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Breaking News:

Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

Debunked: Obama care RFID Chip Implant Law Hoax

Microchip implant (human)


Commercial implants

Medical records use

Building access and security

Possible future applications

Potential problems

 Other medical complications

Security risks

Societal and religious criticism


Senate bans forced microchip implants

Cost of ObamaCare: Obama Care Cost - June 30, 2012

Who Wrote Obama Care

Obama Care Will Never Be Repealed

Obama Care Costs To Businesses

Obama Care Penalty Is Higher Than $695.00

Obama Care Repeating The Fraud Of 1913

Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

Obama Care Mandate Struck Down

Obama Care Taxes Go To Federal Reserve

Obama Care Tax How Much Will You Pay


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Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

Posted on 15 August 2012 by "the witness"

Obamacare mandate FDA - approved implantable RFID chips


RFID Chip commercial


Microchipping the population?

Americans Will Get RFID Microchip

July 26, 2012

Americans Will Get RFID Microchip. Surely but slowly they are implementing RFID chips for Americans. Don’t be so naive to think government wants you to get a RFID chip for your safety and health. The goal is to get everyone chipped. As soon as people get an RFID chip for healthcare the next step is to use the chip to make you pay in real time for your healthcare procedures, which means your chip will be tied into your bank account. The goal is to get everyone chipped and make people use a chip that is implanted in your body for all transactions, travel and, so on. It is about control.

Currently Louisiana is a test bed where people cannot buy second hand products with cash. They want a cashless society.

Debunked: Obama care RFID Chip Implant Law Hoax

July 13, 2012

There’s a hoax going around that the health care reform act HR3200 (HR 3962 The Affordable Care Act, aka “Obama care”) requires everyone to get a chip implanted in their body. Answer: that’s not a hoax that’s misinformation. Because the Obama healthcare bill is 3962.

HR3200 or any other bill has nothing to do with obama care only HR 3962 is obama care

This has already been quite well debunked over on Snopes:

http://www.snopes.com/ politics /medical/microchip.asp

The bottom line is:

The proposed law did not require anyone to get anything implanted Answer: In bill HR 3962 you do get a rfid chip that’s the affordable health care act or Obama care.

It just created a national registry of a huge of range of medical devices from pacemakers to dental implants Wrong again their is two classifications for medical implants. RFID chips fall under class 3

The intent of the registry was to collect statistics on how safe and effective the devices are Wrong RFID chips were granted permission in 2004 by the FDA.

HR3200 is not the bill that passed. That’s HR 3590, which does not have the registry. Both those bills are wrong the actual obama care bill is HR 3962

Obama care hr bill 3962 video proving RFID chips will be used in the future healthcare and for other reasons such as paying debts.

Microchip implant (human)

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c5/RFID_hand_2.jpg/220px-RFID_hand_2.jpg The hand of microchip implant hobbyist Amal Graafstra, just after an operation to insert an RFID tag. The yellow coloration comes from iodine used to disinfect the hand for surgery.

A human microchip implant is an integrated circuit device or RFID transponder encased in silicate glass and implanted in the body of a human being. A subdermal implant typically contains a unique ID number that can be linked to information contained in an external database, such as personal identification, medical history, medications, allergies, and contact information.



The first reported experiment with an RFID implant was carried out in 1998 by the British scientist Kevin Warwick. [1] As a test, his implant was used to open doors, switch on lights, and cause verbal output within a building. The implant has since been held in the Science Museum (London). [ citation needed ]

Since that time, several additional hobbyists have placed RFID microchip implants into their hands or had them placed there by others.

Amal Graafstra, author of the book "RFID Toys," asked doctors to place implants in his hands. A cosmetic surgeon used a scalpel to place a microchip in his left hand, and his family doctor injected a chip into his right hand using a veterinary Avid injector kit. Graafstra uses the implants to open his home and car doors and to log on to his computer.

Mikey Sklar had a chip implanted into his left hand and filmed the procedure. He has done a number of media [2] and personal interviews [3] about his experience of being microchipped.

Commercial implants

In 2002, the VeriChip Corporation (known as the " PositiveID Corporation" since November 2009) received preliminary approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its device in the U.S. within specific guidelines. The device received FDA approval in 2004, and was marketed under the name VeriChip or VeriMed. In 2007, it was revealed that nearly identical implants had caused cancer in hundreds of laboratory animals. [4] a revelation that had a devastating impact on the company's stock price. Some time between May and July 2010, the Positive ID Corporation discontinued marketing the implantable human microchip. [5]

In January 2012, the VeriTeQ Acquisition Corporation acquired the VeriChip implantable microchip and related technologies, and Health Link personal health record from PositiveID Corporation. VeriTeQ is majority owned and led by Scott R. Silverman, former Chairman and CEO of PositiveID and VeriChip Corporation. PositiveID has retained an ownership interest in VeriTeQ. [6]

Medical records use

The PositiveID Corporation (previously known as The VeriChip Corporation; Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.; and The Digital Angel Corporation) distributed the implantable chip known as the VeriChip or VeriMed until the product was discontinued in the second quarter of 2010. The company had suggested that the implant could be used to retrieve medical information in the event of an emergency, as follows: Each VeriChip implant contained a 16-digit ID number. This number was transmitted when a hand-held VeriChip scanner is passed within a few inches of the implant. Participating hospitals and emergency workers would enter this number into a secure page on the VeriChip Corporation's website to access medical information that the patient had previously stored on file with the company.

