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During a 40 day fast from the 11 March - 14 April 2002, a fasting journal was kept, revealing future end time events. These event were revealedthrough many signs and wonders, dreams and visions.


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Prophecy Archive




The Little Book - Part 5 - The Fourth Thunder - The Raised up Scorpion Tail | 14 June 11

On the 22nd of April 2002, a grievous and terrible sign appeared to us in the sky. A sign of the tail of a scorpion, which was raised up high in the sky, appeared underneath the other six signs, which revealed the sequence of how those events will be fulfilled. All these signs appeared to us in the shape of an arch, stretching from one side of the horizon in the sky towards the other side of the sky. Each of these signs unlocked and revealed how all that YHWH had shown us during the fast, teaching us how the words of the prophets will be fulfilled, will chronologically follow one another, like dominoes or triggers, which, like peals of thunder, will roll out their distinct messages, revealing and unsealing the final plan of Yahshua, as was prophesied to all the prophets and the apostles of the past. By the power of the Holy Spirit, YHWH indicated how the timing of this event, which was symbolized by the sign of the tail of a scorpion, which was raised up high in the sky, will begin and run consecutive with the other events, which will fulfil at the same time. Thus, while the other events play off infront of the world stage, this event will play off behind the scenes, with the leaders of the world thinking that no one knows their wicked, satanic plans to enslave and control all mankind, so that: “...the whole world would go after and worship the Beast.”

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The Little Book - Part 3 - The Second Thunder - The Pulled-up Handbrake & The mine sweeper | 15 Mar 11

On the 21st of November 2009, on the same day that YHWH had cast an asteroid across the continent of South Africa, Gauteng, which was first seen by those in Johannesburg and Pretoria and later also by o thers towards the north of the capital of South Africa. This sign appeared as proof of the time that things were about to be revealed, coming out of South Africa, Gauteng, just as the Messiah’s birth was indicated by a star or a meteor, to be born in Bethlehem. On that same day, and also at that same time, YHWH, in His mercy, had predetermined the time to unseal the meaning of this specific sign.

Once this sign was fully understood, this sign would unlock a great mystery, which many have been waiting for, for many years. This single sign, would unlock the time of the last 7 years and also the beginning of the birth pains of the coming of Yahshua, our Messiah. Unlocking this sign, would be like giving it all away. Those who had waited for this sign would then understand the times and the seasons of YHWH, which He spoke of through all the prophets.

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Tongues of Fire coming out of Southern Africa | 9 Mar 11

I see something like a heart, and out of this heart comes something like a stream of fire that streams out of the south, flowing into the north. Out of the south, out of South Africa, out of the heart of God, out of the heart of those who love God, will come forth a stream of fire; those who speak the truth in love.

Also coming out of the south, come something like ano ther stream of fire, a stream of seven waves of the wrath of God, being proclaimed into all the earth, for the glory of the Name of Yahushua. Ano ther stream of fire will come out of the south also, going into the whole world, towards the north.

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The Little Book - Part 2 - The First Thunder - Two Men shaking hands | 15 Feb 11

Yahshua Himself, through signs in the heavens, directly interpreted His own Words, which He had given to His servants to prophets in the past. Through great power and signs in the sky, YHWH stretched out His right-hand and revealed His power to all mankind. Himself interpreting words to the prophets, revealing those things to us, His servants, whom He had chosen, to prepare a people from Himself, who will give Him the honour that is due His Name.

On the 10th of March 2002, a sign of the continent of South America appeared in the sky. While we looked, so that at the mouth of two witnesses Yahshua will establish His word, the Lord took the little nation of Venezuela and made it in two the little horn of a ram. Then again, the Lord took the country of Brazil and made it into the long horn of the same ram

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There will be Tornadoes & Famines | 26 Jan 11

On the 26th of January 2011, just after the major floods started in South Africa, as I went to sleep, closing my eyes, the Jesus Christ - Yahshua, suddenly gave me a vision of what is to follow as the next series of catastrophic events after the recent floods:

In my vision I saw a tornado standing on a dry land. Then the Lord spoke in my spirit and said that the next series of consequences that will follow the recent floods will be winds that will come upon the earth. These winds will dry up the lands and cause the ground to become unable to yield its crops – famines will start to ensue. I sensed this will start in the winter months to come upon the earth. I knew that these tornados will be caused by the approaching star.

