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Breaking News:

US wants puppet regime in Syria: Analyst

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US wants puppet regime in Syria: Analyst

Posted on 22 November 2012 by "the witness"

Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:25PM

Interview with Jamal Wakim, political analyst

When understanding the efforts of the United States in supporting the insurgency, they want to topple the regime and replace it by a regime that is loyal to their interests.”

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011 and many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

The Syrian government says ‘outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorists’ are behind the unrest while the opposition accuses the security forces of killing protesters.

Damascus also says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country and the security forces have been given clear instructions not to harm civilians. Press TV has conducted an interview with Jamal Wakim, a Beirut-based political analyst, to further talk over the issue. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Let us start off with what has been taking place on the ground. How do you perceive events that are currently unfolding in areas in Damascus over the past few days and areas surrounding the capital?

Wakim: It seems that, at one point, after the assassination of the four top secret service or security service officials, the regime almost lost its grip over Damascus.

But later the regime was able to take the initiative and clear out the capital from armed groups and insurgents, but the most important thing is that it seems that, with the mass exodus of Damascenes from Damascus into Lebanon, the regime is losing the loyalty of the Damascenes and mainly the Damascene bourgeoisie which is very essential for the stability of any regime since the dawn of or since the establishment of modern Syria in 1920.

So we need to look not only on the security level, but also on the socio-economic level because the support of the bourgeois Damascene class was very essential for the maintenance and survival of any regime that existed in Syria since independence.

Press TV: Mr. Wakim, my next question is this. There has been a lot of talk about quelling the unrest in Syria and how it has to be a Syrian-led and Syrian-bred initiative. But how can this be a Syrian-led initiative if there are so many external factors being tossed up in the mix?

Wakim: Definitely the Syrian crisis has too many dimensions; the regional and international one is a very important factor in the insurgency because [in] these armed groups, we have foreigners fighting on Syrian soil against the government; we have financing by Qatar, by Saudi Arabia; we have safe havens provided for the insurgents in Turkey, in Jordan and coming from central Iraq.

So we have international pressure by the Western powers; we have, at the same time, the Russian, Chinese and Iranian backing [for] the regime.

So this is an international crisis concentrated in one territory. So I believe that the crisis, on one hand, should be handled by a political initiative, led by the Syrian regime, on one hand, but it should also be part of a bigger compromise between regional and international superpowers.

Press TV: You mention a compromise by international players, basically, but how do you see the claims of diplomacy from the United States when it comes to the situation in Syria?

But time and again, reports keep surfacing, even from American outlets, that the CIA in addition to Washington’s allies in the region are aiding anti-Syrian operations there.

Wakim: Definitely, the CIA is involved; the United States is involved in too many different ways; not only by financing insurgents but also by financing peaceful protesters on Facebook, on social media, activists and so on.

The issue is that there are too many layers for this crisis, but the objective of the United States is to topple the Syrian regime, first for its support in 2006 for the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon which the United States considered as crossing certain red lines when the Syrians provided certain anti-tank weapons for Hezbollah which allowed it to destroy the Israeli tanks and eventually win the war.

And that was one red line that should not have been crossed by the Syrian regime, as the Americans consider. And at the same time, they considered that Iran, through its relations with Bashar al-Assad, with the Syrian regime, is having access to the Mediterranean and with it Russia and China and this bridge into the American front in defending the Mediterranean against any Russian, Chinese or Iranian infiltration should be closed because the Americans are considering the establishment of a triangle of Sunni Islamic state.

This is what they consider that consists of Ankara, Riyadh and Cairo to face what they consider as a Shia-Persian infiltration into the Mediterranean backed by China and Russia.

This is the issue at stake and this is the reason why Bashar al-Assad is fighting this war now.

Press TV: Professor Wakim, if I recall correctly, a few weeks back, a report surfaced by the New York Times which cited that according to American officials, the administration was weighing additional assistance to the armed groups like providing satellite imagery and other detailed intelligence on Syrian troop locations and movements, etc.

So this is basically a testament to Syria’s claims that there is foreign assistance being rendered to armed groups but how? Will whatever the US is doing help the Syrian people?

Wakim: Well, I do not want to disregard the local factors that instigated the insurgencies, socio-economic and political, but for the United States, it wants to topple the Syrian regime and replace it by a regime that is predominantly under the rule or the dominance of the Muslim Brothers in Syria because by this, they could instigate the rise of Sunni Islam that could contain Shia Islam.

This is the perspective of the neoconservatives in the United States. So they want to topple the Assad regime because they tried in too many ways to entice him to break up his ties with Iran, to follow up the line of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt but he refused because Bashar al-Assad and his regime believe that the priority should be given to struggle against Israel not to struggle against or create a fake struggle against Iran which runs contrary to the American agenda.

This should be taken into consideration. When understanding the efforts of the United States in supporting the insurgency, they want to topple the regime and replace it by a regime that is loyal to their interests.



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