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Journal 2012: December


Armies of the East gathering & Flight to USA &

Launch of Nuclear Rocket & Release of Two Witnesses

Dark clouds coming out of the East

Sitting next to Angus Buchan

Flight to the United States

Army base in the East and the release of the Two Witnesses

The Netzer or Branch

The Two Anointed Ones

The First Black Rocket

Birth of the B61-11 Nuclear Bomb (Nuclear Brief April 2005 (updated July 14, 2005)

Managing Political Opposition

The Work Officially Begins

Building on Other Designs

Flight Testing


Libya: The First B61-11 Target

B61-11 Versus B53

Warhead Yield And Mission Adequacy

The Two Missiles

Rising up out of the ashes

Year 2013 will be a year of Fire

Appendix A:

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Armies of the East gathering & Flight to USA &

Launch of Nuclear Rocket & Release of Two Witnesses..

Posted on 19 February 2013 by "the witness" 

Dark clouds coming out of the East

Clouds coming out of the north looking like the bough of a ship On the 5th of December 2012, sign of wave out of the north east. Dark waves out of the south colliding with one another.

As I saw this sign appear to me I immediately knew in my spirit that Yahshua came to show me how the armies out of the east will come up again Israel in a year and some days as was prophesied: 7 You [Gog] be prepared; yes, prepare yourself, you and all your companies that are assembled about you, and you be a guard and a commander for them. 8 After many days you shall be visited and mustered [for service]; in the latter years you shall go against the land that is restored from the ravages of the sword, where people are gathered out of many nations upon the mountains of Israel, which had been a continual waste; but its [people] are brought forth out of the nations and they shall dwell securely, all of them. [Isa. 24:22.] 9 You shall ascend and come like a storm ; you shall be like a cloud to cover the land , you and all your hosts and Russia expels 2 Ukrainian diplomatsmany people with you. 10 Thus says the Lord God: At the same time thoughts shall come into your mind, and you will devise an evil plan. (Ezek 38:7-10 Ampl)

Swastika & Third Reich The front of these specific clouds also reminded me of the sign that appeared to two witnesses during the fast of 2002. On the 22nd of April 2002, another sign appeared in the heavens. I saw an Eastern hat, looking like a conical hat. With this sign another sign appeared. A sign of a typical eastern moustache from either Japanese or Chinese origin appeared in the heavens. Over this sign appeared another sign. I saw the sign of a Swastika appear over this sign, indicating the Illuminati involvement. While I looked, I saw one who came in a chariot, coming from the opposite direction, the west, coming from the headquarters, in Switzerland or Brussels. Again this Holy Spirit opened my spiritual ear and I heard the sound of a strange language and recognised it as an eastern language, from either Japanese or Chinese or Korean origin.

On the 23rd of October 2002 , as I waited on the Lord the Holy Spirit urged me to look up into the sky. Signs appeared before me. I saw the sign of the head of a dragon, having the mouth of a crocodile. On his head were two animal symbols: The first, on the left-hand, looked like a goat. The second was that of an elephant. The Lord particularly focussed me on one of this beast’s eyes. While I looked at the beast, I saw one coming from the south west, out of South America. I heard the sound of his wings as he came from his place. It was the sound of a private jet. Suddenly another sign also appeared in the heavens. It was the sign of an old pipe, like that of the elderly Chinese people, who used to smoke pipe. Then I hear what the Lord Jesus said about the one who smoked the old pipe: “He is like an old pipe.” Then I saw how the one coming from the south west was flying towards the north. Suddenly the head of the pipe became the head of a man. Again the Lord had me focus on the eye of the one who smoked the pipe. I saw that a wicked and evil plan came from the one coming out of the south west’s heart. I saw the plan and I heard him say: "Let’s break his neck."

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:I7-guz6Di4c3AM:http://www.east-asian-history.net/textbooks/PM-China/graphics/Ch10/01.gif Then another set of signs appeared, explaining the same things from a different angle and through different recognisable signs. I saw a dragon appear in the east, his eye became like a volcanic mountain of anger, ready to explode. Then I saw how out of the bottomless pit came a large locust, with the head and face of a demonic king. The locust had wings, like the wings of a Icarus and a sting like the sting of a scorpion. Out of the eye of the mountain, out of the eye of the dragon, came a young crocodile or a leguan. I saw how in the latter part of the indignation, in the latter days, how a one mighty and arrogant one would arise. In a great sign YHWH showed him to me. He looked like a great strongman. He had great muscles and was well build. His hair was shaved upwards, and from the back, leaving only a long ponytail, hanging down his back – called a queue. I immediately recognised him when I saw him. Then I saw the great strongman fall backwards, his great power broken and shattered. His evil scheme coming to nothing.


Sitting next to Angus Buchan

Angus Buchan On the 6th of December 2012 the Lord gave me a dream: Sitting on a pavilion, one person away from Angus Buchan. I desired to speak to Angus sharing with him what God had allowed us to experience and how similar it has been in many ways to that which he had been experiencing. I had long desired to speak to and share with the evangelist, Angus Buchan what God had been showing me. I also realized that many of the things that Yahshua had granted Angus Buchan, Yahshua had also granted me and visa versa. In 2008, while holding a mighty men conference in Vanderbijlpark a sign of a heart appeared in the clouds, which was seen by 35 000 people. This was the same way Yahshua had chosen in the beginning to speak to two witnesses since 2001. On the Feast of Tabernacles, 24th of September 2012, the Lord came upon a congregation of 1500 people in Israel, though a powerful blast of wind. On the 29th of October 2012, the Holy Spirit came upon our congregation of 15 people, like a powerful blast of wind and the place was shaken by the power of the wind. Thus in my dream I was somehow sitting next to Angus Buchan.

In my dream, I was amazed that I was so close to meeting him. The next moment I dropped something on the floor, but after I had bent down to pick it up Angus was no more in that position. He had left and I was unable to share and speak to this man. One day I might have the privilege to meet this awesome man of God.

What does a pavilion refer to? The prophet Isaiah describes the pavilion of YHWH, saying: 5 And the Lord will createover the whole site, over every dwelling place of Mount Zion and over her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory shall be a canopy (a defense of divine love and protection). 6 And there shall be a pavilion for shade in the daytime from the heat , and for a place of refuge and a shelter from storm and from rain . (Isa 4:5-6 Ampl) YHWH wants us to enter into His pavilion, the pavilion of His Presence. In this place there is safety and protection, from the storms of circumstances.


Flight to the United States

On the 15th of December 2012 I had a dream:

  • We were boarding an international fight to the United States. I have not yet flown to the United States before. While in on the plane waiting to depart I told some people that I wanted to read some books, which I had brought with me on the aeroplane. As I was speaking I told some people the flight would be a 17 hour flight and that it would be enough time to read these books. My daughter was with me on the plane and I showed her a 3D map of the continent of North America.

The detail of the flight was very vivid. Was Yahshua pointing to a future flight to the United States? I believe Yahshua will open great doors for the witness which He had granted me to be shared by me in the United States. Even more than that, my wife and child will be travelling with me on this journey.


