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Breaking News:

Syria unrest likely to trigger regional war


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Syria unrest likely to trigger regional war: Mark Mason

Posted on 29 June 2013 by "the witness"

Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:18PM 

Interview with Mark Mason: Syria unrest likely to trigger regional war

Interview with Mark Mason

I think the warnings should be taken seriously. We do have a civil war for two years now inside Syria but it has the potential, very dangerous potential to break out into a major regional war. "

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Mason, political commentator, about the situation in Syria. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: We have two pieces of news here, one Russia saying that it is not going to allow for that no-fly zone to be imposed and we have also got Bashar al-Assad saying Europeans will pay the price.

So do you think with these kinds of words and warnings that the US is however going to go ahead with that no-fly zone and the weapons supplies are going to continue?

Mason: I think the warnings should be taken seriously. We do have a civil war for two years now inside Syria but it has the potential, very dangerous potential to break out into a major regional war.

We need to talk about the reality of the potential of the conflict in Syria. It's extremely dangerous and the US is pushing again that has did in Libya to engage in a military engagement, a military intervention and that seems to be the only toolkit in the US foreign policy, a toolkit of you will, it seems to know only now how to supply arms and drop arms. There's no sense that there even is anything that is called diplomacy.

Press TV: So do you think if a no-fly zone is imposed, that immediately after that we are going to see a military intervention in forms for instance air attacks, etc. or the same as what we saw in Libya?

Mason: It's Iraq all over again weapons of mass destruction, it's Libya and the US, the Obama intervention in Libya, it violated the UN Security Council resolution, it violated it. The US committed a war crime in Libya by violating the UN Resolution 1973.

Here again we have the US tussling over, it's about oil and pipelines. Syria has a major reserve of oil and who's going to control it? And we have seen that the US and their idea, their diplomacy is to drop bombs on people and this is extremely dangerous not only to the people of Syria who are suffering from a civil war but this could break out into a major regional conflict.

We have US creating the Cold War all over again. The US simply just, it wants to control every hectare on the entire planet.


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