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Relevant prophetic events put togeter to from a powerful witness to the glory of the Lord Yahshua the Messiah


Prophetic visions, dreams, revelations and signs in the heaven, given by the Holy Spirit, revealing prophecy in scripture and end time events, which will soon to be fulfulled, before the coming of the Lord Yahshua the Messiah comes.

Journal 2009

Being a friend of God is more important than anything else in life. In a two way relationship with God, in His loving kindness He reveals His heart to us. An uneditted uncut version of those things received in daily time spent with our Maker - YHWH Elohim

Fasting Journal 2002

During a 40 day fast from the 11 March - 14 April 2002, a fasting journal was kept, revealing future end time events. These event were revealed through many signs and wonders, dreams and visions.


Preparing the bride of Yahshua the Messiah, teaching them to hear the voice of God and be led by the Spirit of God, maturing all gifts for their appointed works of service.

Our Ministry

Preparing the Way before the Lord Yahshua's coming! "This is why I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the Truth. Everyone who is of the Truth [who is a friend of the Truth, who belongs to the Truth] hears and listens to My voice." Yahshua the Messiah.

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Free teachings and prophecies made available to your benefit and with reproducing potential. to help prepare a generation to return to their only saviour and soon to be revealed King - Yahshua the Messiah.

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May God in Yahshua the Messiah bless those who sow in to this minstry which He has begun and shall bring to completion. Thank you for your support.

YHWH's Signs in the Heavens / Stars


And God said,

Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night,

and let them be signs and tokens of God's provident care,

and to mark seasons, days, and years,

(Gen 1:14 Ampl)


Many have in the last days studied the times and the seasons of God by observing the signs in the stars and in the sun and moon. Signs in the stars by others elavate the discoveries that was made by other scholars and astrolagers. These signs were devided into those signs that has taken place and possible signifinace prophetic signs still awaiting fulfilment. All theories made by those who discovered them must be tested and compared to scriptural fulfillment of the specific times as they were refered too by others.

Signs in the Stars


Past / Fullfilled

The Moon & Venus and sun Eclipse - 12 Sept 2010

Moon Occulation (Venus & Cresent moon Eclipse) - 16 May 2007 - 16 May 2010

The Moon & Venus and sun Eclipse - 15 Jan 2010

An Astroid / Meteor across South Africa - see link...


Soon to follow

Future / Awaiting Prophetic Fullfilment

Zebulun & Issachar - The Two Witnesses - 01 Dec 2008

A star has been born?

The Breaker is Coming

Soon to follow


Signs in the stars by Others


Past / Fullfilled

Prophetic significant Signs in the Moon & Sun

Lunar Eclipses / Blood Moons - under construction

Blood Moon in 1948

Blood Moon in 1967

Solar Eclipses - under construction


Two Comets crossing - under construction

Soon to follow


Future - Awaiting Prophetic Fullfilment

Prophetic significant Signs in the Moon & Sun

Lunar Eclipses / Blood Moons

Solar Eclipses

Soon to follow

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