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Breaking News:

Funding Iran Nukes?

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Funding Iran Nukes?

Posted on 9 March 2012 by "the witness"

Report from 2008

Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN - 2008 Report

Quote: Lou Dobbs (News Presenter): “I suspect that you are not going to believe at least the outset of a startling new twist in Iran’s ambition to develop nuclear power and weaponry. Unbelievably, the US government has been funding a Russian institute that is working closely with Iran on..? Nuclear projects!”

“Another clear failure of the American government to protect our national security. And it is absolutely another statement, as to the incompetence of our state department and our foreign policy. Kitty Pilgrim has our report.”

U.S. Paid Scientists Helping Iran?

US department of energy has funded two Russian institutes with about 4 million dollars and those institutes help Iran with its nuclear program in ‘Bushehr’.

Government Accountability Office

Evidence is found in Russian documents obtained by the government accountability office. Page after page shows various projects. One page reads: “Integration of plant-shared equipment at “Bushehr” nuclear power plant is in progress.

Your tax dollars may be paying for Iran Nukes

An energy department official at the house energy committee hearing today had no answers. Quote: Samuel Bodman (Energy Secretary): “I had not had time to fully investigate, but I have directed the principle deputy, ahhh..., of the NNSA , Bulasa Dorf, to looking to those questions and to report back to me.”

He also added: “Bushehr is a commercial nuclear power plant not a military!”

Question by the chair person John Dingell (Energy & Commerce Chairman): “How Mr. Secretary do you then ran that statement with what the state department said, when they said this: “Iran use Bushehr as a cover and protection for obtaining sensitive technology to advance its nuclear weapons program?”

Samuel Bodman (Energy Secretary) : “With respect to the Bushehr reactor, my understanding, ahh.., that the President has spoken to President Putin about, that, ahh..., amm.., thee..., amm.., proliferation issues have been discussed and that reactor remain under IAEA save guards.”

Nuclear non-proliferation experts says Russian help can be used in other projects.

Quote: Henry Sokolski (Non-proliferation Policy Ed. Ctr.): “What the Russian are actually helping to do is to bring large reactor online, which can make scores of bombs worth of Plutonium for a year and we are hoping that the Iranians wouldn’t divert any of this material.”

The Russian _ alf_ _ of the depart of energy program wants to pay the salaries of Russian scientists who were left without incomes after the cold war. The thinking was, keep them on the pay roll, so that they wouldn’t paddle their expertise to ‘rogue nations’ like Iran.

Quote: Kitty Pilgrim (News Reporter - CNN): The House Energy committee can’t believe, writing on their website: “Only this administration would complain about proliferation in Iran as part of President Bush’s axis of evil and then finance it with America tax payer dollars. Lou?”

Quote: Lou Dobbs (News Presenter): “This administration... Everybody keeps talking about the legacy of this administration. Their legacy is mind boggling, unbelievable, breathtaking incompetence and stupidity. That is going to be the legacy of the Bush administration. I mean, thank God that congress man Dingell and Stopack? are leading the way on this issue. I mean: My – how in the heck can a Secretary of the department of Energy: Samuel Bodman even get up in the morning and think he has done anything waist some of God’s protoplasm if he can’t ran that department better than he is?”

Quote: Kitty Pilgrim (News Reporter - CNN): “Well..., just the answers were astonishing. I don’t know. We will check.”

Quote: Lou Dobbs (News Presenter): “Unbelievable. The arrogant, indifference and utter incompetence of this administration at every level. It is pervasive. It is shameful and the fact that the America people have had to put up with this and continue to do so is just incredible! That is just an unbelievable story!”

Quote: Kitty Pilgrim (News Reporter - CNN): “Yah! There will be more new developments on this!

Quote: Lou Dobbs (News Presenter): :Any though to perhaps changing the direction of policy of the energy department?”

Quote: Kitty Pilgrim (News Reporter - CNN): “No!” They were defending the policy. They said: “Russian institutes that used to pay Bushehr are not disqualified from these funds. They were actually defending this policy to me”

Quote: Lou Dobbs (News Presenter): “Ah mm..., when I suggest that there is a change in policy. I didn’t for a moment go into some sort of polenta lapse to assume that any one of the Bush administration would be intelligent or sensitive enough to think about a change. But Congress Dingell, Congress Stopack?, showing some considerable presence and some forward looking consideration. Are they demanding the change?”

Quote: Kitty Pilgrim (News Reporter - CNN): “Yes they are!”

This narration was taken from YouTube

See the original video Report: Funding Iran Nukes?



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