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Journal 2012: July


It is Time!

All God's Promises are always YES in Yahshua

Raised up to Shepherd Yahshua's Sheep

Will you come and teach us?

Meeting Aquila and Priscilla

Using your trade again

Prophets was sent to help strengthen the church of God

Need for refreshement from others

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It is Time!

Posted on 12 August 2012 by "the witness" 

Fruitful harvest

“The appointed period of time is fulfilled and completed,

and the kingdom of God is at hand;

(Mark 1:14 Ampl)

All God's Promises are always YES in Yahshua

On the 1st of July 2012, while I sat before the Lord, I started speaking to the Lord about where to now? The First part of the End Time DVD’s was released, but a great yearning desire was on my heart to teach His people many basics, which He had taught me. I had been asking the Lord what His plans were and had been waiting upon Him for the answer, but had not received any answer, but only a burning on the inside that was not quenchable. Then the Lord gave me a word that morning: “ 17 Now because I changed my original plan, was I being unstable and capricious? Or what I plan, do I plan according to the flesh [like a worldly man], ready to say Yes, yes, [when it may mean] No, no? 18 As surely as God is trustworthy and faithful and means what He says, our speech and message to you have not been Yes [that might mean] No. 19 For the Son of God, Christ Jesus (the Messiah), Who has been preached among you by us, by myself, Silvanus, and Timothy, was not Yes and No; but in Him it is [always the divine] Yes. 20 For as many as are the promises of God, they all find their Yes [answer] in Him [Christ]. For this reason we also utter the Amen (so be it) to God through Him [in His Person and by His agency] to the glory of God. 21 But it is God Who confirms and makes us steadfast and establishes us [in joint fellowship] with you in Christ, and has consecrated and anointed us [enduing us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit]; 22 [He has also appropriated and acknowledged us as His by] putting His seal upon us and giving us His [Holy] Spirit in our hearts as the security deposit and guarantee [of the fulfilment of His promise]. (2Cor 1:17-22 Ampl) I submit to myself, that Yahshua was saying a great resounding AMEN and YES to my request and plans.


Raised up to Shepherd Yahshua's Sheep

On the 3rd of July 2012, on the full moon, after a night of having felt that the spirit was very open. I sat before the Lord Yahshua. During the night before the Spirit of Yahshua came to teach me many things in the spirit. I had many spiritual experiences, and revelations, understanding both the dangers of the occult and the spiritual plane and the things in the spirit in the third heavens, confirming many experiences I have had before and teaching me many new principles in the spirit, according to the word of God.

During the time before Yahshua, I was immediately in the Spirit and the Spirit continued to teach me many things, allowing me to receive a deeper conviction, memory of spiritual things in my spirit, so that they could become part of me. I was in awe because of the things which the Holy Spirit came to teach and reveal to me. Many of those experiences in the spirit allowed me to put many other things I have been allowed to experience before helped to put other spiritual experiences in perspective.

I was in awe about the deep things of God that He has already taught me in the Spirit and the amount of insight He had grant me. While I saw all these things I realized how much I love to be in the Presence of Yahshua and to be taught by His Spirit. I also realized how much live just flowed through my whole body soul and spirit, when He speaks to me and teaches me the great wonders of the Spirit and the spiritual realm. I had a deep realization that He had actually made me to teach His people the wonders of the Spirit and our God. At the same time I had deep sadness, because I have been in isolation for such a long time, because of rejection and misunderstanding. I also realized that I had no church and only shared with only a few that which He had shown and taught me.

Then the Lord opened my understanding and gave me a realization, which helped me to put many things that had happened in my life in perspective. I realized how Yahshua had revealed the future and the end time to me not because of a calling, but because a great desire to hear His voice and because of the relationship we had. I had been focused so much on the end times and receive direct revelation and understanding from Him alone and not from men’s interpretation that I started to miss the real purpose for which Yahshua had brought me into this world.

The reason He had called me to be a prophet was not only to reveal the future to this generation, but to teach His people to understand and experience the spiritual things which He had taught me over the last 12 years. I realized that I had been given so much and that I have much to give and teach His people. The Spirit made me realize that I was energized when I teach and shared about the great things of God. I also realized that I was empty, because of the hard and difficult, yet true teaching of the coming judgements and the wars that was about to come upon the world.

