and I denounced them, one after the other, because they have not recognised the time of the favour of the Lord. They did not recognise the season of the favour of the Lord, which He had revealed to them. They did not recognise the coming of the Son of Man who brought salvation to them.”

“Behold, I am full of the strength and the glory of the Lord.” “Behold, I make you into a new threshing sledge with sharp teeth. You will thresh the mountains and beat them small, the wind will winnow them, and the chaff will be blown away. Yes, I will even make steams break forth in the desert and rivers in the mountain areas.”

“Liberate yourself. Loose your loins! Cut yourself loose form everything that holds you to this earth, everything that holds you, wanting you to give up. The pleasing of man and the fear of man! Yes leap for joy when they persecute you; when they say all kinds of false things and revile you, for this will be a sign to you that I am with you. For Rosh Hashanah is coming; The day of the Lord; The day of the Lord’s wrath; The day of His salvation and vengeance has come! Loose yourself of everything that holds you, for I have counted the Omer, I have turned the hour glass. Time has elapsed and has been completed! Yes, son of man, prophecy to Pretoria, go tell the city and tell her quickly, that I am about to come. Say to her: “You did not recognise Me in the time of My favour in the day of My salvation. But I have chosen you! I have called you to be the city of the breach, a city not forsaken, to be the repairer of the breach. Open your ears, for you did not hear! You were unwilling to listen. You were unwilling to accept! For I said: “I will do something in your days that you will not believe even if you were told!” Therefore, look you scoffers, wonder, and perish, for I have done it and you did not see it! Great and terrible is the great and illuminated day of the Lord, for I said: “I will show signs in the heavens, billows of smoke, on the earth, before the great, and the terrible day of the Lord comes. The moon will be turned to blood and the Son of Man will be revealed. The glory of the Lord will be seen on the earth. The Glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.”

“This is what I have called you to do: To be a mouth piece to the people; To call them so that they may listen to Me! To prepare the way before them so that they can come to Me! Therefore, I have called you: “The Voice calling in the desert!: “Prepare the way before the Lord, make straight paths for Him in the wilderness, for every high hill will be made low and every valley will be filled in and the glory of the Lord will be seen.”

“Leap for joy! Cut yourself loose from the umbilical cord, from that which has held you to this earth, that which has bound you to this physical world. For once more says the Lord: “I will shake not only the earth, but also the heavens.” So that, that which can be shaken will be removed and that which can not be shaken will remain for ever! O Yes, I am full of the fire of the Glory of the Lord. “For many generations I have called you. For many generations I have said to you: “Loose yourself! Come out from her My people! Be separate from her, but you would not!”

“Now the wrath of the Lord will come upon you! It will come upon you like a thief in the night! You will be over taken in a moment, like a flood that will overflow you in the morning, and at evening, rain, and hail will destroy you, for, I the Lord your God, have already released the fire of the judgement in heaven. I have released already, that which is about to come on the earth.”

Go and study the scriptures and learn what this means: “I desire mercy and not sacrifice!” But you must now go and prophecy too many nations and peoples that the great and the terrible day of the Lord has come; The day, which all the prophets of old and all the apostles have spoken off. Yes, I will go before you and I will be the Breaker that breaks open the way before you! Yes, I will make a way in the sea and a path through the mighty waters and I will bring forth the chariot and the horse, the army and the power, they shall lie down together and they shall not rise. They will be extinguished. They will be quenched like a wick. Do not consider the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I am doing a new thing and now it shall spring forth! Leap for joy, when you see the feet of those who bring good news on the mountains! Leap for joy, for your day has come and the Glory of the Lord will be revealed! Arise, shine! For your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! Yes, son of man, I will make your mouth like a trumpet! You will proclaim these things in the street! Men will leap for joy, because the day has come. Men will leap for joy and they will rejoice, for the day of their salvation has come; The day that has long been waiting, and has long been overdue. Yes, do not be silent, but proclaim before the nations that I am coming. I will come, and I will punish with the rod of My mouth and the sword of My Spirit, those who did not obey My voice, and I will reveal Myself in a mighty and awesome, way like I have not done since the beginning of time. Yes, remember the law of My servant Moses, I will send you Elijah the prophet, before the coming of the great day of the Lord! He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”