Army base in the East and the release of the Two Witnesses

On the 16th of December 2012 I had different dreams:

In my first dream I climbed up and smelled the revoltingly sweet smell of blood, like that of people that died in a mine shaft. This smell also made me think of the smell of blood burning. It was the most nauseating smell.

In my second dream:

  • Missiles Arise out of the ashes I looked towards an army base in the east.
  • Suddenly I saw a smaller missile or rocket that was launched, coming out of what looked like a heap of ash. I kept looking as the rocket took off into the sky. As I looked up and saw a cluster of stars which were yellow, blue, green and white. I knew in my spirit what these things meant.
  • A moment later I saw two other powerful missiles appear out of the ground, a little bit more towards the left, coming out of what looked like a heap of ashes laying in an old “skottel skaar” or plough harrow disc. They were navy blue army in colour and was a different kind of missile than the one just released. They also took off into the sky.
  • After I had seen these things I wondered whether these missiles will be sent into orbit by the United States of America?
  • Later I told someone I saw these missiles take off from the airbase just next door. Then I explained the size of the two missiles, that they were 9 meters in height, as was prophesied by the prophet Zechariah: 1 AGAIN I lifted up my eyes and behold, I saw a scroll flying or floating in the air! 2 And the angel said to me, What do you see? And I answered, I see a flying scroll; its length is twenty cubits or thirty feet and its breadth is ten cubits or fifteen feet . 3 Then he said to me, This is the curse that goes out over the face of the whole land; for everyone who steals shall be cut off from henceforth according to it [the curse written on this subject on the scroll], and everyone who swears falsely shall be cut off from henceforth according to it. [Isa. 24:6; Mal. 3:8, 9.] 4 I will bring [the curse] forth, says the Lord of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief and into the house of him who swears falsely by My name; and it shall abide in the midst of his house and shall consume it , both its timber and its stone s . 5 Then the angel who talked with me came forward and said to me, Lift up now your eyes and see what this is that goes forth. 6 And I said, What is it? [What does it symbolize?] And he said, This that goes forth is an ephah[- sized vessel for separate grains all collected together ]. This, he continued, is the symbol of the sinners mentioned above and is the resemblance of their iniquity throughout the whole land. 7 Stork with spread wingsAnd behold, a round, flat weight of lead was lifted and there sat a woman in the midst of the ephah[-sized vessel]. 8 And he said, This is lawlessness (wickedness)! And he thrust her back into the ephah[-sized vessel] and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth of it! 9 Then lifted I up my eyes and looked, and behold, there were two women coming forward! The wind was in their wings, for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the ephah[-sized vessel] between the earth and the heavens. 10 Then said I to the angel who talked with me, Where are they taking the ephah[-sized vessel]? 11 And he said to me, To the land of Shinar [Babylonia] to build it a house, and when it is finished, to set up the ephah [-sized vessel--the symbol of such sinners and their guilt] there upon its own base .”
  • As I looked I saw how the two navy blue missiles took off out of a large plough share full of ashes.

What does this dream mean? What is the interpretation of this dream? The first rocket taking off was released out of a heap of smoke and ashes, just as was prophesied: 1 THEN THE fifth angel blew [his] trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth; and to the angel was given the key of the shaft of the Abyss (the bottomless pit). 2 He opened the long shaft of the Abyss (the bottomless pit), and smoke like the smoke of a huge furnace puffed out of the long shaft, so that the sun and the atmosphere were darkened by the smoke from the long shaft. (Rev 9:1-2 Ampl) Yahshua revealed to me on may different occasions that this is when a nuclear bomb will be released to kill a third of mankind through a nuclear bomb.

Grain silo looking like nuclear bomb siloParchment rollThe prophet saw a flying scroll and wondered what this could mean. Then the angel explained to the prophet what it is that he is seeing, explaining it in a symbolic language that he can understand.

The word used for scroll in Hebrew is scroll, but two words for a scroll exists. The word meg-il-law' for a book roll or volume used in this passage is better translated as roll. A book roll is rolled up only on one side and not from both sides. Smaller book volumes were often rolled up like this.

The type of vessel that the angel describes in this passage is called an ephah or a sized vessel in which grains are collected together. In our language this vessel is called a grain silo.

B52 Stratofortress Intercontinental Strategic BomberThe angel very specifically explained the size of the scroll, saying that it is twenty cubits or thirty feet (30ft) in length and its breadth is ten cubits or fifteen feet (15ft). When the breadth is explained the angel explained the measurement in a measure used in the time of the prophet. The measure for breadth was not measured in diameter, but in circumference. Thus converting the measurements of this vessel we find the length of the vessel to be 30 ft or 9.144 meters and the diameter to be 4.774 ft or 1.445 meters.

A vessel, which looks like a roll and has a length of about 9 meters and a diameter of about 1.5 meters, which comes out from underground out of a silo, underneath a lead lid, is a nuclear bomb. The prophet saw two birds like storks that carried this nuclear bomb and asked where they were taking this nuclear bomb? The stork birds having im mense wing span look like B52 Stratofortress Intercontinental Strategic Bomber .

Two olive trees and two Netzers vision of Zachariah The same prophet Zechariah was also shown another strange vision, just before YHWH revealed the terrible future of mankind and how they will destroy one another, when the abomination of desolation is set up. The angel showed another relevant prophetic event that will take place also at the same time: 2 And said to me, What do you see? I said, I see, and behold, a lampstand all of gold, with its bowl [for oil] on the top of it and its seven lamps on it, and [there are] seven pipes to each of the seven lamps which are upon the top of it. 3 And there are two olive trees by it , one upon the right side of the bowl and the other upon the left side of it [feeding it continuously with oil]. [Rev. 11:4-13.] (Zech 4:2-3 Ampl) Later the prophet against asked what this vision which he was shown means, asking: 11 Then I said to him [the angel who talked with me], What are these two olive trees on the right side of the lampstand and on the left side of it? 12 And a second time I said to him, What are these two olive branches which are beside the two golden tubes or spouts by which the golden oil is emptied out? 13 And he answered me, Do you not know what these are? And I said, No, my lord. 14 Then said he, These are the two sons of oil who stand before the Lord of the whole earth [as His anointed instruments ]. [Rev. 11:4.] (Zech 4:11-14 Ampl) The prophet was shown two olive trees that each has an olive branch coming from it, supplying a golden bowl on top of a Menorah or golden lampstand with a ceaseless supply of olive oil so that each of the seven lamps can keep on burning.

In order to understand the awesome symbolism that YHWH used to describe the future of Israel, we need to understand another very deep mystery.


The Netzer or Branch

The apostle Matthew said that it was prophesied that Yahshua would be a Nazarene. Many have mistakenly understood this to mean that Yahshua was to be a ‘Nazarite’, like Samson or Samuel was. The word in Hebrew for Nazarene is: Natz•ra•ti – which means: "resident of Natzeret." This still does not explain what was written by the apostle, saying: 23 He went and dwelt in a town called Nazareth, so that what was spoken through the prophets might be fulfilled: He shall be called a Nazarene [Branch, Separated One]. [Isa. 11:1.] ( Matt 2:23 Ampl) According to Matthew this was prophesied that Yahshua would be a Nazarene, thus it was the fulfilment of what was prophesied.