I also realized that as Paul said: “I have been very zealous for God!”, but many have taken this as looking for attention, coming from wrong motives, being in deception, or just rebellious. I had grown in understanding of the word of God beyond many even older than me not only in age, but also in spirit. I realized that in God’s eyes I had done the work that God had required and desires for His people to do. I was reminded of the question the people had asked Yahshua once, saying: 28 So they asked him, "What can we do in order to do what God wants us to do?" 29 Jesus answered, "What God wants you to do is to believe in the one he sent." (John 6:28-29 GNB) They asked Yahshua what does He want them to do in order to do the will of God? Then Yahshua answered them they must believe in Him. Yahshua revealed to me that I had grown, beyond many others, because I had done the work that God requires all men to do: To believe Yahshua when He speaks. To believe the words and the promises He had made 2000 years ago. I took Him at His word. I was not willing to settle for some counterfeit.

I wept as I realized that I had been given so little opportunity to teach and share these wonderful things, which He, out of friendship and love had shared with me. I was not in rebellion or bitterness, but I was despondent, because things could have been so different. So few had seen the great value of those things that He had granted me! I realized that as Yahshua said that I had grown, not because I was so great, spiritual or blessed, but because I hungered for more of Him with a hunger that cannot be shut up by second best.

Because of controlling systems and religion I was seen as a rebellious and treated as an outcast. I was told that I was so spiritual I was of no earthly good. For asking difficult questions I was seen as not content, proud and one causing division. I was often told that it was not their vision.

After having been isolate for so long, not being appreciated or invited by any church or leadership. I had started to think I had nothing to give, because I myself do not see the breakthrough, as I had thought, in terms of being invited and being supported. While life, the Life of the Spirit, just kept washing through me, I felt how deep called to deep in the Spirit. While I experienced these things the Spirit deeply convicted me that do have something to give to His people.

The Spirit also made me realize that He had not called me to a certain church or denomination, but for His purposes. After I had prayed I asked the Lord to speak to me about anything that He wanted to speak to me?

Then the Lord gave me a word in His Word, as was written: “2 Tend (nurture, guard, guide, and fold) the flock of God that is [your responsibility], not by coercion or constraint, but willingly; not dishonourably motivated by the advantages and profits [belonging to the office], but eagerly and cheerfully; 3 Not domineering [as arrogant, dictatorial, and overbearing persons] over those in your charge, but being examples (patterns and models of Christian living) to the flock (the congregation). (1Pet 5:2-3 Ampl)

Was Yahshua really telling what was thinking He was telling me I wondered? Was Yahshua actually granting me authority to lead His people into His Presence? Was He releasing me in the office He had called me to teach His people, as was my desire deep within my heart? Only time and more confirmation and witnesses will prove what He was trying to tell me?


Will you come and teach us?

On the 5th of July 2012, the Lord granted me a dream in answer to a prayer and regards a desire and question, which I had been asking Him: I knew that God had taught me many things in the spirit, but because of not seeing the breakthrough as I expected I felt not worthy to teach God’s people. While I prayed and again experienced many great and wondrous insights and revelations in the spirit, a great desire to share and teach the people of God so that we could all enter in and see the heavens open up and receive the breakthrough we have been longing for.

The dream consisted out of two parts:

In the first dream I came to my primary old school in the east on the farm. I was on time when school started, but for some reason I was delayed. I wanted to distribute meat to people who was hungry. I doing this I lost track of time. When I realized I was missing my classes I rushed to my class, only to find that it was already first break time. I suddenly remembered that I had to write a science test which I had missed. In my dream it was the first time I came to this class and now I was late. I knew that it gave a bad impression. Because of being late I found that all the children had already found and taken their specific place in the class. I could not find a space and had to go and sit outside where those boys sat who did not care much about class. I could hear the teacher, but could not see her. I knew that thought that I was also a ill behaved child who did not care like the other less disciplined boys who was sitting outside.