According to some reports, in 2006 80 hospitals had agreed to own a VeriChip scanner provided by the company and 232 doctors had agreed to inject the devices into patients who requested them. [7] However, the VeriChip Corporation/Applied Digital Solutions was sued by its shareholders for making "materially false and misleading statements" regarding hospital acceptance figures. According to Glancy & Binkow, the law firm that filed the class action suit:

"...on May 9, 2002, defendants [the then Applied Digital Corporation] claimed that nearly every major hospital in the West Palm Beach, Florida area would be equipped with VeriChip scanners, an indispensable component of the Company's VeriChip technology. However, one day later on May 10, 2002, the truth was disclosed that no hospital had accepted a scanner, an essential device for retrieving the VeriChip's information. Following the May 10, 2002, disclosure, the price of Applied Digital stock again fell sharply, dropping nearly 30% in a single day." [8]

Building access and security

The VeriChip Corporation has marketed the implant as a way to restrict access to secure facilities such as power plants. Microchip scanners would be installed at entrances so locks only work for persons whose chip numbers are entered into the system. Two employees of CityWatcher, an Ohio video surveillance company, had RFID tags injected into their arms in 2007. The workers needed the implants to access the company's secure video tape room, as documented in USA Today. [9] The company closed, but there is no word on what happened to the employees or their implants.

A major drawback for such systems is the relative ease with which the 16-digit ID number contained in a chip implant can be obtained and cloned using a hand-held device, a problem that has been demonstrated publicly by security researcher Jonathan Westhues [10] and documented in the May 2006 issue of Wired magazine , [11] among other places.

The Baja Beach Club, a nightclub in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, once used VeriChip implants for identifying VIP guests. [12]

Possible future applications

Theoretically, a GPS-enabled chip could one day make it possible for individuals to be physically located by latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and direction of movement. Such implantable GPS devices are not technically feasible at this time. However, if widely deployed at some future point, implantable GPS devices could conceivably allow authorities to locate missing persons and/or fugitives and those who fled from a crime scene. Critics contend, however, that the technology could lead to political repression as governments could use implants to track and persecute human rights activists, labor activists, civil dissidents, and political opponents; criminals and domestic abusers could use them to stalk and harass their victims; slaveholders could use them to prevent captives from escaping; and child abusers could use them to locate and abduct children. [ citation needed ]

Another suggested application for a tracking implant, discussed in 2008 by the legislature of Indonesia 's Irian Jaya would be to monitor the activities of persons infected with HIV , aimed at reducing their chances of infecting other people. [13] [14] The microchipping section was not, however, included into the final version of the provincial HIV/AIDS Handling bylaw passed by the legislature in December 2008. [15] With current technology this would not be workable anyway, since there is no implantable device on the market with GPS tracking capability.

Potential problems


Veterinary and toxicology studies carried out from 1996 to 2006 found that lab mice and rats injected with microchips sometimes developed cancerous tumors around the microchips ( subcutaneous sarcomas ). Data suggest that between 1% and 10% of the implanted lab animals developed malignant cancers originating in the tissue surrounding the microchips. Dr. Cheryl London, a veterinarian oncologist at Ohio State University, noted: "It's much easier to cause cancer in mice than it is in people. So it may be that what you're seeing in mice represents an exaggerated phenomenon of what may occur in people." London suggested a 20-year study of chipped canines was needed "to see if you have a biological effect." Specialists from several pre-eminent cancer institutions have supported such testing before microchips are implanted on a large scale in humans. [16]

Other medical complications

According to the FDA, implantation of the VeriChip poses potential medical downsides. [17] Electrical hazards, MRI incompatibility, adverse tissue reaction, and migration of the implanted transponder are just a few of the potential risks associated with the Verichip ID implant device, according to an October 12, 2004 letter issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). [18]

A patient could be burned if the chip reacts to outside source of EMF radiation, such as a strong electrical field or a magnetic resonance imager (MRI) machine. The strong magnets used in an MRI scanner could destroy the implant and cause serious burns, internally and externally. [ citation needed ] According to the FDA's Primer on Medical Device Interactions with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems , "electrical currents may be induced in conductive metal implants" that can cause "potentially severe patient burns."

However, when the Mythbusters TV show, in Season 5 Episode 18, Myth Evolution, tested a microchip implant in an MRI machine, neither test subject showed any signs of pain or trauma. Since MRI machines come in various strengths, it is possible that higher energy-emitting MRI machines may be more problematic. The model and make of the chip could affect possible outcomes as well.

