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Journal 2014: April

The Friend of the Bridegroom is at hand

Part 4 – Warning to the Lukewarm in Laodicea

You think you are Rich, but you are Pitiful

True Right Standing with God

The Friend of the Bridegroom at is hand

Posted on 20 May 2014 by "the witness" 

Part 4 – Warning to the Lukewarm in Laodicea

For you say : “ I am rich ; I have prospered and grown wealthy , and I am in need of nothing ;

and you do not realize and understand that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked .

18 Therefore I counsel you to purchase from Me gold refined and tested by fire , that you may be [ truly ] wealthy ,

and white clothes to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nudity from being seen,

and salve to put on your eyes , that you may see.


You think you are Rich, but you are Pitiful

On 13 April 2014 I had dream in which the Lord Yahshua, by His Spirit came to show me how many people need help, which look like they are outwardly well off and need nothing. In my dream I was walking in a large luxury shopping complex in one of our city suburbs. While we were walking in the centre I recognised someone's face, but could not remember who they were. I looked at this lady who looked well taken cared off; she wore make up and had a little bit of an elderly looked kind of hair style. She was well dressed and looked very distinguished. As I looked at her I tried to recall who she was. Not wanting to be rude and very polite I turned towards her and asked where we knew each other from. I felt I little bit embarrassed that I could not remember this lady, whom I just knew I should actually know who she is.

We stopped at some food court luxury bar counter and sat down. She said to me: “Hendrik can't you even remember me?” Now I knew I should have known her and left sorry that i just could not recognise this lady. Then she told me that she was: “Elna Labushcagne” When she told me her name I realized that does resemble the lady I knew as Elna, but looked older and her hair style has changed and therefore I could not recognise her. Then I told her: “I just did not recognise you!” I could see that she was offended and then she said to me: “I am very sad that you did not remember me!” She looked very sad and hard broken. Then, knowing that since the last time I spoke to her she told us that she had met a man and was going to leave the country, I did not know that she was still in the country. I was amazed that this once beautiful distinguished lady had not married and was all alone. Then I asked her where she stayed and she told me that she stayed not far from the shopping centre.

In my dream my wife arrived from doing her shopping. We both walked off towards the right hand, walking hand in hand. She was dressed in the most beautiful, expensive colourful African dress. I was also dressed in my sackcloth looking African style long robe. We were very satisfied and looked very well dressed in our African outfits, which looked like African costumes. Then I told her that I just saw Elna. She was amazed and also was surprised that the lady looked so much different from the last time we had seen her.

While me wife and I walked, she told me that while she was shopping came across an auction where one grape pebble was sold for R3000.00 or $350.00. If told her if I plant a grapevine in my backyard and it bears a grape pebble it would be exact same things as any other grape pebble, but just because it has been grown on some expensive well known grape farm or some expensive wine makers farm it now cost that price.

As I walked I came across an old white headed lady who was sitting against the wall, crunched up. When I saw her I had compassion on her and put my arms around the entire body and legs of this old lady and gently rocked her from side to side, just comforting her. Even this lady, although she was grey headed and old was well taken cared off and looked outwardly ok. While I rocked her I listened in the Spirit to hear from the Holy Spirit why she sitting in this position. Then in my spirit the Holy Spirit allowed me to feel a deep feeling of loneliness and emptiness. Then I said to her: “You are alone and you want a husband to comfort you?” Then she told me, with a sad and heavy heart, that she wanted a husband to comfort her and she has been alone since her husband had passed away. I was amazed that a lady who had everything in live, looked like she was well off and who could shop at his expensive shopping centre could be feeling so alone and empty. Then in my Spirit I knew that I needed to tell her the good news of the gospel. I also knew that I could give get hope. When I started to tell her about the gospel of Jesus Christ she told me that she was a Christian. I knew that she had put her hope in the world and in the comfort of this world. She had not being able to be satisfied by the awesome gospel of the love of God for the world and nourishment that a Christian should get from the gospel of the cross. Immediately i knew that this lady pitiful even though she was rich and had all in the world that one could desire.