The word for Nazarene came from another word which is derived from the word: נצר - nêtser or nay'-tser. The word means a shoot; or figuratively, a descendant or a branch. The prophet Isaiah referred to the Messiah as one coming from the shoot of Jesse, as was prophesied: 1 AND THERE shall come forth a Shoot out of the stock of Jesse [David's father], and a Branch out of his roots shall grow and bear fruit. [Isa. 4:2; Matt. 2:23; Rev. 5:5; 22:16.] ( Isa 11:1 Ampl) The word for shoot in Hebrew is: chôtêr or kho'-ter, which is translated from an unused root word for: ‘a twig’ or ‘a rod.’

The prophet Zechariah was shown: two olive branches, which are beside the two golden tubes or spouts. Out of the two olive trees came two olive branches, which looked like two pipes or spouts. What are these branches?

The word Netzer has a very specific connotation to the olive tree. The spout like branch or shoot is a young soft new shoot that springs forth from the root of the olive tree and does not come out of the main tree itself. This branch or shoot can shoot forth out of the ground a distance from the original olive tree. The branch in Hebrew is called a Netzer!

One more proof in scripture of what a shoot or branch refers to is hidden in the words of the prophet Isaiah, saying: 2 For he shot up right forth as a sapling, and as a root out of a dry ground ; he had no form nor comeliness, that we should look upon him, nor beauty that we should delight in him.(Isa 53:2 JPS ) The prophet sees a young sapling or shoot that shoots forth out of the dry ground out of the root system of a nearby tree. The translators identified this word and said this phenomenon also occur when an old tree is cut down and then a new young sprout shoots out of the old tree. Yahshua came forth from a place where none of the people and religious leaders of the time expected Him to come forth from – Nazareth, as was prophesied: The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, in the way to the sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles of the peoples who are not of Israel - [Isa. 9:1-2.] 16 The people who sat (dwelt enveloped) in darkness have seen a great Light , and for those who sat in the land and shadow of death Light has dawned .(Matt 4:15-16 Ampl) This is an awesome prophesy. The prophet Isaiah saw how the Messiah would come forth from a place that one would expect, outside of Israel, out of the gentiles. Halleluyah! Yahshua was from the bloodline descendents of King David and lived in a small town called Nazareth, where some of the bloodline of King David stayed; therefore fulfilling the prophecy that Yahshua will be called a Nazarene.


The Two Anointed Ones

Two Anointed Ones & Two Prophets & Two Witnesses Another common mistake many have made with the interpretation of what these symbols means, which even the Amplified translators has done, saying that these two shoots literally referred to: Joshua the high priest and Zerubbabel the prince of Judah . But this cannot be true, for when the prophet asked the angel of YHWH what the first symbols of the two olive trees and the golden bowl on top of the golden lampstand or Menorah means, then the angel answered: “This [addition of the bowl to the candlestick, causing it to yield a ceaseless supply of oil from the olive trees] is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit [of Whom the oil is a symbol], says the Lord of hosts.”(Zech 4:6 Ampl) The angel identifies the meaning of the symbols, saying that this is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel. Thus, YHWH wanted to send a word to Joshua the high priest and Zerubbabel the prince of Judah to build the temple. How did YWHW send this word to the two leaders both politically and spiritually of the land? He sent it be the mouth of two prophets, acting as two witnesses, so that His word can be confirmed. YHWH wanted them to start and complete the building of the temple.

The scribe Ezra also confirmed this, when he recorded the building of the temple: “1 Then the prophets, Haggai the prophet, and Zechariah the son of Iddo, prophesied unto the Jews that were in Judah and Jerusalem in the name of the God of Israel , even unto them. 2 Then rose up Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, and Jeshua the son of Jozadak, and began to build the house of God which is at Jerusalem: and with them were the prophets of God helping them.” (Ezra 5:1-2 Ampl) Later he also confirmed how the elders was led and inspired by the command of YHWH that came through His two prophets, saying: “And the elders of the Jews builded, and they prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo . And they builded, and finished it, according to the commandment of the God of Israel , and according to the commandment of Cyrus, and Darius, and Artaxerxes king of Persia.” (Ezra 6:14 Ampl)

What then does the prophet Zechariah asked the angel: “What are these two olive branches which are beside the two golden tubes or spouts by which the golden oil is emptied out?”(Zech 4:12 Ampl) Then the Angel of YHWH answered: “These are the two sons of oil, the two anointed ones] who stand before the Lord of the whole earth [as His anointed instruments].”(Zech 4:14 Ampl) YHWH of Hosts sent His two anointed prophets, Zechariah and Haggai to be His instruments to complete His work at that time.

Thousands of years later, the Angel of Yahshua, appeared to the apostle John and revealed how that which the prophet Zechariah had seen referred to two latter day prophets or Anointed Ones who will again be sent by YHWH to help prepare the church of Yahshua to build another temple, as was prophesied: “1 A REED as a measuring rod was then given to me, shaped like a staff, and I was told: Rise up and measure the sanctuary of God and the altar of incense, and number those who worship there. [Ezek. 40:3.] 2 But leave out of your measuring the court outside the sanctuary of God ; omit that, for it is given over to the Gentiles (the nations), and they will trample the holy city underfoot for 42 months (three and one-half years). [Isa. 63:18; Zech. 12:3.] 3 And I will grant the power of prophecy to My two witnesses for 1,260 (42 months; three and one-half years), dressed in sackcloth. 4 These [witnesses] are the two olive trees and the two lampstands which stand before the Lord of the earth. [Zech. 4:3, 11-14.]” (Rev 11:1-3 Ampl) The Lord Yahshua will sent to prophets in the last days, who like Moses and Elijah, will be sent to save His people from bondage under the world controlling political and religious systems. They will be sent to separate the chaff from the wheat, thus measuring only those who worship inside the temple Holy places and not on the outside of the temple, at a distance.


The First Black Rocket

The two navy blue missiles were released at the same time that a single black missile or rocket was launched. Both these missile types, the black and blue missiles, were released out of ashes.

The first missile also refers to a specific time, when sin have reached its fullness and the man of lawlessness will arise out of the ashes, as was prophesied about him: “23 And from the time that an alliance is made with him he shall work deceitfully, and he shall come up unexpectedly and shall become strong with a small people .”(Dan 11:23 Ampl) The angel Gabriel revealed to the prophet Daniel that “...in his place or office [in Syria] shall arise a contemptuous and contemptible person, to whom royal majesty and honor of the kingdom have not been given . But he shall come in without warning in time of security and shall obtain the kingdom by flatteries, intrigues, and cunning hypocritical conduct. [Dan. 8:9-12, 23-25.] (Dan 11:21 Ampl) This man who will arise in the place of the long horn, or the ‘Arrogant One’, referring to Alexander the Great, will come to power from a very small amount of people and with small beginnings. He will not be a person of royal honour and authority, but like Hitler will arise to people and become a worldwide powerful dictator.