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The Little Book - Part 1 - The Lion of Judah Roars | 17 Jan 11

On the 22nd of April 2002, after a 40 day fast, in which Yahshua had taught me, through symbolic signs in the heavens, all that the prophets had prophesied would come to pass in our generation was summed up in a chronological timeline. In His great mercy, Yahshua opened up the sequence of the events through a chronological time line of signs in the heavens, revealing the specific timing of prophecy, as was prophesied by all the prophets.

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The Satanic Triangle | 07 Nov 10

On the 10th of March 2002, after the morning service, we felt the call of the Lord in the Spirit wanting to speak to us again. It was on this same day that we realized that YHWH wanted us to resign from the church we used to be in.

While we were praising God and calling upon the Name of our Lord and God, Yahshua the Messiah, mighty signs appeared in the heavens in front of both of us. The Holy Spirit came to reveal the master plan of Satan to rule the earth. The God of heaven and earth, the only ruler of all mankind, the King of kings and the Lord above all lords made known to us those things hidden in the hearts of wicked men. The Holy Spirit revealed the secret plans, which they devise in their inner rooms.

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Signs in the Heavens

Part 5 - "777" - It is Fininshed

Signs started appearing on the horizon. The Lord was showing us a prophetic time line and the chronological order of things which would soon to come to pass. As I looked the first vision was covered with clouds and only certain things were revealed to us by the Lord God of heaven.

I saw under the vision, in the middle of the span of the vision, a sign of a large "7" appear. This vision was explaining the span of the last prophetic week, which was revealed to the prophet Daniël and which was still to be fulfilled. While I looked a fighter plane with a man sitting on the inside of it, appeared within and under underneath the first half of the “7” years, the first 3.5 years. O ther signs also appeared in the first 3.5 years, but they were not revealed to us.

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Part 4 - The Sword of YHWH goes out of its sheath

On the 24th of August, 2002, I had a dream. In my dream I saw a parade of people dancing in eastern costumes. These people looked like Japanese or Chinese people who were dancing with dragons, some wearing Samurai clothing. These people had a leader who led the procession. He was clo thed and looked like a Roman soldier and a Samurai soldier at the same time. In my dream I was reminded of the sign and the image of a man which YHWH had shown me in the clouds.

While I saw all these signs toge ther, a cherub, having four faces that came flying across the earth, with a sword in its hand. The face of the cherub of that of a man, faced east, and the face of an eagle faced the south west as he flew to go and pour out God’s judgments decreed upon the nations of the east.

The Lord showed me the judgment of these nations: I saw a large dragon flying towards the north. The dragon consisted of the head of a goat with two horns and the tail of a tadpole. This alliance of nations was not yet fully completed and was only in development stage like that of the tadpole. Then a might sign appeared in the west. I saw a mighty sword of flames appear in the west. I saw how this sword was thrust through the dragon, so that it went in the one side and came out the o ther side.

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The Last Week of Daniel.

Part 4 - The Beast System

Next to these signs appeared ano ther sign. A sign of a large man, having two legs and two arms, also appeared in the heavens. The one arm was lifted up into the heavens while the o ther was hanging down next to his body, with his body in the middle of the 7 year period, as was written by Daniël the prophet: "And the people of the o ther prince who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood; and even to the end there shall be war, and desolations are decreed. 27 And he shall enter into a strong and firm covenant with the many for one week or seven years. And in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and offering to cease for the remaining three and one-half years; and upon the wing or pinnacle of abominations shall come one who makes desolate, until the full determined end is poured out on the desolator. (Dan 9:26b-27 Ampl) The schematic picture of the man, our the beast, which the Lord Yahshua the Messiah, drew through this sign in the heavens is a representation of the 5 kings or persons in the world and the alliance of nations in the east, also representing the nations of both the western alliance of nations and the eastern alliance of nations.