I decided to get up and go and explain to the teacher that her first impression of me is not the real way I am. I went to the teacher and told her that I was willing to write the test during my break time. She was not impressed. She had an attitude of she will decide whether she want to allow me to write the test. She also said that I would have to pay and the school master will determine that not her. I then decided that I also did not want to sit outside, giving her the impression I do not care. I tried to find a spot in the class. I had to force myself in, for all the rows were already full. When I looked up I saw that infront was space left. I did not want to go and sit infront where everybody can see me.

In the second dream, my wife and I, came riding towards my parent’s house in some kind of sand master. It was low on the ground and had the power that go carts have when being driven. I had to go around a circle, turning towards the right-hand to enter my parent’s plot of ground. We had to drive up towards the house. First we reached a large gate. I saw that the normal entrance was changed and we had to enter more towards the right-hand of the normal gate.

Suddenly the scene changed and I knew that a church service or some kind of special gathering was going to be held on the plot of ground in place where currently nothing is build yet. I was on the inside of a medium sized room that was build like an amphitheatre. It had stair on the inside reaching from the lowest point in the front to the highest place at the back. I saw many people that came to the gathering and saw that the hall was busy filling up. I wanted to find a seat somewhere in the middle. Some people around me started asking me to come and teach them, but I wanted to wait and see what happens.

It was if we were waiting for someone to step up and come and lead the people. I saw some dominees in my former churches who was given an opportunity, but because of the noise and not having order, one certain one refused to be associated with this gathering. He was concerned about his image infront of the people.

When I was asked to go and teach, many people were also given an opportunity to go and preach or teach at the pulpit. Many people go up and walked to the front. I saw many, ranging from old to young. I recognise some people that I have seen at different spiritual gathering, which I had attended in real life.

So many people started towards the front so that the hall started to empty as the people were slowly making their way forward. I was glad that everybody was given an opportunity to teach and that there was no control. I remember seeing different people came to teach all that they had learnt in their relationship with God. An old lady came forward and started to speak about faith. She was not clear and I was semi embarrassed for her sake, but glad that she had the boldness to come and teach even though she was not prepared to teach. Then another came and taught on a nonrelated topic, which he had learnt. It was holy chaos!! No one could make out what was going on.

While I looked I also saw my brother among the people. This was that brother with whom Yahshua had called me and the one who saw all the signs in the heavens with me from the beginning. He too went forward. I saw how he walked up to an old yellow wood piano and started playing it. It was only then that I realized that all the things and even the people in this building were very old. My brother moved in behind the piano and started to skilfully play a fast sonata on the piano. The sonata did no soot the teaching or the atmosphere even though it was beautifully and skilfully played. Not only was the song not in step with the teaching and the preaching, but the piano’s sound was poor and every time he struck a note I cringed. I tried not to show him that it sounded awful and just encouraged him to play skilfully, seeing that he was playing with his all his heart and soul.

Finally I became convinced that the people do want me to go and teach them. Finally I started to believe that I could do it. As soon as I stood up, I realized that I forgot my bible at home and had to go and fetch it. I quickly left the room in order to go and find my bible, which was about a stone throw away from the place of gathering. As I exited the room I saw that even more people were still coming. I saw a friendly man, dressed with a pink shirt, who looked like a one of my relatives and also like a well-known personality, directing the people, who were coming towards my parent’s house, but had to be redirected to this place of gathering, because the house was under construction.

As I looked up, now for the first time saw that my parent’s house was under construction. I saw that on the eastern side of the house a new room was being added and on the western side of the room a medium size tent, having four legs were being erected next to the sitting room.


Meeting Aquila and Priscilla

On the 10th of July 2012, as I sat before the Lord, I prayed about many things, not thinking of all those things that Yahshua has been speaking to me in the last week. I was very busy helping someone else with a project, making use of the knowledge I had because of being a Chemical Engineer. It was a very interesting project and I found great joy in after so many years to be able to again use that which I had learnt. I loved the detail and the science behind the work. After I prayed I again asked the Lord to give me a word as was His desire.