Man behind the mask - Who is the Anti-Christ?The apostle Paul describes the order of events, before this lawless dictator, which Yahshua called the ‘cocky One’, will appear on the world scene, saying: 3 Let no one deceive or beguile you in any way, for that day will not come except the apostasy comes first [unless the predicted great falling away of those who have professed to be Christians has come ], and the man of lawlessness (sin) is revealed, who is the son of doom (of perdition), [Dan. 7:25; 8:25; I Tim. 4:1.] 4 Who opposes and exalts himself so proudly and insolently against and over all that is called God or that is worshiped, [even to his actually] taking his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming that he himself is God. [Ezek. 28:2; Dan. 11:36, 37.] 5 Do you not recollect that when I was still with you, I told you these things? 6 And now you know what is restraining him [from being revealed at this time ]; it is so that he may be manifested (revealed) in his own [appointed] time . 7 For the mystery of lawlessness (that hidden principle of rebellion against constituted authority) is already at work in the world, [but it is] restrained only until he who restrains is taken out of the way . 8 And then the lawless one (the antichrist) will be revealed and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of His mouth and bring him to an end by His appearing at His coming. [Isa. 11:4.] (2 Thess 2:3-8 Ampl) This world ruler will not be revealed before the One who is restraining him is taken out of the way.

YHWH revealed to the prophet Daniel how, when sin has reached its fullness and when the abomination of abominations, which will cause desolation, is set up the man of sin will be revealed, as was prophesied: “...upon the wing or pinnacle of abominationsshall come one who makes desolate ,...”

B52 stratofortress bomber dropping bombs

On the 13th of October 2002, during a worship service I saw a vision. I saw prophecies arise on the horizon, coming from the west. I heard and saw that terrible times were coming. Then the word of the Lord came to me: "I heard a voice in Ramah. Rachel is crying for her children for they are no more“ After this as I looked I saw another vision appear infront of me: “I saw, standing infront of me, a white missile, having a black tip, at a 60 degree angle, ready to be launched .” Just after I had seen this vision the word of the Lord came to me: At that very hour, the 4 angels at the 4 corners of the earth will be released to kill a third of mankind!” , as was prophesied: 13 Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet, and from the four horns of the golden altar, which stands before God I heard a solitary voice, 14 Saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet: “Liberate the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates!” 15 So the four angels who had been in readiness for that hour in the appointed day, month, and year were liberated to destroy a third of mankind.”(Rev 9:13-15 Ampl) In my dream the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the army or air force base was situated in the east. Many times before, the Lord used my parent’s house to represents the nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem, because this is both the place where I started and lived and will also be the place, the Lord had shown me, where my life end. Thus, when the Lord points to an army base east of my parent’s place it refers to a place directly towards the east of Israel. Ancient Babylon was situated between the two main rivers in the east of Israel, between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers.

As I researched the possibility of finding a specific type of missile having a black tip, I made the most terrible discovery...


Birth of the B61-11 Nuclear Bomb

(Nuclear Brief April 2005 (updated July 14, 2005)

The history of how the first U.S. post-testing nuclear weapon, the B61-11, was developed and deployed has become clearer following the partial declassification and released of a number of documents by the Department of Energy and Department of Defense under the Freedom of Information Act. Plans to build more "modified" nuclear weapons make it important to revisit how the B61-11 bomb was planned, approved, and produced.

Before the Clinton administration initiated a moratorium on nuclear weapons test explosions in 1992, such experiments served mainly to develop and certify new nuclear weapons. Absent nuclear testing, however, development of nuclear weapons in the future must rely mainly on modification of existing designs and simulation. The B61-11 is the first such example in what over the next decade will rebuild most or all of the warhead types in the U.S. nuclear stockpile.

The B61-11 is significant because it is the first post-testing modification and is significantly different than the weapon it replaced. The B61-11 was first mentioned in public in September 1995 in "Stockpile Surveillance: Past and Future," a report published by the three nuclear weapons laboratories. An obscure footnote on page 11 remarked:"A modification of the B61 is expected to replace the B53 by the year 2000. Since this modification of the B61 is not currently in the stockpile, there is no Stockpile Evaluation data for it. The B61-7 data can be used to represent this weapon."

At that point the program had already been approved by Congress and underway for two and a half years. After the lab report was discovered by the Los Alamos Study Group and the B61-11 program disclosed to the public, DOE issued a press release on September 20, 1995, which explained that the B61-11 was not a new bomb but simply a modified version of the existing B61-7 to replace the older and unsafe B53. "There is no new mission," DOE assured.

"This is not new, in any way, shape or form," a DOE official told Defense News in March 1997. General Eugene Habiger, then command in chief of U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCO M) further explained: "All we have done is put the components into a case-hardened steel shell that has the capability of burrowing quite a ways underground, through frozen tundra, through significant layers of concrete."


Managing Political Opposition

Building nuclear weapons was not popular in the early 1990s. After disclosure in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1992 that the DOE and nuclear weapons laboratories were working on mini-nukes, Congress decided in November 1993 – one month after the Air Force was asked to study the B61-11 – to ban any "research and development which could lead to the production by the United States of a new low-yield nuclear weapon, including a precision low-yield nuclear weapon."

As a result, the B61-11 project – which was nicknamed "The Duck" because it had identical flight characteristics to the existing B61-7 bomb – was not submitted to the Nuclear Weapons Council (NWC) for approval at the time. The Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy (ASD/ISP) was concerned that Congress would not support it. Conveniently, the Congressional election in November 1994 changed committee chairmanship to one more favorably inclined to reopening the nuclear weapons production line, so the Assistant Secretary of Defense "re-energized [the] project with a strong recommendation that the effort be completed before Congress changed again."

These events occurred at the same time that the Clinton administration completed the Nuclear Posture review in September 1994. The NPR was widely portrayed as reducing the role of nuclear weapons and Deputy Secretary of Defense John Deutch assured Congress that "there is no requirement currently for the design of any new warhead that we can see." He explained that "almost all" nuclear modernization programs had been terminated. Some remained, one of which was the B61-11. In fact, the the NPR Implementation Memo itself specified the B53 be replaced by a modified B61-7 carried by the B-2.

Once the DOD was convinced that opposition in Congress had eroded, things moved fast. The B61-11 project was submitted to the NWC which approved it on February 6, 1995. 

M eeting with congressional committees and their staffs followed with briefings given in April 1995 to the National Security/Defense and Energy and Water Development Subcommittees of both the HAC/SAC and HNSC/SASC.

The initial contact to Congress was made to Senators Ted Stevens and Daniel Inouye and Representatives C. W. (Bill) Young and John P. Murtha. The DOE talking points did not mentioned the earth-penetrating capability, but described the program as an effort to "improve the overall safety posture of the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile." This characterization was derived from the Nuclear Weapons

Council decision on the B61-11 program as being "in support of the President's decision (PDD/NSC-30) to enhance the safety of the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile."

The Office of Management and Budget (O MB) was also briefed. On April 7, 1995, Robert Civiak, the Program Examiner in the O MB Energy and Science division, was briefed by Jerry Freedman, Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Atomic Energy (Nuclear Matters), and Everet Beckner, DOE Acting Secretary for Defense Programs. Civiak indicated that he wanted to understand what they were doing and "was a bit 'uneasy' with the potential for this to be viewed as 'developing a new warhead.'" Freedman and Beckner assured that it was "not new warhead development" and that "nuclear components are not being modified." The meeting lasted only half an hour.