“Loosen yourself of everything that holds you back! Go into the streets, proclaim quickly, that I am coming, for truly I will come, and I will reveal Myself and My Name will be exalted. Yes, the islands will see it, the coastlands will rejoice, even to the ends of the earth, man will see the salvation of God; and they will glorify My Name. They will say: “Truly God is faithful to His word! He has not forgotten all that He has promised, but all will come to pass, just like He said it would!” Go quickly, into the streets, and proclaim My Name and say: “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; I am the One who has been there from the beginning to the end. I am the First and the Last. Yes, even I, I am He! I am the One who spoke to Moses. I am the One who promised My servants the prophets. Yes, I am the One who will be revealed and I will show My Glory! I am the One who will break, in the streets, in the high towers, and the low places, I will break Leviathan. I will punish him, with My great and severe sword. Yes, I will punish the fleeing serpent, the twisting and the winding serpent, and I will slay the monster that is in the sea.”

“Do not be selective anymore, My son, what you proclaim, but tell them the full message of the gospel of the Lord, which He has revealed to you. Tell them the good news. Say to them: “Comfort, comfort My people!” They will say to you: “Who are you?” You will say: “I am the voice crying in the wilderness: “Prepare the way before the Lord!”””

“Go quickly! Release yourself from all things that hold you back. Of all things that you have not yet done, all things that you have left undone! Leave it behind and leap forward. Leap forward like a runner, leaping out of the blocks and run the race set before you. Run it with full perseverance and zeal as I a have placed in your heart. Run it with the Love of God. Run it with everything that I have placed in your whole being.”

“How long do you want Me to spoon-feed you? How long do you desire that I give you everything step by step, little by little, bit by bit? How long will you wait, until you will proclaim and say that the Day of YHWH has come? The day of His salvation will be revealed! Truly look, when the master of the house gets up and He closes the door, you will find yourself standing outside, weeping and gnashing your teeth. You will say Lord, Lord: “Open for us!” I will say: “I do not know you! You who have worked wickedness and unrighteousness, you who have chosen not to do My Will; you who have chosen, not to follow all the words the prophets have spoken to you.”

“In these days it will be like one who eats his food out of a plate and there are only a few scraps left. For nothing else will be left to be eaten. Yes, in these days, I will come and I will clean out the plate. I have said to you: “Woe to you Pharisees, scribes and teachers of the Law, you who clean the outside of the dish, but on the inside you are full of dead men’s bones and full of wickedness. Therefore, I will come and clean out the plate so that there will be no food left, not even for a man to eat a scrap, in these days! Do not hold back, but speak and proclaim clearly and even loudly. Walk in the authority that I have given you! Do not say: “I am only a child!” I have given you the mantle of Elijah so that you will proclaim; and so that you will do what I have told you to do! Do not hold back one moment, but proclaim loudly in the streets and say: “The day of the Lord has come! Repent for the Kingdom is at hand!”

“Now a time is coming, that I will say to those who are on My right hand: “You have treated Me with kindness! You have treated Me with love and you have treated Me with perseverance!’ Then you will say to Me: “Lord when did we treat you like this?” I will say to them: “When you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to Me!” Therefore, you, children of the Lord, come! Come into your inheritance and take the blessing and enter into eternal life! Enter into your shelter, into this cave, so that I might hide you from the wrath of the Lord that I may cover you with the hand of my God. I will make you My bondservants and I will make you My bond slaves. You will proclaim every word to them that I have told you! You will proclaim it clearly and loudly. You will not say it in fear, but in boldness! For if you fear, I will cause you to be dismayed before them, but you will not be dismayed before them, for I will make your mouth like a sword. I will make you My battle-axe, a weapon of war. With you I will break a nation in pieces. With you I will break in pieces, horse, and its rider. With you I will break in pieces shepherd and his flock. With you I will break in pieces father and mother. With you I will break in pieces families. With you I will break in pieces governors and kings. With you I will break in pieces all those who stand in My way and will not obey the voice of all that the prophets of old have said. I will make My word like fire in your mouth and I will consume these people and they will not be able to stand before those words that you speak. No one will be able to contradict or refute the words that I give you! Do not reason with them. Do not even argue with them, but you proclaim day and night, without seizing, what I have told you, so that My Name may be glorified and so that I will be exalted in these days!”