Then the Lord Yahshua, by His Spirit gave me the following scriptures that morning: 2 There he met a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, recently arrived from Italy with Priscilla his wife, due to the fact that Claudius had issued an edict that all the Jews were to leave Rome. And [Paul] went to see them, 3 And because he was of the same occupation, he stayed with them; and they worked [together], for they were tentmakers by trade. 4 But he discoursed and argued in the synagogue every Sabbath and won over [both] Jews and Greeks. 5 By the time Silas and Timothy arrived from Macedonia, Paul was completely engrossed with preaching, earnestly arguing and testifying to the Jews that Jesus [is] the Christ. (Act 18:2-5 Ampl)

After I had received I wondered what this might mean. Very recently we had started to get to know a man and his wife, who had in the last 5 months started teaching in our area. They started a small congregation and they were full of the Spirit of God. Although the man was full time leading a church, he was still working, being a software architect. I wondered what the Lord was telling me. Was He telling to follow their example? Was He telling me to work with them? The Spirit had just shown me my heart’s desire to help lead the church of Yahshua into His Presence.


Using your trade again

Then I spoke to the Lord again and asked Him to give me more understanding regards that which He wanted to speak to me about. I could not understand why He would want to go back to work, if He had clearly called me and promised through the word that He had given my wife that He would “ 30 Each day, for as long as he lived, he was given a regular allowance for his needs.” (2 King 25:30b GNB)

Then again the Lord gave me another word: “ 22 What if God, although fully intending to show [the awfulness of] His wrath and to make known His power and authority, has tolerated with much patience the vessels (objects) of [His] anger which are ripe for destruction? [Prov. 16:4.] 23 And [what if]He thus purposes to make known and show the wealth of His glory in [dealing with] the vessels (objects) of His mercy, which He has prepared beforehand for glory, 24 Even including ourselves whom He has called, not only from among the Jews but also from among the Gentiles (heathen)? (Rom 9:22-24 Ampl) Was Yahshua telling me that He wanted to show me His mercy, which He beforehand had prepared for His own glory? Was Yahshua telling me that all though He had said He would provide a regular allowance for the rest of my life, that He never specified how He would do it?

We had not been suffering financially, because my wife and a few, whom the Lord had raised up, had been supporting, even helping to pay out rent, but I have not been able to travel and preach and prophecy nor do anything else, although I have had many desires and plans. As the man in the house I had felt like I was not leading as the provider in the house. It had put a great burden upon my wife. It had been my heart’s desire not to be a burden to any of God’s people, putting a price to the prophetic words that the Lord had given me, charging them for the work I was called to trust the Lord Yahshua to provide. But I had started to become a burden to my wife, who desires to rise up our child herself, not putting her in the trust of another caretaker. She had been giving up her life for me and not as was commanded by the apostle Paul, saying: “ 25 Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her,... (Eph 5:25 Ampl) Now my wife was giving up her life for her husband. This turns around the roles in the house and put a great strain on the position authority in the house.

The project I was led to help with, allowing me to use the skill and interest as a Chemical Engineer, which I had forgotten, came in a very miraculous way! About a month ago, while visiting at a certain congregation, after the service, the Spirit of God came upon me and gave me a word for a certain man. The Lord revealed to me that needed more personal ministry. He was kind and tender hearted man, who seemed to keep on talking about a great opportunity he was given to market some ground breaking devise. So I invited him so that we would be able to pray together and asked him to come and visit me more. The very next morning he came to visit me at my home. When he came we started to speak about the devise he was marketing. He, being a financial analyst, not at all understanding the devise, which he believed to be a miracle in itself, explained a little bit about the background of how the Lord Yahshua had led him to this great opportunity.

Suddenly the Spirit of Yahuwah came upon me and He started to, together with my background as a chemical Engineer, give me divine insight into this awesome scientific and technological devise, which a man had developed for over 20 years, but passed away before he could ever market the product, and it physics and chemistry. We both were in awe of the awesome Presence of the Holy Spirit, who just kept opening my understanding, giving me insight into even fields of study that in technology that was not even yet fully discovered and explored.

He was in the process of patenting the product and wanted to fully secure the devise. As I, in great excitement, walked to the bathroom the word of the Lord suddenly came to me: “Tell him you will help to do research on this devise?” I immediately told Him that I was willing to help him with the research needed to understand the working of the science behind those things the Holy Spirit had revealed to me.

Within a day, after not being involved in Chemical Engineering for more than 4 years, I was on my way to the patent lawyers to help make sure that the product is securely patented. That same night, the Lord through a dream, warned me of the dangers involved in this ground breaking scientific devise about to be patented and the all the manipulation and the wickedness that was already going on behind the scenes in the hearts of the people involved in this project.