After this I found another young lady. She was beautiful and had a very modest hair style, which made had seem very energetic and adventurous. Her hair was cut in short bob, which was coloured a funky dark red. I spoke to her about the love of God and found that she was only masking a deeper emptiness, making use of outward beauty to hide her deep insecurities.

My wife and I, on our way leaving the large shopping centre spoke about all that had happened. We had to walk up steep little uphill, which consisted out of loose sandy ground. As was walked up this sandy slippery hill my wife told me that our cat appreciates more love than one of these people.

Through this dream the Spirit of the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in love comes to warn those who live in comfort and in outward riches to realize that they are empty and have to deal with feelings of loneliness and depression even though they are Christians. The very fact that these thoughts and feelings exist in these people are a sign that they are pitiable and in a state of being lost.

The apostle John, who is the apostle of love, was shown the last days. In his visions he was also shown the different types of conditions of the church in the last days. The last type of church he was shown that would be the major type of church, which would exist in the last days, just before Yahshua returns to the earth were called the church of Laodicea. This dream is a direct reference to this church as was prophesied: These are the words of the Amen , the trusty and faithful and true Witness , the Origin and Beginning and Author of God's creation : [ Isa. 55:4; Prov. 8:22. ] 15 I know your [ record of ] works and what you are doing ; you are neither cold nor hot . Would that you were cold or hot! 16 So, because you are l ukewarm and neither cold nor hot , I will spew you out of My mouth! 17 For you say : “ I am rich ; I have prospered [ elderly extinguished religious lady ] and grown wealthy [ old grey headed religious lady ], and I am in need of nothing ; and you do not realize and understand that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked . [ Hos. 12:8. ] 18 Therefore I counsel you to purchase from Me gold refined and tested by fire , that you may be [ truly ] wealthy , and white clothes to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nudity from being seen, and salve to put on your eyes, that you may see. 19 Those whom I [ dearly and tenderly ] love, I tell their faults and convict and convince and reprove and chasten [ I discipline and instruct them ]. So be enthusiastic and in earnest and burning with zeal and repent [ changing your mind and attitude ]. [ Prov. 3:12. ] (Rev 3:14-19 Ampl)

My wife and I in real life are not rich. Although we are taken care of, we are as a matter of fact, living in faith and have to trust the Lord for our income and to carry us through all that we need to get through the month's necessities. In the dream we were well dressed and I was clothed with a long robe made off a unbleached linen cloth, sackcloth like looking robe. My wife was clothed in expensive African clothing, which were fitting for those of the African people, rather than the majority of the rich white people in our country - South Africa, who do not associate much with the poor of the country, not realizing how privileged they really are.

In my dream I knew the solution for all these people's problems, just as the Lord Yahshua revealed for those who think they are rich and are successful in this world, according the world's standard, saying: 18 Therefore I counsel you to purchase from Me gold refined and tested by fire , that you may be [ truly ] wealthy , and white clothes to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nudity from being seen, and salve to put on your eyes, that you may see. (Rev 3:18 Ampl)

Yahshua told those who are lukewarm in the church to purchase gold from Him. Through the Spirit, Yahshua revealed to the apostle Paul, saying: 10 According to the grace (the special endowment for my task) of God bestowed on me, like a skillful architect and master builder I laid [ the ] foundation , and now another [ man ] is building upon it . But let each [ man ] be careful how he builds upon it , 11 For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is [ already ] laid, which is Jesus Christ (the Messiah , the Anointed One). 12 But if anyone builds upon the Foundation , whether it be with gold , silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw , 13 The work of each [ one ] will become [ plainly, openly ] known (shown for what it is); for the day [ of Christ ] will disclose and declare it , because it will be revealed with fire , and the fire will test and critically appraise the character and worth of the work each person has done . 14 If the work which any person has built on this Foundation [ any product of his efforts whatever ] survives [ this test ] , he will get his reward. 15 But if any person's work is burned up [ under the test ] , he will suffer the loss [ of it all, losing his reward ], though he himself will be saved , but only as [ one who has passed ] through fire . [ Job 23:10. ] (1Cor 3:10-15 Ampl)