“Now a time is coming, when truly, those true worshippers; those who have lain down there lives to proclaim My word; those who are wise and those who have walked in righteousness: They will shine like the stars in the heaven.”

“Tell them My son. Tell them about Tartar! Tell them about the dungeons, the deepest of gloom, where even angels were cast into if they disobeyed the Lord their God. Tell them, that unless you walk in the righteousness of the Lord God alone, unless you accept, and say that He alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, you will not be able to stand on that great and terrible day of the Lord.”

“O, pray that your flight may not be in the winter!”
“Now, My son, a time coming when I will make you like a polished arrow in My quiver. Now, the time has come, when I will put you in My hand and I will close you in like a pearl. Yes, like a black pearl, and I will make you a stone in My sling. I will shoot you out of this nation and I will take you to the places, which I want you to warn for Me! For My Spirit has gone through out all the earth. My eyes have roamed through out all the world. I have sent My horses and they have found rest in the great South land. They have found rest in the land of Zebulun and Issachar. The land, which has given glory to My Name, as was prophesied by Moses.”

“Liberate yourself from all doubt. Liberate yourself from all double mindedness. Leap forward! Leap out of your blocks, so that I may be glorified, so that I may be exalted; so that I may be praised in this hour! Do not try to be eloquent with them. Do not try to explain to them in detail. Do not try to persuade them, but speak only what I tell you, for fire will come out of your mouth and consume your enemies. Yes, no one will be able to stand before you, as I have promised you. I will take your right hand. All those who are against you, all those who are incensed against you, they will become as a non existing thing, as if they were never even there!”

“I make you like a stone in the hand of David and I will sling you out of My sling, and you will hit the head of the strongman, and I will overthrough. I will do what no man has thought possible. By the mouth of two or three witnesses, My word will be confirmed and My Name will be glorified. I will glorify Myself in you and I will pour out My glory upon you and My son will be revealed in you.”

“A time is coming, my son, that many nights, you will lay awake, and you will intercede, and you will wish that you had spoken earlier, and you will wish that you had called in earlier! For I tell you, once the door is shut no one will be able to open it. You will find yourself, yes; many will find themselves, standing outside, weeping and gnashing their teeth. Then the maggots will eat there flesh, and the fire of their torment will rise from everlasting to everlasting.”

“Leap out of your blocks. Proclaim loudly, make your mouth like a trumpet! Proclaim and say: “The day of the Lord has come, the day of His wrath, the day of deliverance and the day of the punishment of the Lord, which He has promised. Do not be like the scoffers who say: “The Lord is slow in keeping His promise!” The Lord is not slow as you suppose. These days will be like the days of Noah, when right up to the time of the rain, he was told to get ready. A ship was standing high up on the mountains and they laughed at him, and mocked him and scoffed at him. But when it started raining and the rain did not stop, they begged outside saying: “Open for us that we may come in!” But the door was shut and the waters rouse and the torrents grew great and terrible, and swallowed up everything on the earth, until only 7 were left.”

“Do not be afraid! For I have said that knowledge will increase in these days and many will prophecy and say the same and many similar things. Do not focus your eyes on them. Focus your eyes on the call, which I have given you. Proclaim loudly, for this will awake many who at this hour has been asleep. This is My grace and My mercy for them that they once more may see My glory; once more may understand that I am a merciful God, showing mercy to a thousand generations of those who love Me, but punishing to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me.”