For a period of 3 weeks I started doing research into the existing science behind this devise. After three weeks of trying to write a simple report following the insights the Lord Yahshua, who is the creator of all things, whether visible or invisible, has given me, the Lord gave me a great ability to understand something that will soon chance and improve the technology of many vehicles and their ability. While I was doing this project I wondered why the Lord Yahshua had led this man to me and asked me to help this man with such project, how He had given me insight into a very high technological devise, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that where ever this devise goes, it will go with a witness to the glory of His Name alone. That witness being how the Holy Spirit came upon a man, who had very little possibility of humanly understanding this awesome devise, and revealed or instigated him into all the right directions, in order to understand and be able to relate it to existing technology and science, which only the Creator of all things could understand.

After I had received this word from the Lord I asked the Lord in more detail, in order to understand His heart, then again He gave me another word, when the people came to him, wanting Him to teach them. After He had been preaching a whole day the disciples asked him to send the people away, then He told them that they must give them something to eat, as was written: 34 As Jesus landed, He saw a great crowd waiting, and He was moved with compassion for them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and He began to teach them many things.

35 And when the day was already far gone, His disciples came to Him and said, This is a desolate and isolated place, and the hour is now late. 36 Send the crowds away to go into the country and villages roundabout and buy themselves something to eat. 37 But He replied to them, Give them something to eat yourselves. And they said to Him, Shall we go and buy 200 denarii [about forty dollars] worth of bread and give it to them to eat? [II Kings 4:42-44.] 38 And He said to them, How many loaves do you have? Go and see. And when they [had looked and] knew, they said, Five [loaves] and two fish. 39 Then He commanded the people all to recline on the green grass by companies. 40 So they threw themselves down in ranks of hundreds and fifties [with the regularity of an arrangement of beds of herbs, looking like so many garden plots]. 41 And taking the five loaves and two fish, He looked up to heaven and, praising God, gave thanks and broke the loaves and kept on giving them to the disciples to set before the people; and He [also] divided the two fish among [them] all. 42 And they all ate and were satisfied. 43 And they took up twelve [small hand] baskets full of broken pieces [from the loaves] and of the fish. 44 And those who ate the loaves were 5,000 men. (Mark 6:35-44 Ampl) Yahshua is telling me that His people are hungry and that he has compassion on them. The people were like a sheep without a shepherd. The hour is already late and still many have not learnt the great things which He has for them. Has Yahshua been calling me to go and feed His people? That I, just like he told His disciples then, said to me: “ Give them something to eat yourselves!” Was He telling me to not wait for others to feed His people, but to go and feed them from the manna He had given and granted me to eat from the last 12 years, and while i do this to even work on this project, in an advisory capacity, because of what He had revealed to me?

After this I again asked the Lord another word, not fully understanding His desire and will, partly because of fear that it was only my desire and what I want to hear. For many times before I had come to this point, but had turned away, not wanting to start another church or denomination. Then again, the Lord who is gracious and patient with our failings and weaknesses, gave me another, word in His Word, as was written: 19 For you readily and gladly bear with the foolish, since you are so smart and wise yourselves! 20 For you endure it if a man assumes control of your souls and makes slaves of you, or devours [your substance, spends your money] and preys upon you, or deceives and takes advantage of you, or is arrogant and puts on airs, or strikes you in the face. 21 To my discredit, I must say, we have shown ourselves too weak [for you to show such tolerance of us and for us to do strong, courageous things like that to you]! But in whatever any person is bold and dares [to boast] - mind you, I am speaking in this foolish (witless) way - I also am bold and dare [to boast]. 22 They are Hebrews? So am I! They are Israelites? So am I! They are descendants of Abraham? So am I! 23 Are they [ministering] servants of Christ (the Messiah)?