Paul spoke of how he had laid the Foundation, which is Jesus Christ – Yahshua the Messiah. All of those who have believed and accepted the work that Yahshua had done to save those who were lost in their sins, have accepted the Foundation, Jesus Christ and started to build on this Foundation, living the life that Yahshua had called them follow. After years of building, what we have built will be tested, with fire. Yahshua described it in this way: 24 So everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts upon them [ obeying them ] will be like a sensible (prudent, practical, wise) man who built his house upon the rock. 25 And the rain fell and the floods came and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall , because it had been founded on the rock . 26 And everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not do them will be like a stupid (foolish) man who built his house upon the sand . 27 And the rain fell and the floods came and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell --and great and complete was the fall of it. (Matt 7:24-27 Ampl)

Unfortunately many in the church have been deceived just like Eve was deceived by the serpent, believing, now that they are saved they have built upon the rock, Jesus Christ, but as a matter of fact they have only laid the foundation, but without practising what Yahshua has told them to do, they have not even started to build their house. Some have for years been building on their Christian life, thinking they are rich spiritually and have achieved the purpose of life, accepting Jesus Christ, and are ready to go to heaven is going to wake up with a great shock, as Yahshua warned His disciples, saying: 21 Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord , will enter the kingdom of heaven , but he who does the will of My Father Who is in heaven . 22 Many will say to Me on that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name and driven out demons in Your name and done many mighty works in Your name? 23 And then I will say to them openly (publicly), I never knew you ; depart from Me, you who act wickedly [ disregarding My commands ]. [ Ps. 6:8. ] (Matt 7:21-22 Ampl) By saying this I do not want to make people fall into fear and condemnation, but Yahshua, who dearly loves us and wants us to be with Him forever, gave me this dream now that I also truly now came to this same realization, that I am pitiful, poor blind and naked. Truly in me is fulfilled the words of Yahshua: “...to deceive and lead astray , if possible , even the elect (those God has chosen out for Himself)...” (Mark 13:22 Ampl) But Glory to God, who has opened my eyes and did not give up on me over the many years, patiently, perusing me to the end.

You might say: “You, the one who is prophesying to us? How can you only recently have realized it?” It is a long story and too much to explain. I had been searching for truth my whole life. I know that Yahshua is the Way, The Truth and The Life, but through the wilderness of doctrines and even spiritual experiences, which I have had over many years I still could not see the breakthrough in my own life. The year 2013 was a year of fire, which tested and revealed what kind of house I had built. Through all that happened to both my wife and I, because of our son, the depth of our foundation and the material with which we have built was truly revealed. The very deep seated motive of my heart was revealed. Although I was on the right path, I was distracted and thrown off track from the path when I was really tested with these deep challenges, which touched the core of my being. I have been strong in my own eyes spiritually and although I have always been humbling myself to learn, I had hoped that by this time I would have arrived at some place of spiritual maturity.