“Therefore, it will be with them in these days like it was in the time of the Son of Man, when they said: “Show us a sign that this is true!” I will say to them: “No sign will be given you accept the sign of Jonah!” For He said: “Break down this temple and in three days I will rebuild it again!” They will laugh and they will say: “This is not what we expected! This is not what we have bargained for! This is not what we have waited for! Who are you? Why would God choose you? Why would God use you as His instrument? They will say: “Aha, Aha! Save yourself!” They will even try to kill you! They will mock you and despise you and they will say all kinds of reviling things against you, but remember these were the same ways they have treated the prophets of the past. But you must not turn to them! Close your ears, for they are an obstinate and a disobedient people, unwilling to listen; unwilling to yield to the time and the season that the Lord has sent them and given them, in His great mercy and loving kindness.”

“I will tell you what you will do! Go into the open field and start to proclaim! Do not call anyone to listen to you. Just start to proclaim continually. Start to pray continually seeking My face, glorifying My Name and I will show you what I will do.”

“Many will close there ears and they will not listen. Many will laugh at you and say: “You are confused! You do not know what you are talking about!” But I will say to them: “I am there God and I am the One who hold their hands. I will carry you through, right up to the very end. Loose yourself of everything that binds you. Loose yourself of everything that hold you back and I will glorify My Name. I will exalt Myself in these days. Every man that rejects you, reject Me, and He who turn to you, he turns to Me! Did I not say: “If you even give a cup of water to one of these, because he is My disciple, he will not loose his reward? Therefore, if you give water to one, because he is My prophet, you will also receive a prophet’s reward! A servant is not greater than his master, neither is a student greater than his teacher. If they have called Me Beelzebub, the son of Beelzebub, you will also be reviled. You also will be treated with contempt and misconduct. Truly a time is coming when anyone who is killing you, will think they are doing a service to God.”

“Leap for joy, for the day has come, the day, for which I have prepared you and made you ready. The day has come that you will proclaim My Name before the nations! Leap for joy and proclaim: “The great day of the Lord has come; The day of vengeance of our God; The day of Retribution and day of divine Revelation; The day of Restoration; The day of the Revolution; The day of the Reformation has come! For the Lord Yahshua the Messiah, He alone will exalt His own Name, before the nations and before all mankind! Those who listen to your word, those who obey what I tell you to tell them; To them I will send My word and I will heal them! I will send My word and I will heal all their diseases. I will cleanse them of all iniquity and of sin and they will see the glory of the Lord and they will see the mighty hand of our God!”

“Many will say that you are too radical. “You are too radical and the things, which you are speaking, are not for building up, but they are for breaking down!” But I say to them, to those who hear these words of Mine, who accept My words, I will be a fragrant offering and I will be a sacrifice unto the Lord! But to those who reject My words, I will be a curse. I will be a stench in their nostrils, and the fire of the Lord will consume them through your mouths! Do not look back in fear!

Do not look back around you and say Lord: “How can these things be? How can it be the time?” Leap forward and fulfil that for which I have called you! Leap forward in an instant, like a loin that leaps and pounces on His prey, in an instant when it is not ready! Growl! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah growls! His enemy stands afraid. He is frozen in his tracks! For he was not ready for your coming! He was not ready for the stone that I have held in My hand. He was not ready, for I am about to break his bitterness! I am about to crush him in the earth. Many, I promise you, My son, who are ready will run out and they will get ready, for they have waited long for this time to come.”

“Yes, you will be a sieve, and you will be a winnowing fork in My hand, and the wind will winnow them and blow away the chaff; I will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire, but My wheat will be gathered into My barn; I will put it into My barn, and they will eat with Me at My banqueting table.”

“Leap for joy My son! Leap and rejoice for the day has come, the day that you have longed for, the day that I have proclaimed for many generations! The day that all the prophets has longed for! This is the day of the salvation of the Lord. The year of the Lord’s favour.”

“Tell them: “Just like it was with the owner of the vineyard of the fig trees, so it will be in these days!” He will get up and say to the gardener: “For three years these trees have born no fruit! Cut it down! Then some one will come and say: “Lord give it one more year, then if it does not bear fruit, then cut it down! After one more year I will come! Yes it will be with this generation like it was in the time of Moses: That I will give quall to the people, but while the quall are in their mouths, I will kill some of them, for they mumbled and grumbled against Me.