Security risks

Since nearly all implantable microchips are unencrypted, they are extremely vulnerable to being read by third-party scanners. By scanning secretly, someone could steal the information on a chip and clone the signal, enabling a hacker to impersonate a chipped individual. This could create security problems for building or computer access or potentially enable criminal misuse of a medical account held by an unrelated person. Also, the chip could easily be removed from the person, or the appendage containing the device could be removed. [7]

Societal and religious criticism

Microchip implant in humans have raised new ethical discussions by scientific professional forums [ clarification needed ] , [19] academic groups, [20] human rights organizations, government departments and religious groups. The Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) of the American Medical Association published a report in 2007 alleging that RFID implanted chips may compromise privacy because there is no assurance that the information contained in the chip can be properly protected, notwithstanding health risks (chips may travel under the skin). [21]

RFID tagging has been criticised by believers of Abrahamic religions. In Christianity , some believe the implantation of chips may be the fulfillment of The Mark of the Beast , prophesied to be a requirement for buying and selling, [22] and a key element of the Book of Revelation. [23] [24] In Judaism, Conservative, Orthodox, and Reform Jewish beliefs hold that that cutting, piercing or marking the flesh, a requirement for implantation, is contrary to the notion that people were made "in the image of God", [25] and the orders in Leviticus 19:28. [26] Islam also considers body modifications "haram", an Arabic term meaning "forbidden", because they involve changing the body, a creation of God. [27] The health risks associated with implantable microchips described above may also invoke Islamic prohibitions. [28]


Following Wisconsin and North Dakota , [29] California issued Senate Bill 362 in 2007, which prohibits employers and others from forcing anyone to have a RFID device implanted under their skin. [29]

On April 5, 2010, Georgia, Atlanta, Senate passed Senate Bill 235 that prohibits forced microchip implants in humans and that would make it a misdemeanor for anyone to require them, including employers. The bill would allow voluntary microchip implants, as long as they're performed by a physician and regulated by the Georgia Composite Medical Board. If the General Assembly passes the new Senate version, Georgia would join California, North Dakota and Wisconsin in banning mandatory microchip implant. [30]

On February 10, 2010 Virginia's House of Delegates also passed a bill that forbids companies from forcing their employees to be implanted with tracking devices. [31]

See also


Senate bans forced microchip implants

By Ernie Suggs

Georgia and National Elections 2012 5:14 p.m. Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Senate voted Thursday to protect Georgians from evildoers, covert corporations and rogue doctors, seen and unseen, with the passage of a bill that would make it illegal to implant a microchip into someone without their permission.

The bill, ironically sponsored by Sen. Chip Pearson (R-Dawsonville) and Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, would make it a misdemeanor to implant someone against their will with a microchip, sensor, transmitter or other tracking device. The Senate passed the bill 47-2.

“We are sending the message that Georgia is committed to upholding its citizens’ constitutional rights and protection of their person,” Pearson said. “Advances in technology are moving fast, and while most of these are for the good, we must be careful that it doesn’t come at the harm of citizens.”

But is this really a problem in Georgia?

Pearson said that he knows of no case in Georgia where someone has been involuntarily microchipped. He added that during his preliminary meetings on the bill, no one came to complain about it, and he has heard of no conspiracy plots or theories to put implants in massive amounts of Georgians. The notion that legions of people have been forcibly implanted by the government, aliens or nefarious corporations runs rampant throughout the Internet and in science fiction movies. Think Neo and his forced implantation by Agent Smith in "The Matrix."

“I have no firsthand knowledge of anything,” Pearson said. “I am simply trying to get ahead of this and protect the people. We don’t know what is going to happen.”

Pearson added that any information put inside a chip and then implanted into someone’s body can just as easily be stored somewhere above the skin.

“The benefits of a microchip that can be internally implanted are also available in many external forms,” Pearson said.

There have been a handful of corporations worldwide that have begun developing technology to inject people with implantable devices. In 2004, the VeriChip was approved by the FDA. Proponents say that implantable chips could help in identifying victims of major tragedies like Sept. 11 or the Haitian earthquake, or even wandering Alzheimer’s patients.

Pearson’s bill would clear the way for people who want implants. The bill does not prevent anyone from being able to voluntarily have a microchip implanted -- as long as the implantation is performed by a doctor and is regulated by the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

But opponents say that the devices can lead to unwanted surveillance and even cancer. There are some who say that it has religious implications and that the implantable devices are the "Mark of the beast."

If the bill, SB 235, gets past the state House, Georgia would join Wisconsin, North Dakota and California as states that have passed laws prohibiting the forced implantation of microchips in people.

Pearson said the bill has actually been floating around the Capitol for several years. In 2007, Rep. Ed Setzler (R-Acworth) introduced a bill in the House that didn’t go anywhere.

Pearson is hoping that his bill will be received favourably in the House.

But some critics of the bill wonder what the point is.

“This is a solution in search of a problem,” said Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), one of only two senators to vote against it, along with Sen. Ronald Ramsey (D-Decatur). “We are spending our precious time -- with a billion-and-a-half-dollar deficit -- with something that is not a problem.”