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Part 3c - Coming up like a Wave out of the East

That evening, at sunset the sky were filled with thick clouds. A mighty storm arose, coming out of the west. I looked as these thick clouds out of the west approached. The Lord opened my understanding to the timing of those things and the specific time of fulfilment of all those things, which Yahshua had shown us would come to pass in our lives. We had to go quickly, because we wanted to miss this coming storm. We went towards the east and tarried there for a while. Then light rain started to come down, but we were not afraid, as Yahshua said to His disciples, when they said to Him: " when will this take place, and what will be the sign of Your coming and of the end, the completion, the consummation of the age?" (Matt 24:3b Ampl) Then Yahshua begins to explain those days, saying: 6 And you will hear of wars and rumours of wars; see that you are not frightened or troubled, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in place after place; 8 All this is but the beginning, the early pains of the birth pangs of the intolerable anguish. (Matt 24:6-8 Ampl) When the armies and wars out of the west against the east begin, it is but the beginning of birth pains.

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Part 3b - Complacent Women

Then word of the Lord came to me, saying: "Have you not heard, have you not understood what God will do?" Three times I heard it clearly! I knew that the Lord wanted to speak to us. As I looked up into the heaven and saw in the north a sign of a one standing in Jerusalem. I heard how he crowed king in the Holy city. Out of his mouth came something like a large stream of fire or water towards the continent of Asia. A sign appeared from the Lord Yahshua to me and I saw a vision of the entire continent of Asia, the commonwealth of the independent states of Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, appeared infront of me, in the north western sky. A sign of the spirit an elephant appeared over the continent. God indicated what the elephant resembled. As I looked a stream which looked like fire it came out of the one who was standing in the north and swallowed up the entire continent,


Part 3a - A Nation of Obscure Language

After this, still on the 22nd of April 2002, ano ther sign appeared in the heavens. I saw an Eastern hat, looking like a conical hat. With this sign ano ther sign appeared. A sign of a typical eastern moustache from ei ther Japanese or Chinese origin appeared in the heavens. Over this sign appeared ano ther sign. I saw the sign of a Swastika appear over this sign, indicating the Illuminati involvement. While I looked, I saw one who came in a chariot, coming from the opposite direction, the west, coming from the headquarters, in Switzerland or Brussels.



Part 2 - A Time of Trouble

After this sign, ano ther sign appeared in the heavens. I saw one that moved from the south west towards the north. A French hat, called a bicorn, appeared in the heavens. After doing some research on this hat, which the Lord had shown me I found the most interesting link with the man that is called the Anti-Christ or the man of sin or the Beast. This hat is synonymous with Napoleon Bonaparte.


Part 1 - Peace - Peace

On the 22nd of April 2002, the Lord called me by His Spirit within, to come to the outside of my house, for He wanted to speak to me: I sensed that God wanted to reveal to me more details on the events of those things, which He had been revealing to us. As I came outside of my house, signs appeared to me in the heavens. I saw a sign of something like a minesweeper, appear in the heavens. God confirmed that what I had been seeing in the heavens was correct, by opening up my spiritual ear to hear the sound of the minesweeper, detecting landmines or bombs, representing a search for nuclear weapons in the eastern nations of Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, China and Korea.

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King Cyrus

Part 1 - God's King Cyrus

During the month of June the word of the Lord came to me. As I prayed the word of the Lord came to me about South Africa and the new president, Jacob Zuma. Then the Lord said to me: "I make President Jacob Zuma My Cyrus!" The word stunned me. While I thought about the word of the Lord to me the Lord said: "I will break the bars of bronze before you and I will open the double doors before you!" Then the Spirit of God came upon me and confirmed the word to me by the strong Presence of God's Spirit.