The justification for the B61-11 program was the need to "improve the overall safety posture of the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile," but DOE did not say explicitly say that the B53 was unsafe. A request for a $3.3 million reprogramming authorization in April 1995, for example, contained the cryptic sentence: "Although it is currently safe...the B53 does not meet current safety criteria." The purpose of the "replacement" program, the request stated, was to "avoid new warhead production."

No one argued with that, and on July 18, 1995 -- two years after the DOE and DOD began planning and designing the B61-11 -- Congress officially approved production of the nuclear earth-penetrator.

As so, less than two months after the United States with a renewed pledge to nuclear disarmament ensured an unconditional extension of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in May 1995, production of the B61-11 began.


The Work Officially Begins

DOD acted the same day Congress approved the B61-11 program. The Nuclear Weapons Council (NWC) asked the Air Force to head the B61-11 Project Officer Group (POG) and the Secretary of the Air Force asked the B61-11 POG to implement the project and brief the NWCSSC in 90 days on status and milestones.

The DOD also formally asked DOE to join in the joint project to replace B53 with the B61-11. DOE followed up on August 4 by issuing the guidance that directed Albuquerque Operations Office and the National Laboratories to begin work on the B61-11 program. The program guidance to the labs explained that the Air Force B61-11 POG would oversee the program, DOE Albuquerque Operations Office would coordinate and lead the day-to-day field activities, Los Alamos and Sandia would contribute as designers of the B61 and roles in the POG, and Lawrence Livermore would provide peer review of the development activities.

M any of the characteristics of the B61-11 program were agreed to prior to Congressional approval. During a meeting on December 6, 1994, for example, between the DOD, DOE, the Air Force, and the nuclear labs (Sandia and Los Alamos), agreement was reached on modifying the B61-7 bomb, that the B-2 would be the carrier, and that the replacement weapon would be chosen from four different design options. The B83 bomb was also considered as a candidate, but B61-7 was chosen because it was the "most mature" (note that for the RNEP, the DOE chose the B83 rather than the B61).

The official B61-11 kickoff meeting was held at Kirtland Air Force Base on August 8, 1995. The all-day meeting determined the program group structure and the charter for each of the seven working groups: system engineering, cost, testing, environments, logistic support, mission analysis, and surety/reliability. At the meeting, the Air Force gave a briefing on the B61-11 program that summarized the milestones, objectives for the meeting, and showed the following drawing of the baseline conceptual design:

Initial Illustration of B61 Conversion


At the B61-11 kickoff meeting on August 8, 1995, the Air Force presented this comparison of the B61-7 (top) and the B61-11 bombs. The B61-11 design was changed later in the program, adding a drag-cone to the rear and more than 400 lbs to the weight.

According to the meeting minutes, the "baseline design meets weight, CG and roll momentum requirements for the B61-7." The pitch and yaw were "about 10% high," however, but "calculations indicate the delivery profile and CEP will not be affected." The next step in the program would be development of the Military Capability ( MC) and Stockpile-to-Target-Sequence (STS) documents as well as classification guidance for the weapon. MC and STS review was performed by an Environments Working Group under the B61-11 POG to reflect the "unique requirements of the B61-11."

The four different design options were based on four different variables: mission capability, cost, B-2 risk, and schedule/complexity. Mission capability was rated from "unsatisfactory" to "best," and the other three variables were rated from "low to highest." Trade-off was necessary if, for example, mission capability was the best but the risk (read: program disturbance) to the carrier high.

The progress of the B61-11 POG in determining which of the options was best is evident from several briefings given in the fall of 1995. In the first briefing, given on September 29, the four different design options are outlined and a notional plan for weapons and aircraft testing stretching through June 1997. Although the briefing includes values for cost, B-2 risk, and schedule/complexity, the mission capability is not rated. That happened in the second briefing, presented to Major General Joersz on October 23, which determined that two of the four design options had an "unsatisfactory" mission capability (see table).

B61-11 Design Option Variables


Option 1 *

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4 **

Mission capability










B-2 Risk



M oderate





M oderate


* Baseline option.  ** Selected option. Source: Briefing, SAF/AQQ, "B85 Replacement Program President to Maj Gen Joersz," October 23, 1995, slides 4-7. Partially declassified and released under FOIA. [Click to download]

The fact that unsatisfactory mission capability was an issue in the design work was known even before Congress approved the program. Shortly after approval was secured, DOE's B61-11 Program Manager at Oak Ridge, Richard Cawood, remarked in an interoffice memorandum from August 1995 that the initial design definition for the B61-11 case and associated hardware was "pretty soft and structurally adequate for only soft targets. Now that the program appears to be secure perhaps they'll get serious about the design," he remarked.

Computer Simulation

of B61-11 Impact


Sandia National Laboratories performed high-speed computer simulations to assess the stress on the B61-11 during impact in sand, soil, rock and permafrost. Two of the initial design options had "unsatisfactory" mission characteristics.

The October 23 briefing shows that "unsatisfactory" mission capability was still an issue for two of the design options three months later. Yet in a briefing presented by Cawood that same month, one of the design options appear to have been dropped leaving only three options for further consideration. The three remaining options were all based on converting the B61-7, similar to the preliminary cost estimate design, and involving modifying the "nose only."

Following a conversation on October with B61-11 Program Manager at Sandia National Laboratories Don McCoy, Cawood noted that McCoy expected the "structural case requirements will firm up soon, perhaps by" October 13, 1995. "The design will be the more robust of the three under consideration," Cawood noted, "with a solid nose and with greater wall thickness."

Coinciding with the structural case requirements firming up, the DOD suddenly informed the NWCSSC on November 15 that delivery of the First Production Unit (FPU) B61-11 should be moved up and "delivered as soon as possible, with a goal of December 31, 1996." This was a considerable change that squeezed production by eight months. The accelerated schedule involved reprogramming $3.3 million from within the DOE's atomic energy defense weapons activities appropriations. Congress was informed but had no objections.

Moreover, DOD felt the design work had progressed sufficiently to be able to select the option. On November 21, 1995, only three months after the design work was officially begun, Herald P. Smith informed the Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs at DOE, Victor H. Reis, that "Option 2 (full steel case) be chosen as the leading candidate." Victor Reis replied on December 18, stating that DOE was "limiting our development to the full steel case option (Option 2)."

B61-11 Model Wind Tunnel Test


A weapons engineer at Sandia National Laboratories prepares a scaled-down model of a B61-11 for aerodynamic testing in a wind tunnel.

In his reply letter, Reis also noted that he expected Option 2 would be validated by "the safe separation analysis to be released later this month." This concerned calculations performed by Northrop, the producer of the B-2 bomber, to examine how B61-11 released and cleared the aircraft. By the time Reis told Smith about the validation, the calculations had already been successfully completed. Northrop told Sandia about them on December 7, after which Don McCoy at Sandia informed Cawood at DOE. McCoy said "this means Option 2 (the W61-like design) is the selected design, although it won't be official until" December 19, 1995.


Building on Other Designs

The "W61-like design" chosen for the B61-11 made it possible to base part of the B61-11 production on components and tools developed for the W61 program. As mentioned above, the W61 was canceled in 1992 when the missile intended to carry it was canceled.