Cost of ObamaCare: Obama Care Cost - June 30, 2012

CBO ObamaCare Costs for Premiums

Click Here Obama Care Looks Like It IS More Expensive Then They Say

Bronze plan is suppose to cost the lease. Bronze Premium plan for 2016 $4,500 to $5,000 dollars for a single person, but over all it says $5,800 dollars when all averages are counted. Bronze family plan is $12,000 dollars to $12,500 dollars. Premium prices will depend on age, average spending cost on healthcare in your area, and which plan they chose.

Bronze plan has a deductible of over $2,000 dollars which means you will have to pay that before the subsidy kicks in. The bronze plan is the cheapest plan. After you pay the deductible you will pay 40% of your healthcare costs. The highest deductible under the bronze plan is around $5,300 dollars, which it is not allowed to go over.

ACTUALLY Obama care cost is unknown. But expect to pay more than what they say. Where it starts getting expensive is when your single and make a decent wage. The states have to make exchanges then we will know the cost. It sure isn’t $70.00 as some people are saying, maybe if your just above the poverty level. Currently to have healthcare for 1 person the average is $2,800 dollars to $3,500 dollars a year.

According to the CBO the above premiums will cost much more. If Obama care costs only $70.00 a month, that’s only $840.00 a year for a lower income person. Which means somebody else will have to pay through higher taxes to pay the difference. When Obama said he was going to transform the nation, he meant it. Middle class Americans will be picking up the healthcare tab for poorer people and illegals who still use the emergency room for free service.

Americans will be paying Another cost by 2020, the federal government will decrease the amount of money it will give to the states to pay for the healthcare for low income people, who will have the medicaid option only. Currently healthcare is free to poor people in the United states through welfare. Obama care will still leave millions uninsured. Obama care is not free and you will still have to pay for procedures.

The state healthcare exchanges will be run by the very same healthcare insurance companies for profit. Only difference now is they are guaranteed money and patients because the government is forcing you to sign up with them. These healthcare insurance companies are guaranteed a monthly premium because the government made more people become customers which means these insurance companies will increase their premiums because their is no law to stop them. As long as people are forced to pay by threat of a penalty the insurance companies are guaranteed payment. Businesses will stop offering insurance and drop the millions who do have insurance through their job. It will be cheaper for a business to drop insurance to millions and pay the penalty. People will just go through their state healthcare exchange instead, which is run by insurance companies for profit. The Obama care penalty cost will be $695.00 or 2.5% of your yearly pay whichever one is greater.

Doctor and patient in City Hospital Tuberculosis Division, 1927 Seattle Municipal Archives / Foter

Commonsense tells you there will not be enough money for Obama care when a premium costs $3000 dollars a year and your only paying $840.00 a year into the premium if you were only paying $70.00 a month. Remember this the current CBO report says it will increase the deficit. That’s from the most current CBO report.

In 1965 politicians said Medicare would cost only 9 billion dollars by 1990, the actual cost was 66 billion dollars. Be prepared to have bad healthcare limited care and, rationed care.

More information on Obama Care

How much will Obama care cost each individual?

Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

Obama Care Penalty Is Higher Than $695.00

Obama Care Repeating The Fraud Of 1913

Who Wrote Obama Care

June 30, 2012

Face of the Tea Party Movement 6Obama care was written by a few departments in Government and healthcare insurance companies. It was backed by the banks, Pharmaceutical company’s and Insurance companies, AARP.

Insurance Companies write Obama care bill Evil Liz Fowler

theqspeaks / Foter

HR Bill 3962 came about from previous bills revised which related to healthcare. House Education and Labor, Energy and Commerce and, Ways and means committee. What these departments are doing writing healthcare bills is strange. The people behind Obama care were Nancy Pelosi Democrat California who has become very rich since her political career to the tune of a few hundred million dollars. Robert Andrews Democrat New Jersey, George Miller Democrat California, Frank Pallone Democrat New Jersey, Charles Rangel Democrat New York, Fortney Stark Democrat California, Henry Waxman Democrat California. The big daddy was John Dingell Democrat Michigan and czar of Obama care Liz Fowler has more than 20 years of experience in health services research and health policy. She served as vice president of public policy and external affairs for WellPoint, Inc. a healthcare company.

Obama care was written to take control of the economy and control people as John Dingell said. The goal is to make it universal and in the near future and to make it easily integrate world wide for when global government takes over as in new world order.

If this don’t make your blood boil, Democrat John Dingell Michigan say’s Obama care is to control the people

Another part of Obama care Obama Care Approves RFID Chips is something the banks want done kin the near future.

Obama Care Will Never Be Repealed

June 30, 2012

Obama care will never be repealed and the powers in charge know this.