I am talking like one beside himself, [but] I am more, with far more extensive and abundant labours, with far more imprisonments, [beaten] with countless stripes, and frequently [at the point of] death. 24 Five times I received from [the hands of] the Jews forty [lashes all] but one; [Deut. 25:3.] 25 Three times I have been beaten with rods; once I was stoned. Three times I have been aboard a ship wrecked at sea; a [whole] night and a day I have spent [adrift] on the deep; 26 Many times on journeys, [exposed to] perils from rivers, perils from bandits, perils from [my own] nation, perils from the Gentiles, perils in the city, perils in the desert places, perils in the sea, perils from those posing as believers [but destitute of Christian knowledge and piety]; 27 In toil and hardship, watching often [through sleepless nights], in hunger and thirst, frequently driven to fasting by want, in cold and exposure and lack of clothing.

28 And besides those things that are without, there is the daily [inescapable pressure] of my care and anxietyfor all the churches! 29 Who is weak, and I do not feel [his] weakness? Who is made to stumble and fall and have his faith hurt, and I am not on fire [with sorrow or indignation]?

30 If I must boast, I will boast of the things that [show] my infirmity [of the things by which I am made weak and contemptible in the eyes of my opponents]. 31 The God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ knows, He Who is blessed and to be praised forevermore, that I do not lie.

32 In Damascus, the city governor acting under King Aretas guarded the city of Damascus on purpose to arrest me, 33 And I was actually let down in a rope basket or hamper through a window or a small door in the wall, and I escaped through his fingers. (2Cor 11:19-32 Ampl) The apostle, Paul, who was called by Yahshua Himself, was speaking to the church in Corinth regards the way other around them at that time were treating them, saying they are called ministers of Christ. How they exploit them, lord it over them, and yet the people put up with it. Not only this, the other people made the church in Corinth understand that no other person, but themselves were sent by God. They alone are the special minsters of Christ.

Paul then continue describe his life and all that he had gone through for the sake of his love for Yahshua and his love for the gospel of life, how he was persecuted for it and how he daily has a deep unquenchable concern and burning for the churches of Christ all over the area of Asia and Asia Minor.

Was Yahshua showing me how He had put that same burning concern and desire for His church as Paul had in him? Was He telling me how his people had been lorded over and mistreated and even exploited by many who has arose, calling themselves minister of Christ? Was He not at this late stage, just before He was about to return calling me to lead His people?

But how? Who? When? I decided to tell the Lord I would leave it all into His hands and not try to do anything without Him leading very clearly.


Prophets was sent to help strengthen the church of God

In the week after that the Lord gave me two verses in the bible, which completely caught me off guard: 32 And Judas and Silas, who were themselves prophets, inspired interpreters of the will and purposes of God, urged and warned and consoled and encouraged the brethren with many words and strengthened them. 33 And after spending some time there, they were sent back by the brethren with the greeting peace to those who had sent them. (Act 15:32 Ampl) The second was: 2 There he met a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, recently arrived from Italy with Priscilla his wife, due to the fact that Claudius had issued an edict that all the Jews were to leave Rome. And Paul went to see them, 3 And because he was of the same occupation, he stayed with them; and they worked together, for they were tentmakers by trade. (Act 18:2-3 Ampl) The word that the Lord had given me could have referred to two people whom we had very recently met who started a church in our area. We had desired some fellowship with other fellow believers. The pastor and his wife came to visit us and we had spent a great time together when they came and visited us the first time. It was also the first time that a pastor and his wife actually took the time visit us and speak to us about the Lord. They were very open and humble and desired in purity to see the power of God work in God’s people’s lives. They did not judge us nor questioned me about anything, which the Lord had spoken to me about regards the end times, but rather received us with open arms of love and acceptance like Jesus would.


Need for refreshement from others

After the Holy Spirit guided me to this verse He again guided me to another scripture and confirmation regards this loving couple, as was written: “For they gave me respite from labor and rested me and refreshed my spirit as well as yours. Deeply appreciate and thoroughly know and fully recognize such men.” (1Cor 16:18 Ampl) Truly this couple has been great refreshment to my soul since we met them. They, without even knowing us, trusted us in the Spirit and even invited their own congregation to come to the End Time DVD Series release. They had been a rare case of people who are impartial and unconditional, truly desiring to see only God’s glory.

What was more, on the 31st of July 2012, I decided to go and support them in prayer at a prayer meeting. As I arrived the pastor’s wife said to me: “You refresh my spirit!” This was truly a powerful confirmation to me that God wanted me to help them and work with them and to recognise such men.


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