Part 2 - God's Witness

God always leaves for Himself a witness to confirm his word. When the time drew close for Yahshua's to be crucified, the High Priest that year, Caiaphas, did a very profound thing, when the Sanhedrin wanted to put Yahshua to death. He said: "You know nothing at all! 50 Nor do you understand or reason out that it is expedient and better for your own welfare that one man should die on behalf of the people than that the whole nation should perish (be destroyed, ruined).


Standing before the Throne of God

On the 12th of September 2008, while we were praying and interceding before the Lord the word of the Lord came to both of us, saying: "I want to teach you to go in and out of the Spirit at anytime. I want you to be able to know that you can speak and that you can come in at anytime. You are welcome in My presence. Those who honour Me and honour My presence, I honour them. Those who honour My presence will be greatly honoured also in the heavens. Yes, all those things, which I have promised will come to pass. Yes, the spiritual realms will honour those who honour Me and I will move all things into place for them who honour Me."


Prophetic Word to blind guides

If I am being opposed because of that which God had shown us 7 years ago, when He chose, through signs in the heavens to appear to us over a period of 3 years, revealing many awesome and miraculous signs in the heavens, explaining things, which we, at that time, did not have the full meaning off. Why are we not tested to see if these things are true, for it is said that I have a demon.


Prophecy to the Army from the East and to America and Chicago in the Last Days

I started praying and interceding for that which I had just read. As I waited upon YHWH I heard the sound of many aero planes coming from the east. The sound was like the sound of many tiger moths. This was the vision and the word that was revealed to me that morning: "An army is mustering, coming from the east". I did not understand how such an army could come forth from the east.


Humbling yourself before God - Part 1

"Through tongues you will be able to, as it was discovered in earlier days, as if, using a lever; the lever's power was used to move great things with a long lever; Through tongues you will be able to move as if with a lever, the powers of darkness and the powers of the evil forces. And you will be able to see great deliverance and great breakthroughs, because of tongues."


Humbling yourself before God - Part 2

"I am bringing a totally new revelation to you." "Yes, Lord" - I sensed a strong revelation of God entering me through the fire tongues from heaven, through the cloud of God. "My people have had small lightings, impart, yes as if to explain, from heaven, breaking through, from the spirit, into there minds. But when not only small lighting breaks through, but great amounts of people are starting to call upon God, a mighty stream will breakthrough.



Prophecy to Southern Africa

On the 2nd of June 2003 the Lord showed me a vision, which has taken 5 years to come to maturity. As I worshipped the Lord, the Lord showed me a vision of the map of Africa. I saw the map was picked up and turned on its side. As I looked at the map it looked like a large key. I saw how this key was pushed into a door. The key was pushed in until the Sou thern part of the map of Africa disappeared into the door. Then I saw how double doors swung open. Then the word of the Lord came to me saying: "I will use the Sou thern Part of Africa to open the double doors to the world!"


The Breaker is Coming

Go and study the scriptures and learn what this means: "I desire mercy and not sacrifice!" But you must now go and prophecy too many nations and peoples that the great and the terrible day of the Lord has come; The day, which all the prophets of old and all the apostles have spoken off. Yes, I will go before you and I will be the Breaker that breaks open the way before you! Yes, I will make a way in the sea and a path through the mighty waters and I will bring forth the chariot and the horse, the army and the power, they shall lie down toge ther and they shall not rise. They will be extinguished. They will be quenched like a wick. Do not consider the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I am doing a new thing and now it shall spring forth!


Prophecy Series: The Apple of His Eye

Part 1 - Seeing Face to Face

On the 9th of May 2001 the Lord appeared to me through signs in the heavens, saying: "I will make My eyes your eyes that you may see what I see. And I will put words in your mouth and send you to all nations in this generation before the end come. And I will give you the key!" As I looked the Lord confirmed His word through these signs in the heavens!"


Part 2 - The Mountain of YHWH

Then the Lord took me into the heavens. We passed the clouds and travelled to a place, which looked like a great Mountain. Here the Lord Yahshua the Messiah taught me many things about the truth of following and worshipping Him.