1. Obama and Democrats pushed the bill as a non tax.
2. Those Democrats who were voted out in 2010 probably would had voted different it had been called a tax
3. The news reports conflicting facts about Obama care to keep the people confused
4. The news nor Republicans ever said it was a tax
5. Congress has the only power to tax
6. Democrats and Republicans knew it would be upheld on the grounds as it being a tax and, said nothing
7. The news and Republicans said it would be based on the commerce clause by the supreme court
8. Again nobody ever said tax
9. Both Democrats and Republicans can put the blame on the supreme court for Obama care when practical
10. Obama care was sold to the people by lies and deceit
11. First thing Democrats said to the supreme court was – its a tax
12. Romney can not get repeal Obama care because its a law
13. It would take Republicans to win the Senate, keep control of the House and for Romney to win to repeal Obama Care
14. As soon as IRS was written in the bill for all to see, it was obvious it was a tax
15. If states don’t plan their exchanges in time, the federal government will do it for them
16. One of the many ways Penalty’s will be taken will come out of your paycheck by the business you work for, who then sends the money to the IRS but ultimately the penalty funds go to the federal reserve a private banking cartel.
17. The healthcare bill was known to be written by known socialists when American socialists released names of congressional Democrats in their ranks.
18. This healthcare bill is about the control of the American people
19. The most important reason Obama care wont be repealed Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

John Dingell Democrat Michigan admits its about taking over control of the American people.

Obama Care Costs To Businesses

June 30, 2012

Obama Care will cost businesses.

Businesses with fewer than 50 employees are exempt from having to provide health insurance. But their is a program set up for these businesses, there may be a time limit, I’m not sure on this part.

Each business has different penalties and requirement determined by how many employees they have and, the coverage they offer.

SS&SS / Foter

TWO YEARS OF RUIN Automatic enrollment- Employers with more than 200 employees are required to enroll new employees in their health care plan, subject to any waiting period. Employers must provide notice of employees’ right to opt out of automatic enrollment. Notice of coverage options: Employers must give employees notice about the availability of an insurance exchange.

Penalty for not providing insurance with over 50 employees that do not provide insurance must pay a penalty of $2,000 for every employee in the company if even one employee opts to obtain insurance through an exchange. However, the first 30 employees are not counted in calculation of the penalty. Example: an employer with 85 employees would pay the penalty for 55 workers, or $110,000 55 x $2.000.

Penalty for providing insurance that is “too expensive” I believe this is over 9.5% of monthly income which means if it cost the employee over this amount they can get a subsidy. Employers with more than 50 employees that do provide insurance must pay a penalty if any of their employees obtain a subsidy to help pay for insurance. The penalty equals $3,000 per worker who uses the subsidy OR $750 for every employee at the company, whichever is less.
Read Obama Care Repeating The Fraud Of 1913

Obama Care Penalty Is Higher Than $695.00

June 30, 2012

an unwitting victim...bwahahhahahaaObama care penalty cost per person is greater than $695.00 being spread on the news. Its not true, you will pay more for not having healthcare. It goes by income and, depends upon which is greater, the set penalty or, 2.5% whichever is greater. Besides it’s not a penalty it’s a tax.

bark / Foter

One news report from the main stream news is reporting the 1%, 2%, 2.5% as your healthcare monthly premium payment per your yearly gross income for healthcare, this is not true but, propaganda. Example if you make $50,000 dollars a year and don’t have healthcare through Obama care you would pay 2.5% of $50,000 dollars in 2016 for your healthcare. Which comes out to $1250.00 a year for healthcare. Sounds great doesn’t it, only $104.16 dollars a month. The truth is that’s your penalty for not having healthcare not $695.00 dollars. They left out the part whichever is greater. See blow.

This is the real penalties for not having healthcare
In 2014 you will pay 1% of your income towards Obama care -
In 2015 you will pay 2% of your income or a $325.00 penalty – Or which is ever greater
In 2016 you will pay 2.5% of your income or $695.00 penalty – Or which is ever greater
Their is a cap for families of around $2,500 some odd dollars for a tax penalty.

If you make $30,000 a year your penalty for not having healthcare is either $695.00 a year or 2.5% of $30,000 dollars a year. Whichever one is higher. 2.5% of $30,000 dollars is $750.00 so this is your real penalty for not having healthcare. Not $695.00. The IRS will have full control of Obama care.The IRS will garnish your wages to pay this sum, which will include interest.

Nobody knows what their cost will be for healthcare because the states have to make an exchange which will tell you how much you will pay.

Obama Care Repeating The Fraud Of 1913

June 28, 2012

The Main Purpose Of Obama Care Obama care approves RFID chips
Is the Obama administration repeating the fraud that was committed on the American people in 1913. The fraud I’m talking about is the federal reserve. The complete take over of the American money system to a private cartel of bankers. The fraud of 1913 Federal Reserve Is A Private Company

Say Goodnite America!Obama care was a scam from the beginning. The left wing and right wing are both in on the scam. Congress has the power to tax which was given to them through fraud of the 16th amendment, made to pay off the interest on the debt and straight into the global bankers hands. Leaders of both parties knew the supreme court would either approve Obama care through the misinterpreted commerce clause or, taxation.