The B61-11 steel case "was essentially the same case, used for the W61 program." In fact, the B61-11 was so influenced by the W61 that W61 classification guidance was initially used until original classification authority was established for the B61-11.

The B61-11 consisted of "field retrofitting the B61-7 with a machines version of the W61 integral steel case, removing the parachute and installing ballast aft of the bomb, shortening the earth-penetrating nose, and installing a plastic...aeroshell covering to ensure identical standard B61-7 geometry."

The W61 Tiger II Missile


Some weapon components were manufactured based on the design of W61 "blanks," but there was concern that "some of the W61 blanks will not yield an adequate product for the B61-11." This included the Penetrator Case and the Threaded Ring components.

In addition to W61, the production of the B61-11 also borrowed from another canceled nuclear program: the B90 nuclear strike/depth bomb. Some of the tools developed for the B90 program were useable with some modification for milling of internal features of the B61-11 case.


Production of the B61-11

The B61-11 program, or the B53 Replacement Program as it was formally called, was budgeted in 1995 to cost more almost $37.5 million, or $750.000 for each of the 50 B61-11s produced. As the first post-testing weapons production, the production program for the B61-11 program encountered many "firsts" that required new or significantly changed production methods.

Due to the very compressed production program, Product Realization Teams (PRT) were not created. It was also the first regular production weapons program to utilize a design process called WorkStream, a small-build program that operate with small inventories for duration of the program. A November 1995 overview of the Y-12 production commitment describes many of the considerations that went into the B61-11 program and how the producers anticipated to accomplish production.

The B61-7 conversion did not involve the Pantex facility. Instead, conversion kits were manufactured at the Nuclear Weapons Complex facilities, principally at the Kansas City Plant and at the Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge. These conversion kits, which included both the physics packages and the Canned Subassemblies (CSA), were then disassembled from the B61-7 "in the field" and reassembled into the earth-penetrator case by military personnel. Kit assembly took place between January and December 1996, according to a detailed DOE production plan. All B61-7s were taken from the active stockpile.


Flight Testing

B61-11 at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri


A B61-11 shape on a loader inside a B-2 hangar at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. The B61-11 entered service at Whiteman in November 1997, coinciding with the B-2 replacing the B-1 in the SIOP.                                                                   Courtesy nukephoto.com

The choice of design Option 2 presented a problem due to the number of flight tests required to certify the new design on the B-2. There was no time and money in the existing B-2 flight test program for the extensive testing required for a new weapon, so the B-52 was used to conduct drop tests to certify that the B61-11 was developed with identical properties and interfaces to the B61-7 which was already certified on the B-2 (Block 20). This would limit the number of flight tests required on the B-2. Moreover, to compensate for addition flight testing costs to the B-2 program, the B-2 program would be reimbursed up to $500,000 from the B-52 flight test dollars. Initially, weapons testing was scheduled for the period between November 1995 and December 1996, followed by a four-month aircraft testing period in March- June 1997. But due to the decision in late 1995 to accelerate completion of the First Production Unit (FPU) from August 1997 to December 1996, the initial testing program was cut short. A total of 13 full-scale drop tests were performed in 1996, three in Alaska and 10 at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada. The B61-11 passed its certification flight tests on November 20, 1996, in time for completion of the FDU.

The frozen soil proof test in Alaska in 1996 was cancelled due to an aircraft system failure on the B-2. The test was rescheduled for march 1998, when two B61-11s were successfully dropped by a B-2 bomber. Altogether, a total of 25 drop tests were conducted from the B-2, B-52, B-1, and F-16. The drops tested the B61-11 earth-penetration capability into sand, hardpan, compact soil, rock, concrete and permafrost, indicating a wide geographic range for potential targets.



Four complete retrofit kits were delivered to the Air Force in mid-December 1996 and by the end of 1996, the B61-11 was accepted as a "limited stockpile item" pending additional tests. The B61-11 officially entered operational service with the 509th Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri in November 1997.

The introduction into the stockpile coincided with the B-2 achieving nuclear Initial Operational Capability (IOC) and replacing the B-1 in the SIOP-98 warplan. Air Combat Command (ACC) informed the Defense Science Board Task Force on Nuclear Deterrence that "integration of the B61/11 [sic] has introduced a vastly new means of holding an enemy's buried, hardened and underground high-value targets at risk." Approximately 50 B61-11s were produced.

Although the B61-11 entered service with the 509th Wing in November 1997, full certification of the weapons took much longer. STRATCO M was concerned about mission effectiveness and asked Sandia National Laboratories to provide operational analysis and planning tools for the B61-11. This effort included evaluating "fratricide concerns, optimizing delivery with the B-2, and working to maximize both aircraft survivability and weapon effectiveness." Not until 2001 was the B61-11 certified as a "standard stockpile item" meeting all requirements.


Libya: The First B61-11 Target

Five months after Harold Smith called for an acceleration of the B61-11 production schedule, he went public with an assertion that the Air Force would use the B61-11 against Libya's alleged underground chemical weapons plant at Tarhunah if the President decided that the plant had to be destroyed. "We could not take [Tarhunah] out of commission using strictly conventional weapons," Smith told the Associated Press. The B61-11 "would be the nuclear weapon of choice," he told Jane's Defence Weekly.

Smith gave the statement during a breakfast interview with reporters after Defense Secretary William Perry had earlier told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on chemical or biological weapons that the U.S. retained the option of using nuclear weapons against countries armed with chemical and biological weapons.

The Pentagon quickly retreated from the nuclear sable rattling. "There is no consideration to using nuclear weapons [against Tarhunah], and any implication that we would use nuclear weapons preemptively against this plant is just wrong," said Pentagon spokesperson Ken Bacon.  In the same breath, however, Bacon said that Washington would not rule out using nuclear weapons.


B61-11 Versus B53

The B61-11 program was formally called a B53 replacement program, and government officials have consistently portrayed the B61-11 as merely a "replacement" for the B53. In doing so, the government has insisted that the B61-11 has "no new mission" but simply had to "fulfill the B53 mission." But it is difficult to find any similarities between the B61-11 and B53. Indeed, a comparison of the two weapons illustrate just how different they are and why the operational characteristics of the B61-11 are so different compared with the B53:

B61-11 and B53 Comparison





400 Kilotons

9,000 Kilotons


12 ft x 13.4 in

12 ft 4 in x 50 in


~1,200 lbs

8,900 lbs

Delivery platform

B-2A (primary); also tested on B-1B, B-52H,
and F-16


Delivery mode

Free fall, airburst, contact, laydown, retarded, time delay, earth-penetration.

Free fall, airburst, contact burst, only laydown delivery. Timer armed and fired.

Probability of arrival

High (B-2A)

Low to moderate

Originally built between 1962 and 1965, the B53s used to be carried by B-52 bombers on continuous airborne alert missions between 1961 and 1968. Retirement of the remaining B53s was underway in 1987 when the Reagan administration suddenly announced it was curtailing retirement and bringing retired (and still assembled) bombs back into the active stockpile. The huge B53 apparently was needed to destroy a few high-value Soviet underground facilities.