Many think spiritual maturity is growing in your knowledge and spiritual revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. My greatest desire has been to have a living spiritual encounter with the Lord Yahshua, to know Him as He truly is, but was still not able to grasp that, as the apostle Paul wrote: 8 Yes, furthermore , I count everything as loss compared to the possession of the priceless privilege ( the overwhelming preciousness, the surpassing worth, and supreme advantage ) of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord and of progressively becoming more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him [ of perceiving and recognizing and understanding Him more fully and clearly ]. For His sake I have lost everything and consider it all to be mere rubbish (refuse, dregs), in order that I may win (gain) Christ (the Anointed One) , 9 And that I may [ actually ] be found and known as in Him , not having any [ self-achieved ] righteousness that can be called my own , based on my obedience to the Law's demands (ritualistic uprightness and supposed right standing with God thus acquired), but possessing that [ genuine righteousness ] which comes through faith in Christ (the Anointed One) , the [ truly ] right standing with God , which comes from God by [ saving ] faith. 10 [ For my determined purpose is ] that I may know Him [ that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him , perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly ], and that I may in that same way come to know the power outflowing from His resurrection [ which it exerts over believers ], and that I may so share His sufferings as to be continually transformed [ in spirit into His likeness even ] to His death, [ in the hope ] 11 That if possible I may attain to the [ spiritual and moral ] resurrection [ that lifts me ] out from among the dead [ even while in the body ]. (Php 3:8-11 Ampl) When the real challenged struck our house and our family, we did not remain untouched by the terrible challenges my wife and I now had to face.

After these challenges I started terribly slipping in my zeal and love for the Lord Yahshua. I had a hard time to try and understand why God had allowed the things that had happened to us. I had always hoped that when I do get a son I will be able to love him and give him the love my father never gave me. I wanted him to be secure and not to feel like I felt deep on the inside, insecure, timid and emotional; always trying to compensate for the lack of love and nourishment I have not received from my father. It was also not as if I have never dealt with this topic in my live before. I have been through years of inner healing and deliverance, in a very loving and very Spirit filled ministry. I had learnt to discern and hear the loving voice of the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ. I loved the Voice of God and saw His love which He had shown to others countless times. I have been ministering, through the word of knowledge to countless people, seeing great and miraculous results of the Love of God in their lives. I have seen many of those prophetic words, which the Lord gave to these people, through me, come to pass in great detail, but for my own life I experienced it very different. Although I saw some prophetic promises, which God had told me about, for our own lives come to pass, no major changes took place. It was not as if God did not bless us, but I seemed to remain isolated, with no doors of invitation opening for me to share the awesome things God had told me. I had slowly become bitter towards God and saw the calling I had received as a great burden and yoke to heavy for me to bear.

With me son's birth and my father's death, the two most vulnerable issues in my life was sorely exposed. My father's sudden death, forced me to deal with the fact that I would never be able to be my father's friend as a son, as I had always hoped and would never hear him say: “I am proud of you my son!” My son's challenges forced me to deal with the fact that the very thing I thought, through which I would be able to express my love and kind of make up for what I could not receive from my father, make up for through the love I could show our little boy. I wanted to love him, but was more angry at my father and at God for allowing Satan to steal what is most precious to me after having served Him faithfully for so many years, than I was able to see that it was not his fault for being born with the challenges, which he does not even know he was facing. I wept bitterly and fell into the most terrible depression, even though I tried to hold onto what I was so fervently teaching others to follow, telling them about God's love for them. I came to the ugly realization that I did not really deep down believe that God loves me. I had become another zealous Christian who had become an angry, bitter Christian, who had given up his live for God and now wanted to give up!

Both my wife and I had a steep uphill lying in the future for us. I had walked with all my strength up this hill on a sandy slippery slope. My wife in the dream says our cat would appreciate the love more than any of these people, who say they are rich and are saved Christians. Truly the words of Yahshua got renewed meaning to me lately: 47 Therefore I tell you, her sins, many [ as they are ] , are forgiven her --because she has loved much . But he who is forgiven little loves little . ( Luke 7:47 Ampl) Those who think they are rich, having forgotten that they have been saved at a very deer cost, loves little. They find it hard to see the true need for salvation they needed and how they who were and still are only religious needs to be saved from their condition.


True Right Standing with God

How can you ever know that you are right with God and that He is not angry with you for the sins you have committed, not having to feel guilty anymore? We constantly sin and then, in true repentance, continually return to God, but the enemy is wicked and constantly try to get the people who have accepted the work of Jesus on the cross to fall into condemnation, by accusing them.