Templar1307 / Foter

How the fraud works. Obama sold Obama care as not being a tax. He told his fellow Democrats it wasn’t a tax. Which means many democrats wouldn’t had voted for it because of fear of not getting re-elected. Those Democrats smart enough to figure it out (It was a tax) were told not to worry, the Republicans will sue and, it will go the supreme court. They made sure no discussion was made of it being approved by a tax, neither Republicans or the News mentioned it was ever a tax. Their main purpose was to not let the public know it’s really a tax. The Republicans never mentioned or, the main stream news that it could be passed as a tax. The bill was written and voted into law. Congress voted in the largest tax increase in history. They even made sure that the IRS would collect the penalties. The IRS sends all funds directly to the private banking cartel the, federal reserve. It also opened up new doors for new forced consumption and, taxes. Romney says he will repeal Obama care, the fact is he cant. It doesn’t matter who get’s elected president, they are both the same parties with public debate for the public’s amusement and, division. The real powers who control the USA, the international bankers are, calling the shots.

The first thing Obama’s team claimed in front of the supreme court was, it’s a tax. Even justice Roberts called it a penalty and a tax, which makes no sense at all. You cant challenge Obama care because it’s a tax and, nobody has been forced to pay it, once someone pays it they can challenge it. This was planned for one purpose, to take more money from Americans and hand it over to the bankers and, open up more doors for more taxes, I suspect a carbon tax. Both traitor parties now can sit back and say it’s the supreme courts fault. They are the supreme law.

The goal of the world elite is to have a cashless world. Transactions will be done electronically. There is one scary part of Obama care which people been avoiding. When they do talk about it they use misinformation and, direct people to HR Bills that were not voted in, and claim its just a rumor or, send them to the wrong bill completely.

Obama care approves RFID chips click on the link, Obama care indeed has mandates for RFID chips implanted into a human. Since nobody read the dam bill or, they did and, don’t give a crap they sure are being quiet. The link will show you directly that you will be chipped. There is no way Obama care will be taken away. The goal is to have everyone chipped. So enjoy the show on the main stream news, just be prepared for that chip.

Most states already have their exchanges set up, the federal government sent tons of your tax dollars or printed more and sent it off to the states to add more people to the medicaid roll. Some states didn’t take the money most did. Anytime a state takes money from the federal government it comes with conditions. Many states are using this money on other budget problems. Wait until 2016 and the states claim they have no money and take people’s pensions. They are putting the US in debt on purpose, welcome to the new world order.

Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

June 28, 2012

Get Your Kicks on Route 666Obama Care approves RFID chips no longer a myth. RFID chips will be implanted into patients. HR 3962 Obama Care bill actually approves RFID implants. Page 1505 “Data Claims For Health Records and any other data the secretary deems necessary”. This refers to the RFID chips used for patients healthcare records. They left the bill open to where the secretary can decide to add more and other information to the implanted RFID chips at a later time.

Random Factor / Foter

Page 1506 Link data, this means they can link to other information besides your health records such as your bank account through the healthcare implanted RFID chips.

Page 77 “Enable real time financial responsibilities at point of service” What this means is they will scan your chip and enable, which means that instant, to determine your financial ability. Just like any other healthcare coverage you still pay a portion of what the procedure costs. Obama care wont cover every procedure a doctor does. You will pay. While your at the doctor or hospital, they will instantly scan you and take the money out of your bank account in real time.

Republicans have no plan to get rid of Obama care or, at least any part which will stop people from being chipped. Don’t depend on anyone stopping Obama Care. They will play their left wing right wing games on TV while pretending they want to end Obama Care when the end game is getting everyone chipped. Both sides are told what to do, both sides want us all chipped. The new world order wants everyone chipped. The federal reserve is the new world government. Your Obama care taxes go to federal reserve. They just passed a law to tax you. The world is going to a cashless system. Obama care states people to be chipped by spring of 2013. As we all know government works slowly and the new world order is patient. Expect to be chipped by 2022 by law. RFID chips will be world wide, do not think because you don’t live in the United States you wont be chipped. Mexico has many people chipped already. They start off with debit cards that are chipped then move on to healthcare then total forced Chipping by law. They will use propaganda such as ease of use, secure, safety, stops criminals. Be assured you will be chipped.


Canada Goes Cashless Dont Use Monry

SHOCKING Obamas Real Mom

Obama Care Mandate Struck Down

June 28, 2012

The Supreme Court under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause struck down Obama Care. The individual mandate was upheld resting upon a different legal basis, Congress’ power to tax. If it’s not mandated by the commerce clause it cant have a penalty. On the other hand since it’s a tax the IRS takes over. Don’t pay your healthcare tax, be prepared to have your home taken, just kidding. What the IRS can do is take you to court and charge you double the tax you owe on Obama care. Their ultimate goal is to make laws to where they can steal your property through agenda 21. That’s what the new world order wants. Your Obama Care taxes go to federal reserve because if the IRS is collecting the tax penalty it goes to the federal reserve. Just like your gasoline tax money is going to the IMF. Yes! to the IMF read this and, your head will explode Mitch Daniels and The Indiana Toll Road

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This means the Senate needs to be rid of the socialists in the fall of 2012.