The B53 was highlighted as an unsafe weapon in the 1990 Drell Report, which contributed to the decision to replace the weapon. The B53 did not have Command Disable (CD), PAL (Permissive Action Link), or Insensitive High Explosives. Yet these features are also lacking in warheads that are retained (W76 and W88), weapons that have not been retired or replaced. Indeed, all remaining B53s in the stockpile in 1993 were found to be "inherently one-point safe." But the bomb did not have Enhanced Nuclear Detonation Safety (ENDS), intended to prevent accidental firing, and was found to have "no assured level of nuclear safety in a broad range of multiple abnormal environments." Dismantlement operations at Pantex were authorized to begin in July 1994.

"Replacement" Improves Mission Flexibility



The considerable difference is size between the enormous B53 (right) and the B61-11 illustrates the operational gains from "replacing" the old "earth-digger" with the new "earth-penetrator." Whereas the B53 could only be carried on the veteran B-52, the B61-11 is assigned to the B-2 stealth bomber and has been test dropped from B-1B and F-16 aircraft as well.

Safety was not the only reason for replacing the B53. An Air Force briefing from December 1994 indicates that nuclear guidance issued by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had been changed and that the B-52 was no longer considered capable enough to penetrate hostile air defenses on a nuclear bunker-buster mission with the B53. The Air Force briefing states that "a more survivable platform that a B-52 is needed" to "meet JSCP direction" and that the objective is to "increase PA [Probability of Arrival] over target." The nuclear annex (Annex C) to JSCP (Joint Strategic Capability Plan) 1993-1995 was updated three times between July 1993 and the time of the Air Force briefing (December 1994).


Warhead Yield And Mission Adequacy

B61-11 Test Drop In Alaska


Two B61-11 shapes dropped by a B-2 bomber into the Stuart Creek Impact Area near Fairbanks, Alaska, on March 17, 1998. The weapons were retrieved, indicating penetration depth of roughly 18 feet (6 meters) into frozen soil (left) and with intact front casings but significant structural damage to the rear section (right).

Many of the statements given by DOE and DOD on the B61-11 program claim that no changes were made to the B61-7 warhead. "This modification involves no change to the nuclear package of the B61-7," DOE stated on September 20, 1995. Vice President for National Security Programs at Sandia National Laboratories, Roger Hagengruber, echoed in a television interview in 1997: "The physics package itself is identical."

If "no change" and "identical" mean that the yield of the B61-11 is the same as the B61-7, then these statements are false. The B61-7 has several selective yields (possibly four) up to 360 kilotons. As of March 1996, the B61-11 was also expected to have this capability, but at some point before March 2000 the yield was changed to 400 kilotons (a 10 percent increase). The selective yield options were also canceled, making the B61-11 a single-yield weapon. This increase in yield may have been a result of the limited earth-penetrating capability of the B61-11.

The frozen soil proof drop tests conducted in Alaska in March 1998 suggests that the earth-penetration capability of the B61-11 is limited. During the test, two B61-11 shapes were dropped from a B-2 bomber at 8,000 feet. The two shapes hit the ground some 45 feet (15 meters) from each other. The Air Force said the B61-11 only proved capable of penetrating some 6-10 feet (2-3 meters) into the frozen soil. At best the weapon would penetrate 15-25 feet (5-8 meters). A photo taken of the retrieval of one of the bombs in Alaska suggests the penetration depth was around 18 feet (6 meters).

Whether the drop tests prompted changes to the design is unknown, but DOE initiated two alterations to the B61-11 in 1998 (ALT 336) and 1999 (ALT 349. Moreover, in 2000 Sandia National Laboratories followed up with an inter-agency study of the penetration capability of the B61-11. One year later, in December 2001, the Bush administration's Nuclear Posture Review informed Congress that the capability of the B61-11 was inadequate and incapable of holding at risk some deep and hardened targets:

The B61-11 "cannot survive penetration into many types of terrain in which hardened underground facilities are located. Given these limitations, the targeting of a number of hardened, underground facilities is limited to an attack against surface features, which does not does not provide a high probability of defeat of these important targets."

RNEP: The Follow-On To B61-11


The Bush administration plans to spend $26 million on developing the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator the next two years. Since this slide was produced, a decision has been made to use the B83 bomb. Compared with the 400 kiloton B61-11, the B83 has selective yields up to 1.2 megatons.

On the one hand this suggests that conversion of the B61-7 into an earth-penetrator left significant issues unresolved that the planners have been trying to resolve after the B61-11 was rushed into the stockpile in 1997. On the other hand, it suggests that the mission of the weapon has evolved since the initial design was approved. Since the Air Force determined in October 1995 that the B61-11 did "satisfy USSTRATCO M requirements," the NPR's determination that that no longer is the case suggests that STRATCO M has changed its requirements for the mission.

After ten years and tens of millions of dollars spent on developing the B61-11, the Bush administration is now trying to persuade Congress that the solution to the unsatisfactory mission capability of the B61-11 is to build yet another modified bomb: the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP). The RNEP will be built around a modified B83 very-high yield bomb, the weapon that the B61-11 program rejected in favor of the more "mature" B61-7.

At the same time the Bush administration is asking Congress to provide $26 million for RNEP in 2006-2007, new alterations continue to be added to the B61-11: ALT 350 for completion in September 2005 and ALT 357 (refurbishment of secondaries) from October 2005 with completion in September 2008.

In conclusion: I found a picture of the standard appearance of the B61 nuclear bomb that can be dropped by B52 Stratofortress bombers, which looked very similar to the bomb that Yahshua had shown me in a vision, when they would be released to kill a third of mankind.


Thus the single black missile in my dream refers to a specific day and hour when the first nuclear missile will be released, starting a terrible war in the Middle East . This will also coincide with the revealing and releasing of the man of sin – the Anti-Christ.


The Two Missiles

What then does the two missiles, which Yahshua had shown me in my dream mean?

The colour of the linen that was used to cover the temple utensils on the inside of the Holy places was blue, as was commanded by YHWH: 12 And they shall take all the utensils of the service with which they minister in the sanctuary, and put them in a cloth of blue , and cover them with a covering of dolphin or porpoise skin, and shall put them on the frame [for carrying]. (Num 4:12 Ampl) Thus, these two blue missiles directly refers to the two Anointed ones of Yahshua that will also be released on a very specific year, month, day and hour, just as the other missile will be released.

The angel revealed how the two prophets, Zechariah and Haggai will help the leaders and will start from small beginnings to rebuild the temple, just as the Anti-Christ will rise with very few, as was written: 8 Moreover, the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 9 The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundations of this house; his hands shall also finish it. Then you shall know (recognize and understand) that the Lord of hosts has sent me [His messenger] to you. 10 Who [with reason] despises the day of small things ? For these seven shall rejoice when they see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel. [These seven] are the eyes of the Lord which run to and fro throughout the whole earth. [Rev. 5:6.](Zech 4:8-10 Ampl) The prophet Zechariah was probably not very well known at that time, but had to become recognised by the leaders of Israel. The vision, which YHWH gave the prophet and the fact that it would be fulfilled, would be the sign that he was actually sent by YHWH. Although it would be a small beginning for the governor of Judah, not many people standing with him to rebuild the temple, after building had been stopped for many years, the Lord would be with Him and grant him favour from the people to rebuild the temple. This would be the sign that Zechariah was sent by YHWH. Even the prophets would rise with very few to become known worldwide.