The thing in us that constantly accuses us is our consciences. I am not speaking about those who do not have a conscience and who have deliberately, as Christians, seared there consciences. God is mercifull and can forgive any man's sins. But I am speaking about those who try, but failed countless of times, just like Yahshua said: “If your brother sins ( misses the mark ), solemnly tell him so and reprove him , and if he repents (feels sorry for having sinned), forgive him . 4 And even if he sins against you seven times in a day , and turns to you seven times and says, I repent [ I am sorry ] , you must forgive him (give up resentment and consider the offense as recalled and annulled) .”(Luke 17:3-4 Ampl)

In order to be right with God or in right standing with God, nothing separating us from God, we must be completely forgiven of our sins and even the consequences of the sin committed, if possible. When we are not forgiven by someone or we have not being able to forgive someone for what they had done to us, we always that uneasy feeling towards them. The feeling could range from total shunning to starting to react different toward them or just being unable to not think of what they had done, not fully trusting them again for a long period of time, until they have truly proved themselves. When we react like this towards someone in thought or in any kind of action, that action will be judgemental, finding fault, rather than being able to treat them with kindness. We become offended when a person does something towards us, which we did not expect and found unreasonable. Offence separates two individuals from one another.

When we overstepped or miss stepped our limits, which God had commanded us not to, we know that we have used the knowledge between wrong and right, which we have had and chose to do the wrong or were deceived in doing the wrong. Our consciences immediately know when we have done this. Then we feel guilty and fall into fear and shame, because of the fear of condemnation and the shame of our weakness and inability to have obeyed. The more we do this our consciences becomes insensitive toward the committing of sins. Depending on the degree to which we try to justify ourselves from sin, we could even directly rebel against God, refusing to admit that we have done wrong. Now we have a choice to humble ourselves or to rebel in pride and self justification. When we refuse we actually can claim God did not say it or we did not know or we could blame another circumstance or person in our lives. When we admit we have been wrong, we die to ourselves and to our justification of ourselves.

We immediately are separated from God and feel removed from His Presence. We know we have been deceived by our own pride and self will. We had rejected God's authority over us and made ourselves the accepted authority. We have fallen into idolatry. All these choices produce separation and death in us.

We know that rightfully we were wrong and cannot do anything about it, than accepting we were wrong. We know we have lost the trust of the one who had trusted us, having broken the existing relationship or friendship we have with one another, this is why the apostle John wrote: 7 But if we [ really ] are living and walking in the Light , as He [ Himself ] is in the Light , we have [ true, unbroken ] fellowship with one another , and the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses (removes) us from all sin and guilt [ keeps us cleansed from sin in all its forms and manifestations ]. 8 If we say we have no sin [ refusing to admit that we are sinners ], we delude and lead ourselves astray , and the Truth [ which the Gospel presents ] is not in us [ does not dwell in our hearts ]. 9 If we [ freely ] admit that we have sinned and confess our sins , He is faithful and just (true to His own nature and promises) and will forgive our sins [ dismiss our lawlessness ] and [ continuously ] cleanse us from all unrighteousness [ everything not in conformity to His will in purpose, thought, and action ]. 10 If we say (claim) we have not sinned , we contradict His Word and make Him out to be false and a liar , and His Word is not in us [ the divine message of the Gospel is not in our hearts ]. (1John 1:7-10 Ampl)

The only way to restore the relationship we had with someone, when we have wronged them is they must truly forgive us. We can try to make up for what we have done, but then the relationship is always based on what I can do to please the other and the mutual trust has been scarred for live unless the other overlooks our wrong or have mercy on us, for having done something against them intentionally or unintentionally. Thus they must forgive our sins without any other prerequisites, unconditionally forgetting our mistake. Thus the reconciliation cannot come from the one who committed the offence, but from the one against whom the offence was committed. When we miss the mark, by sinning against God, we cannot reconcile ourselves, we need to be forgiven. We cannot do anything to deserve that forgiveness. If we do, we would always have to continue performing to please God. In doing this we will soon find out we are not perfect and will sin again against God again. Thus our guilt will mount up and become overwhelming to the point where we cannot live like this anymore and came either harden our hearts to become rebellious, refusing to listen to the Spirit in our consciences that continually probe us to submit to God or kill ourselves to not having to deal with the shame and guilt.