Obama said to the middle class you will not see your taxes increase one dime. The man is a liar, everything he say’s is a lie. I’m afraid if Obama is re-elected you will see his socialist agenda come out like a buzz saw.

Currently we see carbon tax trading going into affect in some states which means higher energy prices, higher food prices and, just higher prices overall.

Remember anything government touches ends up costing 10 times the cost, like medicare. Every program the government creates expands, just like your Obama care healthcare tax.

Obama Care Taxes Go To Federal Reserve

June 28, 2012

HellcareNow that Obama care was passed as a tax but, sold as not being a tax, will your tax be going to the federal reserve. After all your payroll taxes do not pay for any services but to only pay the interest on the deficit. Obama care taxes will go straight to the federal reserve. The same private banking cartel that prints money with interest all working Americans pay. Obama care tax how much will you pay

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Expect to see Democrats on all the news shows lying to the people again.
1. First lie – Obama care isn’t a tax but is now a tax because the supreme court said.

2. Second lie- Obama care will lower the deficit- Wrong, it will increase the deficit. President Obama’s landmark healthcare overhaul is projected to cost $1.76 trillion over a decade, reports the Congressional Budget Office, a hefty sum more than the $940 billion estimated when the healthcare legislation was signed into law. Obama care adds to the deficit. The first CBO report was done on the phony numbers they were handed. The new CBO report says it will increase the deficit, but don’t let those facts pass by the Democrats who will go on a liar campaign and, you dumb Americans will believe them. To put it mildly, ObamaCare’s projected net worth is far off from its original estimate in fact, about $820 billion off. Can you say new world order they plan to crush the USA under debt and come under one global government, it’s so obvious if you look.

Obama Care Tax How Much Will You Pay

June 28, 2012

SocialismHow much will you pay under the new Obama care tax? If your poor you will fall under medicaid. States will be required to lower the standard meaning (lower income persons) to include poorer people into medicaid. Since the supreme court tossed out the mandate where states have to expand medicaid by 133% of poverty line means A portion of Obama care will not be complete or, less people will get insurance subsidized but, medicaid will still expand in every state. Many will be subsidized by people who work. After a few years the states will have to raise the eligibility, meaning you will be dropped from the medicaid Obama care because, you will make to much money because the formula changes. Illegal aliens still get free healthcare at the hospital. The Federal Government will decrease money given to the states for medicaid by 2016, as Obama care dictates. Those people will be taxed or forced to buy healthcare. Your income tax return will be taken by the IRS. The IRS will be able to take you to court and you will be charged double the penalty. It’s obvious that Obama implemented Obama care by deceit. Obama said over and over it wasn’t a tax but, while arguing before the supreme court they said Obama care was a tax and was constitutional.

Obama care healthcare tax on the middle class. Remember under socialism there is no middle class only rich and poor. The global government is implementing worldwide socialism under the new world order. We don’t know the cost of Obama care because the states have to make exchanges. The cost won’t be cheap as they said.

Here are the penalties for not paying for healthcare.

In 2014 you will pay 1% of your income towards Obama care.

In 2015 you will pay 2% of your income or a $325.00 penalty whichever is greater
In 2016 you will pay 2.5% of your income or $695.00 penalty whichever is greater
They do have caps on the penalty for families of around $2,500. But this can go up depending on how much money you make.

You will pay with this Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

If you make $50,000 dollars a year and are single in 2016 you will pay $1,250.00 dollars if it goes by the 2.5% rule for healthcare as some have said which isn’t true I believe, or, a penalty of $695.00 or 2.5% of your income depending on which one is greater. What will determine your cost is age, location where you live and, which plan you chose. The bronze plan is the cheapest. The bronze plan average is $5,800 dollars a year. Remember, you will pay a monthly premium and once the premium is met you will get the discount on care. Under the bronze plan you will still pay 40% of your care or procedures you get. The penalty is lower than actually paying for healthcare they say, but, how long will that last? The penalty is a Government gimmick, they will have to raise the penalty higher than the actual monthly cost to force people to pay for healthcare. The government is taxing the middle class to the poor house. Obama care will cut 500 billion dollars from medicare. 20 million people who have healthcare will lose their healthcare.

Government always makes things cost more expect by 2020 the tax will be no less than 6%.

The CBO actually says with new information it will increase the national debt.

26 million to 27 million non elderly will still not have insurance including illegal aliens who will get free healthcare.

If you don’t buy health care insurance you will not be in compliance with the IRS. You should be very scared.

If you plan on getting a tax return from the federal government forget it, Obama care tax will take your tax refund. The question should be, since people must pay a tax does the tax go to the federal reserve which is a private company. Will your Obama care tax actually be used to pay the interest on the money the federal government borrows from the federal reserve. Seems to me this another banker new world order plan to make every American poorer and homeless. Contrary to what you believe your payroll taxes do not pay for anything but the interest on the debt.

