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Breaking News:

Petrol in Gauteng will be increased by 61c

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Petrol in Gauteng will be increased by 61c

Posted on 01 August 2012 by "the witness"

2012-03-19 12:00

Johannesburg - Motorists in Gauteng will next month, stagger under a possible fuel increase of 61c or more, reported a Business Report article. The possible increase is due to a 28c increase in fuel charges, which were mentioned earlier this year in the budget speech; Calling for a 22c increase in Transnet's pipeline tariff will add an estimated 4c per liter to the petrol price; a monthly adjustment to the local petrol price to comply with the prices of international fuel products, will add up the price even more.

With the combined increases, the cost of 95 octane in Gauteng, will add up to a R11.84 per liter increase.



High gasoline prices a global problem

2012-03-02 14:45

Johannesburg - The massive increase in international crude oil prices come into effect due to disruptions to oil supplies in Yemen, Syria and Sudan. News of the Iran Uranium enrichment program has been upgraded or strengthened has caused tensions between Iran and the West, increasing the oil prices, reported Sapa. The South African Department of Energy announced on Friday that next week the price of petrol will increase with 28c per liter. The increase will be introduced next Wednesday, where after the increased government fuel levy of 28c per liter, will come into effect 4 April. Fin24 reported the price of diesel will rise with 10c per liter. To top it all, additional tolls on existing toll roads are expected to increase with 6% by the middle of this month. Then comes the final blow for motorists in Gauteng, with the new tolls on highways.


Petrol Shortage threaten

2012-03-02 09:00

Jani Meyer

Johannesburg - Motorists in Gauteng can again expect a shortage of fuel and by-products if infrastructure problems do not receive attention soon. Dipuo Peters, Minister of Energy, this week in Parliament, in answer to a question from the DA said her department has launched an audit to determine refineries true production capacity. The country's refineries produce less than 80% of the capacity for which they are designed, she said.

Shell sent out a warning to bitumen users on Thursday after a power distribution unit at the Sapref refinery in Durban burst this week.

Elton Fortuin, Shell spokesman, said a petrol shortage is not expected and the unit should be back on track before the end of the day. Since November last year there has been sporadic problems with fuel supply in the country.

Peter Noke, national director of the South African Petroleum Retailers Association (SALGA), had warned earlier, a nationwide shortage of fuel products due to aging infrastructure is an immediate possibility if the government and other stakeholders do not tackle the problem quickly.

According to Avhapfani Tshifularo, executive director of the South African Petroleum Industry Association (Sapia), South Africa currently consumes about 11.3 billion liters of petrol and diesel 9.1 billion per year.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DpFruMJoaDY/TysVMfqemHI/AAAAAAAAEhA/qKZfVpBJJEM/s1600/Out+of+gas.jpg Most of South Africa's refineries were built in the 1960s and the petroleum industry is under constant pressure. Noke warned that especially smaller stations in rural areas would have to close their doors in the near future. "Our infrastructure has not kept pace with development."

South Africa has six refineries, which Sapref (Shell and BP) is the largest. The Chevron (Caltex) refinery in Cape Town was closed for maintenance and will only resume the first week in April, available for crude oil refining. Sapref daily processes more than 28 million liters of crude oil.

In 2009, the last year for which statistics are available, Gauteng has had a consumption over 4 billion liters of gasoline and 2.2 billion liters of diesel.

Dr. Rod Crompton, petroleum piping regulator responsible for the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) said the Department of Energy is responsible for security of supply of petroleum.

nder the Act on Fuel pipelines regulator that Nersa administers, it should ensure that sufficient fuel is available to supply the market need. Tshifularo said they support the department's efforts to tackle the challenge of the provision of fuel.

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SA plans to cut Iran oil imports

Mar 13 2012 14:03 Reuters

Kuwait - South Africa hopes to have a plan by the end of May for replacing Iranian crude that currently makes up a quarter of its crude imports, Energy Minister Dipuo Peters told Reuters on Tuesday.

The United States has pressured many of Iran’s biggest oil buyers in Asia to reduce their purchases in a Western push to starve Tehran of funds for its disputed nuclear programme.

Iran is South Africa’s leading crude supplier and makes up about 29% of imports by Africa’s biggest economy, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

US energy officials visited South Africa in January but did not make any formal request to halt or reduce Iranian crude imports, South African officials said.

“I would be lying if I said that the United States is putting pressure on us to cut Iran imports... but we are considering different avenues now,” Peters told Reuters on the sidelines of the International Energy Forum in Kuwait.

“We have given ourselves till the end of May to come up with alternatives, and we are engaging in talks with everyone, including Iran,” she said in an interview, adding that she had recently visited Tehran to discuss the issue.

Oil traders say Iran may have to offer steep discounts to keep its customers buying as pressure from Washington and Europe on Iran builds. Iran has not offered South Africa cheaper oil to persuade it to buy more, Peters said, but South Africa will need to find cost effective alternatives to wean itself off Iranian oil.

“Price is certainly a concern for us and looking at the other options we have to consider the price,” she said.

Many refineries in the country, including the privately-held Engen refinery, are designed to treat Iranian crude and adjusting them to handle others would be costly.

“We are worried about (Engen), that’s why we are engaging in talks with the owners and everybody else,” she said, adding that Venezuela could offer a viable alternative to Iranian crude.

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