Part 3 - I will guide you with My eye

Then the Lord Yahshua opened my understanding and explained many things, which surpasses knowledge and natural human understanding. Then the Lord said to me: "Now you see as I see. You see the future and the past at the same time." I understood eternity and understood that God sees all things at the same time. He sees both the past and the future at the same time.


Part 4 - God's Judgement - Hades, Tartarus and Sheol

After this the Lord took me, in the spirit, to the place called Hades, the place of the dead. It was a place where men would await ei ther the judgement of God or the resurrection of the dead. Here I was in a deep sleep, yet my spirit was aware of all that I have done through out my whole life. It was in this place that I knew that a great battle had begun for my soul.


Prophecy Series: Signs in the Heaven

Part 1 - The Twin Towers & The Harvester

As we looked, the sign of the map of North America appeared in the heavens. The Lord showed us two arrows, and two large aircrafts, flying into New York and Washington DC. We did not know what this meant, but experienced a great urgency from the Lord Yahshua the Messiah.


Part 2 - Comfort, Comfort My people

Immediately, both my bro ther and I realized that the Lord Yahshua wanted to speak to us once again, through signs in the heavens. The sign of a fountain appeared in the heavens, it looked like it came out of the city of Pretoria. Then the word of the Lord came to me, "I will open a fountain in Jerusalem and pour out on the house of Israel and Jerusalem an Spirit of supplication and the fear of YHWA", according to the prophets Isaiah and Zechariah: " In that day the Branch of the Lord shall be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the land shall be excellent and lovely to those of Israel who have escaped.

Part 3 - The Smoldering Mountain

On the 19th of September 2001, the Holy Spirit called my bro ther and me to come out of our garden flat. As we looked up into the sky, the Lord showed us a sign, of something like a large army, walking from the north into the east. After this we saw ano ther sign appear in the heavens of the continents of Ireland and England. Then a very distinct sign of a helmet of the British presidential guard appeared in the heavens.


Enlarge Your Tent

As I prayed, on the morning of the 20th of August 2008, the Lord showed me something like a huge storehouse or warehouse. Then the Lord said: "What do you see?" And I said: "Lord, I see a huge storehouse or warehouse!" Then the Lord said: " You have seen correctly, for I am about to fulfill My Word! I am about to bless you abundantly, above and beyond what you have ever asked for, or imagined."

Come out of her My people

Then the Lord Yahshua spoke to me saying: "Men can not see how deceived they are because of their comfort which has brought about great laziness and in ability to see the truth of their true circumstances." Then I realized that everything men have done was done so that they could be more comfortable. I was also reminded of the prophetic word to John about the time just before the coming of the Lord Yahshua the Messiah, saying: " And the huge dragon was cast down and out, that age-old serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, he who is the seducer (deceiver) of all humanity the world over.


Rend Your Heart and not Your Garments

Then the Lord said to me: "I will break the harlot and the prostitute over My church! I will break the yoke of the oppressor from My people's necks! Now I have said: " Rend your heart and not your garments!" Therefore turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning [until every hindrance is removed and the broken fellowship is restored]. Until all that I want to remove and break is removed!" as was written by the prophet Joel (Joel 2:12-14) Read more Download PDF


Prophetic Ministry Arise out of the Ashes

In a vision, I saw a silver body, like the body of a man, which was covered with something like spotless, glittering shields. The image was pure and spotless in brilliance. But, as I looked, I saw that this body didn’t have any eyes or a mouth. This body was standing up out of the earth. I could also not see any hands or feet. It was only a body. Even though it had no eyes or a mouth or hands or feet it was still perfect in beauty. Then I asked the Lord what this vision meant? Then the word of the Lord came to me saying: “A spotless, warfare bride, the body of Christ, shielded in His Love, was raising up out of the earth, but it had no eyes, no mouth and no ears. She greatly lacks vision and has not yet become the mouthpiece of God as she was intended to be.” I sensed that the Lord was saying that His body had been hard of hearing.

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