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INTRODUCED BY Senator Simitian

FEBRUARY 20, 2007

An act to add Section 52.7 to the Civil Code, relating to identification devices.


SB 362, Simitian. Identification devices: subcutaneous implanting.

Existing law accords every person the right of protection from

bodily restraint or harm, from personal insult, from defamation, and

from injury to his or her personal relations, subject to the

qualifications and restrictions provided by law.


This bill would prohibit a person from requiring, coercing, or

compelling any other individual to undergo the subcutaneous

implanting of an identification device, as defined. The bill would

provide for the assessment of civil penalties for a violation

thereof, as specified, and would allow an aggrieved party to bring an

action against a violator for damages and injunctive relief, subject

to a 3-year statute of limitation, or as otherwise provided.



SECTION 1. Section 52.7 is added to the Civil Code, to read:

52.7. (a) Except as provided in subdivision (g), a person shall

not require, coerce, or compel any other individual to undergo the

subcutaneous implanting of an identification device.

(b) (1) Any person who violates subdivision (a) may be assessed an

initial civil penalty of no more than ten thousand dollars

($10,000), and no more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each

day the violation continues until the deficiency is corrected. That

civil penalty may be assessed and recovered in a civil action brought

in any court of competent jurisdiction. The court may also grant a

prevailing plaintiff reasonable attorney's fees and litigation costs,

including, but not limited to, expert witness fees and expenses as

part of the costs.

(2) A person who is implanted with a subcutaneous identification

device in violation of subdivision (a) may bring a civil action for

actual damages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, injunctive

relief, any combination of those, or any other appropriate relief.

(3) Additionally, punitive damages may also be awarded upon proof

of the defendant's malice, oppression, fraud, or duress in requiring,

coercing, or compelling the plaintiff to undergo the subcutaneous

implanting of an identification device.

(c) (1) An action brought pursuant to this section shall be

commenced within three years of the date upon which the

identification device was implanted.

(2) If the victim was a dependent adult or minor when the

implantation occurred, actions brought pursuant to this section shall

be commenced within three years after the date the plaintiff, or his

or her guardian or parent, discovered or reasonably should have

discovered the implant, or within eight years after the plaintiff

attains the age of majority, whichever date occurs later.

(3) The statute of limitations shall not run against a dependent

adult or minor plaintiff simply because a guardian ad litem has been

appointed. A guardian ad litem's failure to bring a plaintiff's

action within the applicable limitation period will not prejudice the

plaintiff's right to do so.

(4) A defendant is estopped to assert a defense of the statute of

limitations when the expiration of the statute is due to conduct by

the defendant inducing the plaintiff to delay the filing of the

action, or due to threats made by the defendant causing duress upon

the plaintiff.

(d) Any restitution paid by the defendant to the victim shall be

credited against any judgment, award, or settlement obtained pursuant

to this section. Any judgment, award, or settlement obtained

pursuant to an action under this section shall be subject to the

provisions of Section 13963 of the Government Code.

(e) The provisions of this section shall be liberally construed so

as to protect privacy and bodily integrity.

(f) Actions brought pursuant to this section are independent of

any other actions, remedies, or procedures that may be available to

an aggrieved party pursuant to any other law.

(g) This section shall not in any way modify existing statutory or

case law regarding the rights of parents or guardians, the rights of

children or minors, or the rights of dependent adults.

(h) For purposes of this section:

(1) "Identification device" means any item, application, or

product that is passively or actively capable of transmitting

personal information, including, but not limited to, devices using

radio frequency technology.

(2) "Person" means an individual, business association,

partnership, limited partnership, corporation, limited liability

company, trust, estate, cooperative association, or other entity.

(3) "Personal information" includes any of the following data

elements to the extent they are used alone or in conjunction with any

other information used to identify an individual:

(A) First or last name.

(B) Address.

(C) Telephone number.

(D) E-mail, Internet Protocol, or Web site address.

(E) Date of birth.

(F) Driver's license number or California identification card


(G) Any unique personal identifier number contained or encoded on

a driver's license or identification card issued pursuant to Section

13000 of the Vehicle Code.

(H) Bank, credit card, or other financial institution account


(I) Any unique personal identifier contained or encoded on a

health insurance, health benefit, or benefit card or record issued in

conjunction with any government-supported aid program.

(J) Religion.

(K) Ethnicity or nationality.

(L) Photograph.

(M) Fingerprint or other biometric identifier.

(N) Social security number.

(O) Any unique personal identifier.

(4) "Require, coerce, or compel" includes physical violence,

threat, intimidation, retaliation, the conditioning of any private or

public benefit or care on consent to implantation, including

employment, promotion, or other employment benefit, or by any means

that causes a reasonable person of ordinary susceptibilities to

acquiesce to implantation when he or she otherwise would not.

(5) "Subcutaneous" means existing, performed, or introduced under

or on the skin.



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