There is also a striking resemblance between the time of release and the ‘ministry’ of the Anti-Christ and the release and ministry of the two witnesses. Both will have a 3.5 year ministry.

The Lord Yahshua revealed how the first missile or the Anti-Christ will be released or will begin his ministry, at the beginning of the great tribulation, with the release of a nuclear bomb. The time period that the Beast or the Anti-Christ will rule the entire earth was determined beforehand by Yahshua, saying: “ 5 And the beast was given the power of speech, uttering boastful and blasphemous words, and he was given freedom to exert his authority and to exercise his will during forty-two months (three and a half years). [Dan. 7:8.] (Rev 13:3 Ampl)” Satan wants to be God, and will attempt to rule the earth, through a single individual, trying to counterfeit the ministry of Yahshua.

The release and the revealing of the ministry of the two witnesses will be very similar to that of Yahshua and will also have the same resemblances and time period as the first rocket or back missile had, as was prophesied: 3 And I will grant the power of prophecy to My two witnesses for 1,260 (42 months; three and one-half years) , dressed in sackcloth.( Rev 11:3 Ampl)


Rising up out of the ashes

On the 12th of November 2007, I realized what God’s plan and timing for my life was because the Lord warned me, through a dream which He had granted my wife. I realized that God had not called me to the deliverance ministry, but to be a prophet. Later that month, while the leader of the ministry, which I was part of for 5 years and I prayed together, the Lord showed me a large eagle that spread its wings towards heaven, arising up over the earth. Later as I spoke to the Lord, he revealed to me that the ministry, which I had left on the altar for many years, was now rising up out of the ashes.

Semi-automatic sniper gunIn the third dream, which Yahshua granted me:

    • I had a sniper gun and had a very specific mission to complete
    • The sniper gun had a telescope and silencer. It was well oiled and taken care of.
    • I had to hide the sniper gun. Then I gave it to my wife to hide it under the table. She tried to hide it under a table by holding it against the frame of an office table.
    • Then a friend of ours – Hanlie came and were looking for the gun, which my wife was trying to hide for me.
    • The gun was too long to be hidden under the table. The barrel and the silencer were standing out at the right side of the table. Then I cast a piece of camouflage cloth over the barrel, but the silencer still stuck out.
    • Then I took the gun and walked back into some room, trying take out some people in the building
    • I had to kill two twins. The plan was to kill them with one single shot.
    • I could not get a clean shot, with the hole being too small.
    • Then I walked in between the people and openly aimed at one of the two twin girls. I aimed and had to shoot fast. I had a window of opportunity to complete the task. When the other girl saw how I accurately took out the one girl the other fled.
    • Again I aimed, but she was moving between people. Then I realized that I had a rifle which gave me authority to stop the people. By this time I was openly seen by all people around. I took the girl, thinking how I will kill or assassinate this girl.


Year 2013 will be a year of Fire

Fire burning flames On the 30 th of December 2012 I had a dream. I my dream I clearly heard someone said to me: “ The year 2013 will be a year of Fire !”

On the 31st of December 2012 I had another dream, again pointing towards the Lord Yahshua’s purpose for me and 2013 being a year of fire. In my dream, like so many times before I was on my parent’s plot of ground. As I looked towards the north I saw a medium sized brick building that stood at the edge of the ground. As I looked I saw that it was built out of brown bricks and had a tin roof on. The building had a front roof covering that extended over a stood at the entrance of the building. The Lord allowed me to go around the building and to see it from different perspectives. I saw the bathrooms and some backrooms behind the large hall.

As I looked I suddenly realized that the building had caught alight and had started burning at many different places in the building. I realized that I was the only person who was around and could extinguish the fire. I saw some fire extinguishers on the outside of the building. I tried to get the extinguisher of the wall, but realised that it was connected by means of a very small transparent pipe. I tried to figure out how to untangle the pipe, while the fire was very quickly starting to consume the building. I ran over towards another fire extinguisher, trying use another fire extinguisher. This ended up being the same problem. I realized that I was not able to save the building, which was now burning inside and out.


Appendix A:


B61-11 Chronology



Jul 16: Rear Admiral W. G. Ellis, DOE Defense Programs, asks ATSD(AE) to retire and if necessary replace B53 "at the earliest possible date."

Dec 10: DOE Quick Look study identifies baseline design as modified B61-7 with nose from cancelled W61 program.


Sep 22: Nuclear Posture Review recommends B61-11.

Sep: PDD/NSC-30 directs development of B61-11.

Nov: B61-11 "B61-7 look-alike" concept developed.

Dec: SAF/AQQ, PEO/ST, XOF approve B61-11 concept.


Jan 18: NWCSSC approves baseline design and recommends approval.

Feb 6: Nuclear Weapons Council approves B61-11 concept.

Apr: Congressional committees are briefed.

Jul 18: Congress approves request to start B61-11 effort.

Jul: NWC asks Air Force to lead B61-11 Project Officers Group (POG) to implement project.

Jul: SAF formally tasks B61-11 POG to implement the project and report back in 90 days.

Aug 2: Designers informed by DOE that Congress had approved.

Aug 4: DOE directs Albuquerque and National Labs to begin work on the B61-11 program.

Aug 8: B61-11 Kick-off meeting held at Kirtland AFB.

Sep 1: First draft of Military Characteristics ( MC) and Stockpile to Target Sequence (STS).

Sep 6: DOE holds first all-agency B61-11 meeting. First time people in production complex see the B61-11 concept.

Sep 8: First draft B61-11 MC circulated for comments.

Sep 15: Program authorized.

Sep: The B61-11 program is first mentioned in public.

Oct 3: SNLA/DOE proposes accelerating First Production Unit by nine months from August 1997 to December 31, 1996.

Oct 18: B61-11 requirements finalized.

Nov 15: Harold Smith informs NWC that FPU should be accelerated.

Nov 21: ATSD(AE) selects Option 2 (W61-like design) as leading candidate and asks DOE to "devote full resources to this design."

Dec: Final design selected.


Feb: FPU delivery formally accelerated to December 31, 1996. Apr: Harold Smith states that B61-11 could be "weapon of choice" against Libya

Nov 20: Flight test certification passed.

Dec: B61-11 is accepted as "limited stockpile item" pending further flight tests.


Jan: First B61-11 enters stockpile.

Nov: The B61-11 enters service with the 509 Wing at Whiteman AFB in Missouri.


Oct: ALT 336 begins.


Oct: ALT 349 begins.


Sep: ALT 349 completed and certified.

Dec: ALT 349 recommended for acceptance to the NWCSSC.

Sandia led inter-agency group "to understand more fully the weapon's penetration capabilities."


The B61-11 was certified to meet all requirements, resulting in its acceptance as a "standard stockpile item."

Dec 31: The Nuclear Posture Review Report states that the B61-11 "has a very limited ground penetration capability" and "cannot survive penetration into many types of terrain in which hardened underground facilities are located."


Jul: ALT 336 completed.

Oct: ALT 350 begins.

Phase 6.3 study begun for the refurbishment of the CSA (secondary).


Sep: ALT 350 completion expected.

Oct: ALT 357 start scheduled.


Sep: ALT 357 completion expected.



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