The apostle Paul was sent as a messenger of God to reveal this very truth, saying: 6 While we were yet in weakness [ powerless to help ourselves ], at the fitting time Christ died for (in behalf of) the ungodly . 7 Now it is an extraordinary thing for one to give his life even for an upright man , though perhaps for a noble and lovable and generous benefactor someone might even dare to die . 8 But God shows and clearly proves His [ own ] love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners , Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us . (Rom 5:6-8 Ampl)

May times, we as Christians, know that Jesus Christ did come to die for our sins, but we fail to see the real truth of why Jesus came to die for the sin of men? He did not die only to save us from our sins, like a father who saves a naughty son out of trouble he had caused. He does not only want to cleanse us from our sins, but came to demonstrate not only Jesus' love for us, but the love of the Father in heaven. When as children, although we have been forgiven, continually believe we have only been saved from an angry Father, who wants to punish us when we break His law, we will always live in fear and condemnation, even after we have been saved.

Our view of the Father in heaven will greatly influence our actions towards God just as the parables Yahshua told explained, showing of different men's attitude towards their Father in heaven, as was written: 28 What do you think? There was a man who had two sons. He came to the first and said, Son, go and work today in the vineyard . 29 And he answered, I will not ; but afterward he changed his mind and went. 30 Then the man came to the second and said the same [ thing ]. And he replied, I will [ go ] , sir; but he did not go . 31 Which of the two did the will of the father ? They replied, The first one. Jesus said to them, Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the harlots will get into the kingdom of heaven before you . 32 For John came to you walking in the way of an upright man in right standing with God, and you did not believe him , but the tax collectors and the harlots did believe him ; and you, even when you saw that , did not afterward change your minds and believe him [ adhere to, trust in, and rely on what he told you ]. (Matt 21:28-32 Ampl) Many who only have an outward form of religion, which does not do anything to change them, often, wanting to just please the people around them, say they will do what the Word of God says and will live according to the call of Yahshua to deny themselves and take up their crosses, but in truth they do not really live what they say they believe. If they did truly believe what they profess, they would have changed the way they think and respond when the pressure of trials and tribulations comes.

The reason people only have an outward form of godliness, but inwardly are denying its power is because of the way they truly see God the Father, as the man who received only one talent, in the parable of the talents demonstrates, saying: 24 He who had received one talent also came forward, saying, Master , I knew you to be a harsh and hard man , reaping where you did not sow , and gathering where you had not winnowed [ the grain ]. 25 So I was afraid , and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is your own. 26 But his master answered him, You wicked and lazy and idle servant! Did you indeed know that I reap where I have not sowed and gather [ grain ] where I have not winnowed? 27 Then you should have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received what was my own with interest . 28 So take the talent away from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents . 29 For to everyone who has will more be given , and he will be furnished richly so that he will have an abundance ; but from the one who does not have , even what he does have will be taken away . 30 And throw the good-for-nothing servant into the outer darkness ; there will be weeping and grinding of teeth . (Matt 25:24-30 Ampl) The man with the one talent did not believe that His Master was a good man and said about Him: “...I knew you to be a harsh and hard man ...” According to what he truly believed about God he reacted and lived. When we think God is only a God of judgement then judgement we will receive from God, but when we believe that our God is a loving God, full of love and mercy, then love and mercy we will receive from the Lord our Master of Love.


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