The time of the revelation of the Lord, the time of the revelation of the Menorah of the Lord, and the time of the completion; the time of our God has come, and He will glorify His Name! You will be like lampstands, standing before the God of heaven and earth. I will say: “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit!” says the Lord. Not by understanding, nor by reasoning, but by complete trust in our God!”

“As I have said before, and I even now say again: “Your brother has been waiting for you! He has been waiting for you to leap forward, for the chariot can not pull it self, but the horse takes the chariot wherever I want it to go! Therefore, he will intercede and he will stand before you and he will stand with you. He will be a witness of all that I have said and done and I will glorify My Name in him. I will exalt My Name in and through him. I will lift up these lampstands of My glory and all the earth will see it and they will understand that the great day of the Lord has come!”

“All these things in the past were written to encouraged you and remind you of all that I have said to you, which will also even happen in these days. Many will say: “Did we not do these things to them? Were we not the ones who fulfilled these prophecies and these words to them? But this people will become a people calloused of heart and they will forget the words that I have told them. They will forget that they have done these things to you, but only afterwards, after these things were completed, will they understand that it was the truth. But then the door will be closed. Then the bridegroom will come and He will take away His bride. He will take her into His chamber and He will say: “Shut yourself and hide yourself from the wrath of the Lamb! Shut yourself for a moment, until My wrath is completed; until the fullness of the sins has been punished, as it has been prophesied through all generations.”

“I am not like these traditional healers, who throw and cast bones to read the times or to read the seasons. But I have come in the fullness of time. It is being spoken of me; in the book it has been written! It was said: Now the harvest has come! The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few! Therefore go now, into My harvest and fulfil the work, which I have proclaimed to you before the world begun. Lift up your voice and proclaim, saying: “The day of the Lord has come!” Lift up you voice and shout it out aloud in the street. Do not hold it back. Do not keep it in any longer, but let it run free! Let it achieve that for which I have sent it. Let it be like the rock that came out of the sling, out of the sling of David, and let it hit its target; and let it proclaim the Name of the Lord in these days and glorify Him alone! For you are My witnesses, that I am God! Before Me there was no other! Therefore, because there was no foreign god with you, I have said: “You are My witnesses that I am God!””

I hear shouts of joy breaking forth all over the earth. I hear shouts of rejoicing and praises, breaking forth all over the earth and the Name of the Lord will be glorified to the ends of the earth!

“I will say to you, Cyrus, My anointed one! You will cut the bars asunder, the bars of bronze, and the bars of iron! I will send you to all the nations. I have made you a light to the nations, not only to the gentiles, but also to My people. I will send you to Jacob, and I will proclaim My Name before all the nations of the earth. I will make your face like flint. Set your eyes like one who have set his eyes on a target. Do not look left or right, but go strait through the wall! Go strait through the barrier that was set before you, for I will breakthrough before you and I will open the way before you! I will make a way in the sea, yes, even a path through the mighty waters and I will bring forth the chariot and the horse, the army and the power, and they shall lie down together and they shall not rise, they’re extinguished, they are quenched like a wick! Do not remember the former things! Nor consider the things of old, behold I will do a new thing and now it shall spring forth!”

As I complete receiving these words from the Lord Yahshua the Messiah, I entered the house where my bother had been praying and waiting on the Lord Yahshua the Messiah. I was deeply convicted by the Holy Spirit and word of the Lord Yahshua the Messiah. It was a hard word but I understood the implication of this word. I understood that God had called us 7 years ago to be His witnesses and to proclaim His greatness and glory to all nations.

Then I asked my brother, whether he had received any word from the Lord Yahshua, when he gave me the word, which the Lord had given him, as was written by Moses: “I will send them a prophet like you from among their own people; I will tell him what to say, and he will tell the people everything I command. He will speak in my name, and I will punish anyone who refuses to obey him. But if any prophet dares to speak a message in my name when I did not command him to do so, he must die for it, and so must any prophet who speaks in the name of other gods.' (Deu 18:18-20) KJV

Praise the God of Heaven and earth, who alone is the one who will now open the way before His servants, His true prophets!

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